May 20, 2009

My Meditation.

I like certain electronic music. I cannot adequately describe why. Nor can I exactly examine it and point out why some of the modern music has an effect on me. This effect is a combination of feelings that relax my mind and set my thoughts free, disconnecting me from my immediate surroundings, even if for just a fleeting moment. It can be compared to a kind of meditation or a reality escape. Everything becomes crystal clear and vivid. However, the right kind of music, combined with a particular beat inspires me also creatively. It is difficult to term this right; I often call this music "ethereal, escapist or airy". It fills a void in space.

We all have different ways we like to relax. Being very emotional in my personality, I feel everything very strongly. Life makes an imprint on me every day. I am very perceptive, for better or worse. Not to suffer emotional overload, I need an outlet for the emotions that arise from impressions. The way I let go is often through creativity but also through listening to music. Certain beat and the way a melody is composed, helps me to just relax and to daydream - it is amazing the places the mind can take me if I let it. I love and need these few hours of complete solitude, preferably while an incense stick spreads its wonderful aroma through the air.
The below is a perfect example of a musical piece that would qualify as an aid in my meditation.

How do you relax? Do you find it necessary to have a moment just for yourself? And can you find the time to enjoy such solitude regularly, despite the stress of every day life and the demands of family and workplace?


United Studies said...

I love music, too, and have a wide variety of interests. What I like depends on my mood...if I need to get some major cleaning done, I will listen to current pop music, if I am cooking and want to listen to music I channel my inner Italian self (my Dad is half Italian) and listen to opera. If I want to relax, I listen to music such as this. One of my favorite artists is Enya.

MsTypo said...

Music is tied to so many great memories. :) One of the reasons i enjoy visiting my parents is the chance to listen to classical as much as i like :)

Claus said...

I love all sorts of music, and I will listen to them according to my state of mind, and even depending on the time of year. You might remember I love Bossa during summertime :-) But above all, electronic is my very favorite. A lot of people have a wrong idea of the genre though, and think of it as noisy and senseless, but I think you have described it perfectly: the combination of rhythms and the right lyrics (which many songs on the electronic genre lack of, and it's just as nice) make a great sound and can take your mind away to wonderful places, away from routine or problems. I love house and dance, just as much as lounge and chillout. Now, for relaxing, I like to be home, in silence, which often happens on Sundays, when all one can hear are birds singing, wind blowing, or rain falling...nothing bettet than that.

Love the song shared! Deep house maybe? Who knows, and who cares, the important thing is that it's really wonderful.

Betsy Brock said...

Ahhh...I listened to all 6 minutes while I worked here on some paperwork. Now I'm very relaxed! I can see why you like this!

Diane said...

Relax... relax... relax... OH, yeah, now I remember ;)

A good book, a cup of tea, and my dog snoring by my side :)

Hilary said...

Well now... about an hour ago, I lit a stick of incense and thought of you.. thinking Z would approve. And here you are lighting one on your blog. The scent must have drawn me over here. :)

Beverlydru said...

I love music! I listen to relax, but I also enjoy playing the piano. My piano is one of my very best friends. I love to read. Being on the water - preferably the beach- is major relaxation for me.

Michelle H. said...

I agree with everyone here. I need music in my life. I also enjoy a burning candle in a dark room. absolutely peaceful.

Kat Mortensen said...

I like this "Deadmau". It's very happy and yet subdued at the same time. I could listen to this at length --although I might have to do a bit of dancing too!

I read about your house and home, Protege. We call our home The Hyggehus. You can see it here:

Have a nice day!


Reasons said...

I admire you self-awareness, the way you describe it too.

I usually unwind by going somewhere green and beautiful, listening to music with headphones or a simple hot drink and a stare into space!

Hazel Designs said...

I feel so relaxed already, just from reading this post!

Mahmud Yussop said...

