May 19, 2009

Preston & Child.

I used to be an avid book reader. Any spare moment was spend with a book. Particularly the weekends and holidays. Vacations spend on the beach were perfect for reading. I do not read that much anymore, as lot of my spare time is spend blogging and writing instead. These days I mostly like being read to by the Irishman. He has an amazing voice. There is nothing that I love more than hearing it late at night, when the world is still, just before I fall asleep.

My favorite authors of all time are a duo, who write suspense novels; Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I will never forget how I found their first book, by a sheer coincidence. It was a paperback on a sale about 14 years ago in a bookstore at a mall in North Carolina. I think it was the big poster that caught my attention, advertising for the upcoming movie that was based on this book, "The Relic". The title and the link to the supernatural stirred my curiosity and so I bought it. I think I read in in a course of couple of days, which is VERY unusual for me. I loved it! More than any book ever before. Very quickly I learned that their new book was out already, a sequel to their first, entitled "Reliquary" and so I bought it in hardcover this time around.

Today I own all their books (except the newest one) in hardcover. The first book I still only have in paperback - but in some way the paper cover, bearing signs of use brings me back in time and reminds me of a moment of discovery. That fleeting second in time when we make encounter with a new very best friend. Even if it is just a book.


Absolutely Ladylike said...

I love reading, unfortunatelly I'm not doing it very often since I moved from my country and books are oh so heavy to carry :-( I love reading on my own language (Hungarian), even if I'm practicly using (almost just) english every day...I miss those gorgeous Hungarian sentences...However my first stop is always a book store when I'm in Budapest and those books are waiting for me in my parents house...When I will finally settle done somewhere in the world, my books will be the first thing to ship....

steviewren said...

I'm a huge Preston and Child fan too! I read Relic on the urging of my DIL and loved it. It is so creepy. I don't generally read scary stuff because I don't want to think about it at night when I'm alone, but these books are exceptions. I recently found a paperback at the thrift store that I've never read by Lincoln Child titled Deep Storm. I've got to make time to read it.

United Studies said...

Hello, I found your blog through Cairo and was struck by your picture. Very beautiful!

I love to read a variety of books, I can't go for very long without a book in my hand. Unfortunately, with a (almost!) 5-year old girl I don't have much time to read.

Gal Friday said...

I don't know this series of books at all, but do know the feeling of "discovering" an author and wanting t read all their books.

Reasons said...

I too have neglected my reading a bit since discovering blogging. I am making an effort but must try harder! Thanks for the inspiration.x

Mahmud Yussop said...

Can you imagine for the last 35 years whenever and wherever I come visiting a town/city I will always buy a book to remember my visit/or travel. My collection to date is close to one thousand books - mostly non-fiction and all signed,dated and scribbled with the purpose of visit etc., In this way I can track my life's journey the bookway :)

Diane said...

I don't think I've ever read them but you know that's my favorite genre... I'll have a look!

Tereza Š. said...

Hi, how are you darling?

I don´t have time to read at all. But last book I´ve read was The book of The Dead from this writer couple. I totally enjoyed it, I love this kind of books.

ok, take care, ahoj, Tereza*

Claus said...

I haven't read a lot this year, which I think is unfortunate, and something deeply missed. I hope that by June, when things in life settle a bit more and I find again some sort of tranquility - together with some soothing rain - I will go back to my reading, and to a couple of one of my favorite authors: Anne Perry. I love her Victorian-detective-moral and values stories :-) I hope to also find some book recommendations I've been getting. Maybe I will find a Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child one!

Bloom and Glean said...
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Hazel Designs said...

I keep meaning to pick them up!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I use to read alot back in the days, too! I am way to busy these days to find time to even pick up a book. I sometimes do miss reading a good suspense novel. Some of my favorites were written by Sandra Brown or Dean Koontz.

My oldest daughter loves to read and I even catch her reading a book more than once. How I wish I had her time. ;-)

Hope your having a good week!

xoxo, Shelly

Unknown said...

oh gosh! i loooove reading. I got it from my mom her father. But i think am still a beginner compared with you.

i love your blog. And thank you for always visiting me!

have a great day!

Zuzana said...

yes, there is something about reading books in your own language, I agree.;) After having lived all over the world I know prefer English. I was born in the east Slovakia and my mother is originally from the southeast, where there were lot of Hungarians living in the border area. She knew and understood some words. The Hungarian girls were known for their beauty; we can clearly conclude you are the proof of that.;)
Thank you for always leaving kind comments Evi.;) xo

glad to find another fan! Yes, their writing is superb, a perfect mix of suspense, superstition, supernatural and science.;)
I am so happy you are back online again.;))

thank you so much for stopping by and for such a lovely compliment.;)
I can imagine how demanding children are (but fun nevertheless:); hope you will be able to find time to read once in a while at least.;)

yes, that magic of the first encounter. I do it all the time often immediately I purchase several book from the same writer.;)) xo

=Reasons To Be...,
I completely follow that, it is just impossible to find the time for it all.;))

what a wonderful tradition to buy books on travels! I buy fridge magnets, but I think a book is a much better souvenir.;))

I can highly recommend this reading.;)) If you do pick one up, go for "Reliquary", that is the best one.;) xo

yes, that is one of the good ones! Glad you enjoyed it and know of it.;)) Always love when you stop by.;)xo

I guess we all seem to be having less time for reading as we get older.;) Thank you for sharing the information about your favorite books; I am not familiar with Anne Perry, but I will keep he name in mind.;) xo

let me know if you do.;)) xo

I remember ALWAYS reading as a child. It is shame that we kinda fall out of that habit.;))
I am familiar with Dean Koontz and I have a book or two that I like very much from him.;)) Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments.;)

thank you so much, you have a very lovely place as well.;)) I love my visits there.;) xo

sallymandy said...

Nice post, Z. I love being read to, too. My husband and I used to read Shakespeare plays to each other, but sometimes we argued over who got to read. We both wanted to the be the reader. Sigh.

Anyway, I don't spend as much time reading as I used to since I started blogging.

I like the music on your top post. It does feel restful.

Zuzana said...

how nice you too like when someone reads to you.;) I have no trouble there, as I am not keen on reading out loud to others. The Irishman does love to read to me though and he has a magnificent voice. It is the best time of the day when he reads to me in the evenings.
Glad you liked the music.;)
Thank you for finding the time to stop by.;))

Noelle Chantal said...

I know that you love reading and collecting books because you're a very good writer, Protege. I mean great great writer! :)

Zuzana said...

thank you for such a lovely compliment; I am mot sure how great of a writer I am but it definitely warms my heart that you enjoy reading my posts. Thank you for this kind comment.;) xo