May 26, 2009


I have previously disclosed that I am a very bad cook. Nevertheless I love to eat. I enjoy food; any kind of food anywhere. Since childhood I ate everything. Some parents experience problems with their children, as they will eat only certain things at certain times or they might not want to eat at all.
Well there were no such problems with me. I was always hungry and had always a healthy appetite. And this appetite I have maintained. In fact, as a toddler I looked like the Michelin man; I was very cute and it looked like I had rubber bands tied around my tiny wrists and I had chubby cheeks like a cherub. How unfortunate that these days it will not look cute at all nor attractive if I looked like the Michelin man and to stay away from food is one of the hardest things to do for me, as I honestly love to eat.

Therefore I likewise enjoy movies that are based on the art of cooking. Here is my top five list of the best chef/food-cuisine movies:

1. The Perfect Man
An easy laid back romantic comedy starring Heather Locklear and Hilary Duff as a mother and daughter, dealing with all the problems and issues teenage girls and single moms encounter when the subject of love, life, relationships and food is concerned.

2. Big Night
This is a wonderful little comedy drama that I saw by a sheer coincidence in the US. I got reminded about it by steviewren when she posted a clip on her blog recently. It features Italian immigrant brothers Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and Secondo (Stanley Tucci) trying to recruit Louis Prima to sing at their ailing restaurant in 1950s New Jersey.

3. Just Desserts
A wonderful romantic movie starring Lauren Holly about a handsome guy and a pretty girl that fall in love while trying to beat the competition at a baking contest.

4. Woman On Top.
Starring the sultry Penélope Cruz in a very romantic and very sensual comedy about love and food.

5. Ratatouille
This is an animated movie from Pixar and it is by far my favourite movie in this genre. I saw it this past weekend and I was completely surprised how it manged to capture me. The plot follows Remy, a rat who dreams of becoming a Chef and tries to achieve his goal by forming an alliance with a Parisian restaurant's garbage boy. Foremost a family movie, I can recommend it with all my heart to anyone who loves stories about animals, friendship, love and food. Below is a the movie trailer, to trigger your appetite; enjoy.;)


MsTypo said...

I like the idea of a food-themed movie night! :))

Beverlydru said...

I haven't seen any of these movies and am the world's worst at selecting good ones at the rental store, so the sugestions are appreciated. I watched "No Reservations" again this weekend and that would be one of my favorite food-themed movies.

Julie Hibbard said...

Wow...we are truly trans-Atlantic soul mates. Our love of food and inability (lack of desire?) to cook are right in line...
And The Big Night is one of my all time faves!! SO well done! Ratatouille is adorable...LOVE all the Paris scenes!
I am thinking of another great 'foodie' movie...but cannot come up with the title...I'll go eat something and get back to you with it!

Hilary said...

Big Night sounds like something I might like. I LOVE Tony Shalhoub! Maybe on the next rainy day. :)

Diane said...

The only one of those I've seen is Ratatouille (and I LOVED it). Ryan was your sort of little chubby baby, though she's a pickier eater now (and has a sweet tooth). So we talk a lot about healthy eating, as I don't want her to develop my hand-to-mouth disease ;)

Claus said...

Except for Big Night, I've seen them all, and thought they were nice movies. I liked The Perfect Man because it involves cakes, which is something I would like to learn one day, but Woman on Top was nice as I felt identified with the spicy food, very Latin American I thought.

Donna said...

I've got to make note of some of these I haven't seen. Thanks for the suggestions! I like "food" movies.


Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Yes, I thought Ratatouille was adorable as well! I haven't seen the others. I did enjoy the one with Catherine Zeta Jones as the chef. Not sure of the name. Perhaps it is the one Beverly mentioned?

PETE Di LALLO said...

I wish I knew your first name...
you posted good movies, but one I din't see is Big wife and I love Tony and Stanley...
Julie, one of my favorite daughters, my still have it so we can borrow it...
My favorite food movies are The Godfather 1, 2 and 3...but you gotta love Italian food...

Kat Mortensen said...

I love Big Night and Ratatouille. Have you seen Mostly Martha (Germany) and let's not forget Babette's Feast!

I have an award for you Protege.


Holly said...