I too like to listen to music like Kitaro's to relax and expand my mind and imagination. But I find too that singing with a guitar/keyboard is very relaxing if you do it for hours, probably due to physical exhaustion of strumming and singing I guess. At other times when I'm at a loss to relax my mind due to competing pressures, stresses, and tensions, there's nothing like doing the prayers and through deep prayers I get connected and obtain answers quite naturally.

Rajesh said...

Music is a great way to relax. Any music that is soothing to ears, mind aids in meditation in a great way.

Holly said...

Certain music has always helped me to relax as well. I really like instrumental new age music for that purpose. Thank you for sharing another piece of yourself!

Zuzana said...

I can relate to that; different music for different situations.;)) I too enjoy Enya's music.;) Thank you for sharing the way yo like to relax.;)

I love classical music, I listen to it very often in the winter while sitting in front of my fireplace and relaxing on Saturday afternoons.;)

I think I have found a kindred spirit when music taste is concerned; I agree with you with everything; I love Bossa Nova and I too love House.;)) And occasionally I love the sound of silence with only nature sounds around. Lovely comment.;) xo

thank you so much for listening and I am happy that you liked it and felt relaxed.;)) xo

that is perfect example of small and simple pleasures; mt favorite.;)) Thank yo for sharing my friend.;) xo

that is what I call a coincidence; or better yet, the sharing of a universal consciousness.;))
Hope you enjoyed the scent my dear friend.;))

I envy you the fact that you can play a musical instrument.;) I have to enjoy the talent of others. Ah, being on the beach is a wonderful activity, absolutely agree.;)

music and candles; now you are speaking my language. I share this with you; particularly in the depths of winter.;))

Hyggehus! What a lovely term and so very Danish!;)) I will check out the link, thank you.;)
Glad you enjoy the music; I love to dance too so I follow that sentiments.
Thank you for this lovely comment;)

=Reasons To Be...,
starring into space is equal to my daydreaming; I love to do that too. And being surrounded by nature while doing it is a wonderful escape from stressful days.;))
Always love when you stop by.;) xo

glad this post had that effect on you.;)) xo

you always share such profound view with us, I always enjoy seeing everything from your perspective; we are all spiritual beings in one way or another. Thank you so much for these wise words.;)

meditation is wonderful, I have always been interested in it, but I do I am not skilled in practicing it.:)

I love new age music too. It has a particular sound that is very relaxing. Thank you in return for always taking the time to stop by here, dear friend.;) xo

Noelle Chantal said...

I like like this music! I'm going to add this to my play list. for me, listening to music and going to the beach is the best way to relax. :)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...


I simply MUST have some quiet in each day! Now that the weather has turned I oftentimes walk down to our sweet bridge and SIT...and watch the water flowing...SOOOO relaxing.

I think I need to blog about that!! Thank you!

Zuzana said...

ah, I am so glad that you liked the music that much.;)) I agree, going to the beach is very soothing to all senses.;)

you are so right, there is something very relaxing about the sound of water. I can very well understand that you enjoy that and I look forward to read more on your blog.;))

Gal Friday said...

The music reminded me of the "Chill-Out" radio station we discovered at work and play n the shop now.
As for time alone--I need it, too, and am very selfish about getting my "me" time in. I suppose I am lucky in that I do have people in my life that are close to me, for I am never lonely and am so happy when I am alone(happy, too, with those people I like to be around, of course)
To relax, I love listening to music like Billie Holiday, jazz standards, Norah Jones, etc. when I am alone in the house or in the kitchen cooking. (and I noticed under this entry, the picture of Lisa Ekdahl...which reminded me that I should look for some music by her). I like settling down in the early evening on the couch when the room has been tidied up, some jazz, and some candles burning...

Zuzana said...

that last sentence in your comment reminds me of my Saturday afternoons when I sit down either outside on the terrace or in front of the fireplace in the winter after finishing cleaning the house. Those are my special moments.;))
Glad you do find some moments that are just yours.;)