October 30, 2010

Fall Flamboyance.

Looking out of my grand windows, I can see that my surroundings display the last of fall flamboyance. The landscape is painted in golden, red and copper hues, which shine in strong contrast to the alternate grey or deep blue skies.

This stunning display always occurs suddenly and is very short lived. Autumn has passed its mid reign, thus it's passion appears confined into only a few days of splendor, almost a showdown in colours of brilliance and beauty.
I relish in these last days of October, when I feel as if I have stepped into masterpieces of art, created by unseen artists, in lustrous nuances of earthy tones.

Before long, strong storms will rip through this dazzling, painted landscape, stripping trees and bushes of their ornate attire, leaving them standing bare, instigating a sense of late fall nostalgia...

The transition into the penultimate month of the year signifies a certain awareness of seasonal change ahead. Before we however move into the final part of the third season, October finale leaves us with a glorious, but soft daylight saturated by colours of mature autumn foliage and nights with lights of jack-o-lanterns, conveying the sensation of the mysterious and the esoteric.

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October 27, 2010


The French use this word (Bon) to describe something that is good or delicious. In fact, the French expression for sweets is bonbon.  We have adopted this word in the language of my roots and indeed call sweets bonbons in Czech.

However this post is not about bonbons or something delicious, but then again I would somehow like to think so, as in this case BON refers to Blogger Of Note and I have been chosen to be as such. Hosted by Sandy and Pam at Words Of Wisdom, a lovely place that aims to bring together people by highlighting a variety of blogs and making it easier to discover new, beautiful places. My thanks with a deep sense of privilege and appreciation goes to both these ladies, who suggest that I indeed fall into that category. Likewise I express the same sentiments to the kind and endlessly talented young woman and my friend Susan for nominating me for BON.

To those of you who stop by for the first time, I bid you the warmest welcome and I hope you will enjoy your stay.
My writing - as is stated by this blogs title and the short description of myself on the sidebar  - is focused on conveying my thoughts about the present, my recollections of the past and my hopes for the future ahead. In short, I write about life itself. Being an undying romantic, an optimist and a true fatalist, I view life as a grand adventure that I have been granted the privilege to experience. I marvel over each sunrise or sunset, I find comfort and endless enchantment in almost any natural wonder and in the beauty of simple pleasures.

To pick only three posts in order to highlight what this blog is about is difficult, but I decided for the following:

Unforgettable Moments

Ice Cream Memories

Unconditional Embrace

I also included below a collage of images, which have been featured on this blog over the years. The reason being that photography is my great passion, combined with the need to express my self through pictures, painting and writing.

Thank you again for this nomination, Sandy and Pam and thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by.


October 24, 2010

Autumn Trees.

Gazing at photographs I took a year ago I can not help but to be endlessly taken back by the beautiful colour display. Unfortunately, this year our Autumn is nowhere as flamboyant. I am not sure why. As far as I am aware, the weather pattern has been very much the same as last fall; sunny days and cold nights. And this is apparently the recipe needed to produce all the bright reds, copper and golden tones that so many of you out there are experiencing right now.

Nevertheless, if one really looks, a few lonely trees indeed stand proud in all their autumn splendor. On my recent walks I tried to capture the infinite beauty that their foliage displays. To me those fiery shades are at all times a source of joy and marvel over the talented artist, which we call nature.

October 21, 2010

The Last Sunset...

This past weekend I watched the sun set, for the last time over a true horizon. As the golden disc moved on an absolutely pristine autumn sky, it was initially obstructed by trees. Ultimately it reappeared in my view, only minutes before melting into the the dark silhouette of land, granting me the allure of its final setting beauty.

I admit that this final farewell touched me to tears...

The Scandinavian sun is to me the subject of infinite magic. It is either abundant in the summer months, giving rise to the enticing white nights, creating light shows unlike any other on the evening sky. Equally long however, it graces us with its total absence in the winter, when darkness rule our world and twilight our days.

It feels as if it was only yesterday I was rejoicing over the suns return, yet now the vital star has departed from my view again. This fall farewell effects me deeply, more than the one I usually have to endure when Summer's end is imminent. My world will soon be submerged into darkness for months to come. Thus this final sunset of the year is suddenly signifying - for the first time this season - a true imminence of winter...