I adore the movie Ratatouille!! We own that one. I love your description of yourself as a baby. I felt like you were describing my Ella. :) Would you believe I have only seen one out of all of those movies?! Guess it's time to catch up!!!

(I LOVE FOOD!!!:):)

Hazel Designs said...

I LOVE eating too! These are great cooking movie suggestions - I've never seen any of them - even Ratatouille. I'm excited!

Zuzana said...

I am so with you on that one.:)) I hope you will be able to have a food-themed movie night soon.;))

I know of that movie; it was shown on TV recently, however I did not catch this movie unfortunately, but I will look for it next time.;) I agree with you, why is it so difficult to choose movies once you have so many in front of you?;)

I know we would get along well. I particularly love your never-ending optimism and kindness.:))) Thank you for your always-wonderful comments.;))

Yes, you will love that movie, I am so sure.;))) Something to save as you say; for the next rainy day.;))

hehe, you crack me up! “Hand-to- mouth disease”! LOL, I think I am suffering from that one too. : P Please let me know when you find a cure; I am very interested.;)))

I too like both of them as they were different, yet entertaining, I agree with the later on being very Latin American; I liked that it was very sensual without being too explicit.;)) Furthermore I bet you too liked the Bossa Nova music played through out the movie.;))

I hope you will manage to see some of them, they are all great in their own way.;)))

The Ratatouille was a great-animated movie, I loved it! I think I might watch it again.;))And you are right, the one witch Catherine zeta is called “No Reservations”.;)))

welcome! I agree with you on the magic of Italian food. I have never met your daughter, but she strikes me as one in a million; a beautiful person inside out.;)) Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment.

you mention some excellent movies indeed.;) And thank you so much for that wonderful award, I appreciate it and am very flattered by this.;))

I was nowhere as cute as Ella is; she is truly unusually cute and I always stay a while at your other place as I just love all the pictures of her there.;)) I just want to hugg her; she is incredible!;))
Glad you too love Ratatouille.;))) xo

glad to find yet another kindred soul when it comes to food.;)) I hope you will get a chance to see these movies, particularly the animated one, you wont be disappointed.;))

Gal Friday said... were a chubby baby!! ;-) I can't quite picture it, but it seems your love for food and liking most foods has stayed with you.

You know I already love "Big Night" and I have seen "Ratatouille"(would like to see that again soon, now that you have mentioned it), but I don't know these other movies, so will keep them in mind.
I also love reading books with recipes and food as a running theme--"Like Water For Chocolate", "Monsoon Diary", and "Apricots On The Nile".
Now, I am hungry!!(all I had was peanut butter toast for breakfast)

OdaMaria said...

Many good movies!:)

OdaMaria said...

Many good movies!:)

Zuzana said...

yes, chubby! Very chubby indeed, you would laugh if you saw some pictures.;))
Glad you recognize and like some of the movies I mention. And you know, I have not see any of the ones you mention, so now they are on my "must see" list;)
And by the way, one of the movies reminded me of another wonderful food-desert movie called "Chocolate" with Juliette Binoche - how could I have forgotten that one! I guess I have to make a new "desert movie" list.;)))

welcome and thank you for stopping by. Always enjoy meeting another fellow Scandinavian;))

Gal Friday said...

"Chocolate"!! I can't believe I didn't think of that one, either--a favorite book AND movie of mine.(the titles I listed were for books with food as a theme--not movies, by the way)

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Dear Zuzana! Ratatouille is one of my favourite, but I haven't seen any of the other movies you is that possible? I love movies and I will definitely check these ones out. Thanks so much for your sweetness Zuzana and I'm sorry for the late answer. I'm so behind bloggy world, hopefully will catch up soon against all pc/blogger problems. Hope you have a wonderful week, much love: Evi

Zuzana said...

yes, my sentiments exactly, how could I forget.;)
And oups and sorry! on misunderstanding that you meant books; I have no idea how I could read so wrong, your comment clearly states books. Typical me.;)
Always love when you stop by, dear friend - enjoy your garden and the beginning of the summer.;)

glad you also like Ratatouille.;)) Hope you can catch some of the other ones; there are so many movies out there, it is not strange we do not see even fraction of them.;))
Thank you so much for your always lovely comments and taking the time to stop by; I hope your problems with the net and the blogger will improve soon.;))