May 22, 2009

White Nights Countdown.

Yesterday was a holiday here in Denmark and a day off. So called Ascension Day was celebrated, a religious observance celebrating Jesus' humanity being taken into Heaven, 40 days after Easter. I am not sure how much of it is truly celebrated in this spirit anymore; basicaly this means just another day off from work for most Danes and Swedes. Most likely it is celebrated in other Scandinavian countries and parts of Europe. Furthermore, today is also so called "squeeze in between day", meaning a working day squeezed between a holiday and a weekend. Most people take today off as well, getting a really extended weekend out of it. I however am heading to work and as today is my favourite day, it doesn't bother me much that it is not a free one for me.
Below a little collage of my western skies, that are getting lighter by each day - the difference a week has made is pretty obvious (please click to enlarge).
Happy Friday everyone!


MsTypo said...

I hate it when we get a day off in the middle of a work week. It feels like a cheat. Federal holidays should always indicate long weekends. :)

Hilary said...

You have such a knack for "progressive photography." First Clematis Watch 2009 and now Western Sky-watch!

Unknown said...

ascension day- now thats impressive x

United Studies said...


Diane said...

Every day for me feels like a 'squeeze in between day' :)

Notes from a Virtual Easel said...

I look forward to following your blog with its marvelous sense of particularity and place. Your background helps you value details that others take for granted.

Holly said...

Those are really beautiful pictures. I don't mind Fridays either, in fact I quite like them. We have a 3 day weekend here in the States as well as Monday is Memorial day. (I am sure you remember Memorial day so I won't explain.) For me it is just an extra day to try to keep the kiddos entertained and break up fights;);).

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I particularly love the second photo...the shade of blue is spectacular!

Lulda Casadaga said...

Lovely always! :)
We are celebrating a long weekend here..Memorial Day. So, I'm happy as a clam!! Enjoy your weekend...

Beverlydru said...

Your photos with views from your windows are wonderful. Beautiful sky!!

Zuzana said...

could not agree with you more.;) Hope you are having a lovely weekend.;)

just like you, I enjoy taking photographs although I am not as good at it as you are. I am also a very visual person and I love to play around with images, making collages. So I guess I just make them as soon as there is a chance to.;))

yes, I wonder if it celebrated anywhere else in the world.;)

thank you so much.;)) Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.;)

you are so funny, your comments always make me laugh!;) xo

thank you so much for stopping by and I am amazed and flatter by the fact that you summed up so eloquently the core of my blog in one sentence.;)

yes I remember Memorial Day.;)) You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, to me that is the meaning with life.;))xo

glad you liked the pictures, the shades of blue will intensify over the next few weeks until they disappear all together.;))

thank you and wishing you a lovely holiday weekend as well.;))

thank you so much and I hope your weekend is lovely as well.;))

steviewren said...

I like the idea of celebrating Ascension Day. I'm off work Monday to celebrate Memorial Day, the day to remember men and women who have died in military service.

I'm so glad I found your blog. I've always been fascinated with the way the sky is awash with light in the northern skies. Visiting Scandinavia is on my wish list of places I would like to go before I die.

Zuzana said...

yes, I remember Memorial Day from my stay in the US.
Ah, thank you for your kind words; and I hope sincerely that you will manage to visit Scandinavia; if you ever make it to Denmark I will be happy to be your guide.;)