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October 18, 2010

The Crossroads.

"There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it's easy."

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma, trying to decide for one out of two (or more) choices, not knowing what to to do?
I am sure you have.
We all have, at least once in our life.

Choices are presented to us daily, from the time we rise in the morning, until late evening, when the day ends. Some are easy and insignificant, such as what to wear, what to have for breakfast, which way to drive to work, what to make for dinner. These are choices we are forced to make on daily bases and the outcome does not significantly affect our overall lives, even though they might alter some of our daily routines.

Then there are choices that might take a bit more contemplation. Choices we are forced to take in both our personal or professional life, those which might affect our near future or that of our family and friends.
How we decide here depends on many aspects and as our decisions might affect our loved ones, we might seek help or advice in those we trust. Additionally we may support our decision making by research into the subjects in question. Finally we decide on what to do by using our deduction ability, our intellect and ultimately our feelings.

At times though, we are faced with life changing decisions. Choices that might define us and change forever and in a dramatic way the direction our future will take. Decisions we have to take alone.
And those choices are the hardest ones to make.

Someone once told me, that one should not fear decision making. If a decision is made and it proves to be wrong, a new one will have to be made. After all, we can only do the best we can with the information we are given at the present. We can base it on the experiences and knowledge gained in the past, but the future can not help us.

I personally have found myself at crossroads of life numerous times in the past. What I find to be the most traumatic about standing there, in that single moment in time, is the feeling of being paralyzed by fear and loneliness. How can I be expected to make a decision in a vital subject, which directly effects me, or those that I love? How can I be a realist in an issue, where taking a step back is impossible? It comes across almost as a conflict of interest.
Still, when the time comes, I seem to always know exactly what to do. My paralysis is lifted and I move on, without looking back, without regrets.

I find my strength in the belief that wrong choices do not exist, only detours and wrong turns. At times I have gotten lost while walking on the right path, still, in retrospect, those unplanned travels have led me to the most incredible adventures on the journey of my life.

When ever faced with a fork in the path of my life, I ultimately always know what to do as I take advice from three dear and devoted traveling companions; my heart, my conscience and my intuition. So far they have not let me down. 

October 16, 2010

Ocean Of Steel.

One of my greatest passions is the ocean. I have written about the Nordic Sea numerous times in the past, yet I feel my words can never adequately convey its true appeal.
There is so much beauty that is locked into the waters of the sea, one that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons and in any weather.

The autumn sea harbors a melancholic beauty, that despite the rough surf creates a sense of tranquility. I drive by the ocean every day on my way to work, in fact, the moment the blue waters appear in my view is the absolute highlight of my drive. Still, to walk the same shore is a privilege I enjoy only on rare occasions.  And one of those occurred the other day.

What I love most about the ocean is the fact that it is constant, yet forever shifting. Each wave hitting the shore is new, bringing with it a sense of renewal and the feel of unrestricted freedom. As the weather patterns pass above the bay through the seasons, the surf can alter colour, anything from turquoise and green through azure blue, signifying summer and sun, slowly moving into dark green and the colour of liquid mercury, when the winds change and easterly breeze brings the hint of arctic cold, as the year is closing towards its end.

Such is the state of our sea right now. It comes across as powerful and wild.
As I walked along the shore, facing the weak sun shining from a hazy sky, the cold wind disrupted the steel coloured surface gently, however persistently, forcing me to wrap my jacket around ever so tightly. Despite the cold, I enjoyed the freshness and the scent of the clean, salty air.

That simple pleasure of a mid autumn walk along the autumn sea instigates a sense of purification and in itself almost a renewal. This in such a contrast to the fact that everything in nature is slowly winding down, preparing for its imminent winter rest.

October 13, 2010

A Bouquet Of Roses.

I received roses the other day. As I was arranging the stunning beauties, so many in numbers they eventually came to adorn two tables, I realized that I have not been given fresh cut flowers for a very long time. For years, perhaps decades...
And what a shame that it is as I love that simple, but so expressive sentiment that a bouquet represents.

