May 24, 2009

Late May Sunday.

Today the weather has offered a bit of everything; it was a gorgeous sunny morning with blue skies, but now heavy clouds have moved in from the west. However, I can see that blue skies are visible in the far west and soon the sun will return.

My back hedge is now in full bloom. That hedge is my pride and joy. Wen I moved into the house, it was pretty much just a few sticks growing up out of the ground. After 6 years it is the most beutiful hedge around. Particularly in late May, when it blooms with white flowers. Last year I could hear people passing it on the outside, not knowing I was out on my terrace. They stopped for a while to admire the hedge stating it was the most beautiful one they have ever seen. Such compliments are of the best kind.

I am taking this opportunity, while there is a lack of sun, to post yet another update on my ever so growing clematis.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful laid-back Sunday.


Reasons said...

Beautiful day here I must say. A bit of everything sounds like everyday English weather, everyday we must be prepared for all 4 seasons! Happy weekend.x

Julie Hibbard said...

Wow!! What do you feed that clematis? Amazing growth!! I AM enjoying a laid back Sunday...hope you are too!!

Animated Magic said...

Lovely photos, makes me want to go for a walk.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I so enjoy your clematis is amazing to watch it grow! Happy Sunday!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Wonderfuf,wonderful flowers and greenery and the clematis are doing fine.What more could I ask?Have a nice Sunday. Over here Sunday was just yesterday :))

j. said...

Hi Ms. Z!

"However, I think if you at all times trust your gut feeling, you will be fine. To be courageous and without fear doesn't at all always mean just "to do".:) Very often it means "to think" too.;)"

Thanks very much for that! I really needed to hear it.. I actually wasnt able to sleep last night because it was all I could think about.. and your comment really put me at ease. :-)



Zuzana said...

=Reasons To Be...,
yes, I think your weather is similar to ours; except it might be warmer where you are.;)) Hope you had a lovely weekend.;))

I can so not take any credit; it is all natural.;)) I water it sometimes, that is all.;)) Glad you had a laid-back Sunday.;)) xo

glad that you find this inspiration in the pictures. Thank you so much for stopping by.;)

I am so happy you enjoy my weekly updates; I find it too amazing how much it changes in a week. Hope you are having a lovely extended weekend.;)

I knew you like this as you are a gardener yourself. And yes, I always forget that you are almost a day ahead of us.;))) Hope your Sunday was good.;)

glad you found comfort in those words. It warms my heart that they put you to ease. I am so sorry that you have a troubled mind, if it is any consolation, we all feel this way at times.
You are very courageous in my eyes; brave enough to venture into a new profession without fear.
Hope you will have a wonderful week.;)

Hilary said...

You must have a magical green thumb. :)

Zuzana said...

I wish.;)) But I can take no credit, it is all natural.;))) I just hope the plant will survive my absence; so I am hoping for lots and lost of rain while I am not here.;)))