May 17, 2009

Ruled By The Weather.

This weekend was weather-wise a total washout. That is the problem with Scandinavian spring; it's timing is always off. We can have a warm working week and a rainy weekend. One can never be sure of the sunshine. Weather is often a heavily discussed topic and it rules our lives up here north to a certain degree. Forget planning any parties or any celebrations outside, it can be a gorgeous warm summer day on a Friday, but comes Saturday, it will rain and be very cold. I remember discussing this with a Spanish born woman, that lived in Belgium. She told me, how surprised she was upon moving to Brussels, to find everyone always discussing the weather at work. This was something unheard off in Spain, where the weather is stable and rarely a topic for a conversation. However after years living there she now understand how an unstable climate can rule one's life. She too now turns on the TV in the morning just to watch the weather forecast, like everyone else.

So, as a back up plan I always have a few activities that I save for those rainy weekends. Here is my top five list over things to do on a rainy spring Sunday:

1. Sleep long.
2. Watch favorite romantic movies (or right now all those 250 channels on my TV).
3. Organize my wardrobe and try on new and old summer clothes so I am ready for warm days when the sunshine returns.
4. Sort out my pictures and photographs.
5. Make myself a hot cup of coffee and just look out of my windows and rest my eyes on the beauty of nature, while day-dreaming.

There you have it. Those Sundays are actually quiet relaxing.

Below is my weekly update on the growing clematis. The changes are not as obvious as previously, but upon a closer examination, the difference a week has made is noticeable nevertheless.


MsTypo said...

Your clematis is looking great! Nice and full and healthy! :)

Jill said...

I am so enjoying watching your clematis grow.
I like your trellis...I am wondering if I can fabricate something like it for my sugar snap peas that love to grow up, up, up! So lovely.

Julie Hibbard said...

I love productive--and not so productive--days inside the house! Relax my friend! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Michelle H. said...

Enjoy the relaxing weekend. Love the list you have and the clematis! :)

j. said...

Wow. The weather must be quite fickle over where you are. Weather isnt common topic over here.. come to think of it, I rarely hear people talking about it except for days when it just suddenly pours (which is rare).

I dont know what a Clematis is.. hehe.. but 1 week sure made a lot of difference based on those photos..



Gal Friday said...

I cannot imagine a reliably(usually) sunny climate like in Spain(or in San Diego, California), since our weather, and spring in particular sounds very much like yours. We go from rainy to sunny withn just a few hours and our weekend has been wet, but with spells of sunshine peeking through the fast moving clouds.
Your rainy weekend day projects sound wonderful. I have a hard time staying indoors because i get a trapped feeling(so I was outside yesterday in a light drizzle weeding some flower beds)
Your clematis is lookin' good!!
Oooo..sorry this comment is so long...

Holly said...

I am sorry that your weekends lately have been so inconsiderate of your needs!!! I have to say that you and I have very similar ideas of the perfect, relaxing, snuggly cold day though.

You must have such a green thumb! Your plants really like you.:)

Zuzana said...

thank you so much; I am doing weekly updates on its growth, as I am so fascinated by how fast it changes.;)

so glad you enjoy these updates; I love to watch and capture the magic of nature this way.;)

yes I like those days too.;) I hope your weekend was great as well.;)

thank you and likewise.;)) And congratulations on being finished with your story;))

yes, that is the beauty of a stable climate such as yours. The weather is just always there and the same.;))
Clematis is a climbing plant and I have one planted against the fence of my terrace; it grows very fast in the spring and gives beautiful cobalt blue flowers in July-August.;)) I hope to show this progress here.;)

always love your comments and I LOVE long comments, so please just continue.;)
Yes, sometimes I too like to be in the rain if it is reasonably warm, so I know what you mean.;
Hope you had a great weekend dear friend.;) xo

thank you for your sympathy in regards to my suffering when it comes to the weather.;) It is Monday morning here and we have full sunshine! That is typical I say!;))
Thank you for the compliments on my clematis, lets hope it will give beautiful flowers in a couple of months.;) xo

Hilary said...

Ah good list but if I spent my time organizing photos, I'd never stop. And that's just on my computer!

The Clematis Watch is fun. It'll be so cool when it begins to bloom.

Gal Friday said...

To Hilary(up top),
"Clematis Watch"! Ha..ha..I like that.
It WILL be interesting to see the growth of your climbing vine. I am "guessing" the flowers are blue...

Zuzana said...

good point; the best is to be systematic and go by date and to know when to stop.;)))
Glad you like the clematis updates my friend.;) Hope your weekend was good.;))

yes, Hilary is great with words, make sure to visit her blog if you have not already.;))
And so right you are; the flowers are blue.;)) Always love your comments.;) xo

Noelle Chantal said...

Right now here in Manila, we have a very unpredictable weather too. and i hate it a lot! And i guess your 250 channels is enough to entertain you during a rainy spring Sunday. hehe :)

Zuzana said...

yes, I watched movies for hours that day.;)) Thank you sweetie for commenting and reading all my posts.;) xo