The gift of flowers symbolizes so much in our modern world. Red and scented bouquet is a symbol of love, admiration or friendship, while an elegant and simple can convey our compassion or sympathy. In any case, flower arrangements signifies and highlight special moments in our lives; some happy, full of celebrations, some more solemn and some very sad.

They express in beauty and in shape that which we sometimes fail to express in words.

October 11, 2010


During the last few weeks my thoughts have been very selfishly directed onto my own being. On my dreams, my desires and my wishes, while looking for things that make me happy. Trying to find that lost place of comfort and tranquility that I seemed to have misplaced for a period of time. I have simply been going through a lot of soul searching in order to find back to me. This has been very much reflected in my writing, as some of you have noticed and even pointed out in your comments.

The focus directed towards my own feelings and emotions has brought me into a state of heightened sensitivity, for a lack of better expression. I feel constantly, thus my empathy for my surroundings has intensified in the most unusual way.

I seem to have gained some sort of premonition for somewhat mundane, however quiet amusing serendipitous occurrences. This newfound ability is reflected in subtle signs, which presents themselves to me daily. I pick up the phone just when a text messages arrives or when someone is calling me, usually the person who I was thinking about minutes prior. I start humming a tune in my mind, which has entered it out of nowhere, only to hear it start playing on the radio station a few minutes later. Staying with music, it seems that suddenly all the lyrics I hear are describing my own problems or even solving the dilemma that I am finding myself in, by offering the solution in the words of the chorus. Over and over again.

While I drive, I see adds lining the roads, displayed on the sides of taxis and busses, that speak to me in an unusual way. They seem to convey hidden messages, often reflecting the thoughts or even answering question that I was contemplating moments before.

And then there are numbers, very much like the date of today or even yesterday, which create a harmonious sequence; 10-10-10, 10-11-10...
When I glance upon the digital display of watches, either in my home, at work, on my phone or computer, they all seem to state combination such as; 14:14, 22:33, 11:11, 00:00 or even 12:34, over and over again, several times a day, making me with a smile recollect that intriguing post about this observation, written by my friend Hilary last year.

Logically I know I have not become psychic in a matter of weeks, but I enjoy my novel sensitivity to my surroundings, and in its turn, to my own existence.  Perhaps it has always been there, somewhat dormant, surfacing only now due to my current state of mind.

Whether it is spiritual, divine or simply a natural (intellectual) perception that has been tuned into something already predisposed for me to sense - I do not know. And I really do not care. My recent experiences only reinforce my perpetual beliefs in the simple fact that if we only look, answers, solutions and help, or the offer of comfort can be found everywhere.

No matter how alone we might feel, I do not think we ever are.

October 09, 2010

Colours Of October.

As we approach mid autumn, the foliage is now visibly changing, progressively by each day. The colour display will intensify over the next couple of weeks and the approaching culmination will be short lived. The weather pattern has so far produced rainy days with gorgeous sunny days in between, but the lack of frost will most likely not result in a colour display that will match the one of last year.

I went to my local garden center yesterday in search of new autumn flowers for my terrace. I love to stroll slowly along isles and paths, full of green and at this time, colorful plant life. It was an early afternoon and the center was still quiet, devoid of customers. There is a certain tranquility that envelops my senses in places like that.

I enjoyed particularly to walk among the young trees and shrubs, so many different kinds all gathered in one spot. Their leaves flaunted fall beauty in a palette of earthy nuances.  Even though it was a misty, grey day, the display of golden, copper and red was so very obvious.

These are the colours of October, creating painted landscape and picturesque settings, a grand display of Autumns true flamboyance.

October 07, 2010

Tranquil Scents Of A Home.

I am ruled by fragrances and scents. To me the ability to smell is one of the most important senses on which I rely heavily each day. It aids in my daily life, as I make my decisions about people and situations I encounter and as I go about my routines.

I use my nose as soon as I awake in the morning, taking great pleasure in the fresh scents of my shower gel and shampoo and deciding what perfume to wear that day. I inhale lavishly the aroma of fresh coffee and bread when I have my breakfast and the scent of the sea in the air outside. I take information from the scents in any room I enter during the day, the fragrances brought in and surrounding people I know or strangers I meet. These all, in concert with the impressions gained by all my other senses help me to form opinions and take decisions.
And later in the evening when I return home, as I am met by its familiar and comforting scent - I know I am safe and can relax.

My home has many aromas, but the main ones comes from two sources. Burning incense, my absolute daily addiction that creates that tranquil atmosphere in the evenings, signaling soothing serenity as soon as the first whiff of its burning fragrance enters my consciousness.

And then there are my Millefiori room diffuser sticks.

A wonderful invention that was introduced to me by my sister this past summer. It consists of  a container filled with a lovely fragrance of ones choice - mine is green tea - and a handful of wooden sticks submerged into the scented liquid. As these get saturated by the fragrance, a lovely subtle scent is spread all around the room creating a delightful, lasting atmosphere.

I have placed the perfumed bottle next to the stairs in the main room. The fragrance of home is immediately palpable as soon as I get in through the door and intensifies as I ascend into my living room.
Once I do, as if by magic, the troubles and worries of the day are slowly left behind in my footsteps.

October 04, 2010

Destined Encounters.

Fundamentally, I am a fatalist. I am also an optimist and a romantic, however I think I have my feet firmly on the ground, anchored in a basal reality, even though my head is in the clouds. And my heart somewhere in between.

At times I can be naive, but I always pay attention to the unseen and the unsaid. Being perceptive, for better or worse, I believe that everything we need to succeed  - in whatever endeavor we set upon - is to listen to our instincts. Our gut feeling, if you will.
And to meet the right people - or rather be sensitive enough to realize when we do.

I often think about all the different individuals, both men and women, that have crossed my path in the past.
Relationship wise, I am a walking disaster, as I have not been able to make any of my past romantic involvements last. Despite this though, all the men that I did let close to me were great people, displaying uncanny character and a beauty of mind. They were unique in one way or another and all inspired me to grow and flourish. In a certain sense they were my teachers, arriving in my life when I needed what they had to offer the most. Exposing me to new worlds, making me see reality with new eyes, bringing the best out in me - for a given time. I met them all in a very unusual or even non traditional way, perhaps because I did sense the incredible potential in these random meetings. And I fell deeply in love with them all - and love them all today still in a certain way.

The women of my past have all been great confidants, sharing with me precious and intense moments in my life. Their personalities varied, depending on what age I was when I did strike the friendship. But very often they were complete opposites of me, perhaps as they complemented me in a certain way and thus offered the support I yearned for. They were all my best friends in that period of time and made me feel happy and fulfilled. Today I laugh with amusement or cry with great sense of sentimentality recollecting those intense years spend in their company. Their faces look back at me from old photographs and their names from the pages of dusty diaries, reminding me of the infinite beauty that a human heart harbors. And is capable to give away...

I still do maintain contact with some of these wonderful human beings that have touched my life. Some came into it to stay. Some were only there for a moment, to play the part they were suppose to, in order for me to grow. Intellectually, emotionally and perhaps also mentally.

I believe there are no random meetings. The people that we meet are meant to come our way and we should never pass up on an opportunity to get to know them. If we listen to our inner voice and pay attention to the signs the world present us with every day, however subtle they are, wonderful experiences await.

I feel blessed to have made many memorable encounters in my past and I hope there are many in the future yet to come. Those that give rise to incredible potential and alter my reality in the most profound way. Ultimately I hope that my presence in the lives of others - whether lasting or brief - have impacted theirs in very much the same way.

October 02, 2010

Back To The Fire...

The days are getting considerably shorter and even though we have had some gorgeous fall weather so far, full of sunshine and blue skies - today Lady Autumn shows her darker, more menacing side. Her melancholy can be felt in the wind and the low, threatening clouds. Indeed, fierce fall storms will soon be our reality.

This is thus the time when my fireplace becomes once again the center point of my house. In the evenings and in the weekends, the crackling and the scent of the fire creates the most relaxing atmosphere. The dancing warm light creates shadows on the walls and the orange flames makes me pause, having my mind wander in time and space. I relish those moments when everything feels still and tranquil...
And safe. Despite the weather conditions outside.

In those times I can not help but feel a connection with my primitive ancestors, to whom fire was vital; a source of protections as well as unity, sitting around ancient campfires, feeling a sense of familiarity and home...