May 28, 2009

Beauty Of Beer.

I love beer. My father is Czech and I guess my love for beer comes from that side of the family.
Czech beer is world renowned for its quality and good taste and the history of brewing beer there stretches back into the 12th century.

Furthermore, I live in a beer-drinking country. Just like the Italians and French are proud of their vine, the Danes love their beer. Alongside numerous official breweries, hundreds of microbreweries are active all across the country. I am sure most foreigners are familiar with the Carlsberg beer, which is sold worldwide, but this is not - by any means - the only beer available here. Every city and even a small town will have its own signature beer beverage.

After meeting the Irishman I got introduced to the most wonderful beer there is - the Guinness. It is my preferred choice these days, but I do enjoy a glass of cold Weissbier (Wheat Beer) on a hot summer day.

I saw this commercial on television the other day and it made me laugh out loud. Hope it will brighten your day.

(Note from the author in March 2011: The commercial was no longer available online, thus was replaced by another clip for the same type of beer - Stella Artois 4%.  This ad is not as good as the original, but still funny enough.;)


MsTypo said...

As a canadian i'm genetically engineered to drink copious amounts of beer. That must be why i was so thrilled to see the title of today's post pop up in my reader. :p

Tom said...

Did I hear someone mention beer? And proper beer at that? Mind if I pop by for a bit? ;)

Unknown said...

beer! wow! mu husband drinks one bottle a day!. hihihi. am not much though, but i like tequila.

Betsy Brock said...

I'm with Denise...I'd rather have tequilla...or white wine. The commercial is hilarious!

Gal Friday said...


I love a good wheat beer(with some lemon) on a hot summer day(year-round, I am more f a wine person, though). And my husband loves a good Murphy's or Guinness.
I *think* here in the US., many breweries were started by Czech immigrants.

Julie Hibbard said...

Love the commercial and LOVE LOVE LOVE beer!!! LOVE Stella...had it for the first time when I was in Brugge!
Add that to the list of things we will have when we visit each other!!

Diane said...

Beer. Yum.

Beverlydru said...

I laughed out loud twice. First, when the title and first line popped up in my reader. Second, at the commercial. It seems the company I hang with seems to like a polite glass of wine or nothing alcoholic. And I'm thinking, what the heck is wrong with beer? I would love to sample the Danish beer. Your deck, I'll be there. : )

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

I'm not a beer drinker, but I sure thought the commercial was funny!

United Studies said...


Oh yes, I know all about Danes and their beer. Peter loves to have some on the weekends. And he refuses to drink any American beer. It has to be Carlsburg or any other European beer.

Lulda Casadaga said...

I'm half I need to say more! Beer is in the bloodline...:D
I must admit though of late I have been a wino! Love my REDs

I do enjoy a Guinness now & then. I was told that the only good Guinness is in Ireland. I had one in London...does that count? LOL

I hold up my glass of Cabernet to you my friend! Cheers...

Hilary said...

Funny ad. That's one of Frank's favourite beers, and we even have the beer glasses with the Stella Artois logo. Despite my being Canadian, I have never learned to like beer, so I hope you don't mind if I pour a glass of wine while you indulge in your suds. :)

Zuzana said...

glad you share the love of beer; and that you liked this post.;)))

anytime!!!;)) Happy to find yet anther beer lover.;))

now I love tequila too, particularly in mixed drinks; it fits so well in a tropical climate.;))

I agree with the vine; especially chilled white vine in the summer. Yes, isn't the add just so funny? I have played like 100 times now and I still laugh like a loon.;))

yes, I have had some sort of beer mixed with lemonade served in Spain, it was excellent in the hot weather.;)))
I think you are right; wasn't America Budweiser started by a Czech?

glad that you love the add and the beer! I am with you all the way; I think you and me would have so much fun.;))) Maybe one day, right?;)

short and poignant; so right you are.;)))

your comment is great, I am so with you! I have good genes and can take alcohol well: and when I drink, I drink. And beer is so easy to drink anytime, anywhere!:)) So please, come over, we will have a few.;)))

glad you enjoyed the TV add; I am still replaying it and I still laugh with the same intensity as I did in the beginning.;))

skål back to you! Yes, you can take a Dane out of Denmark, but you can take the beer away from him.;)))

I guess if it is a proper bar that has looked after Guinness well, I am sure it counts.;))
I agree with you - I too like variety; at times a glass of a good red or white vine can be really nice.;))I like to enjoy particularly sparkling white vine on a late summer afternoon/evening on my terrace.;))

yes, the add is hilarious.;)) How fun that this is Frank's favorite beer.;))
A glass of vine can at times be perfect; I have been places when I was served a glass of red or white and I still recall the moments today, as everything was just right. But on other occasions, I recall getting just that perfect pint.;))

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm not a big beer drinker, BUT when I do drink it - it has to be either Tuborg (with an Aquavit chaser) or Guinness! (At the very least, it must be foreign.)

My husband loves Carlsberg and Tuborg. Oh, and I also really like Hoegaarden from Belgium.


sallymandy said...

Great! I have never acquired a taste for beer, though I tried pretty hard when I was a teenager. :)

This week I was at a business function at which we were all invited to try a local "microbrew." The lady at the bar suggested I try a pale ale with tomato juice in it. It was...hmm. Interesting, to say the least.

I'm glad you like your award!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I'm not a big beer drinker. I really like red sweet wine.

If I do drink beer...I usually go for a cold Corona w/lime. ;-) I feel like a true Texan then...even though I live in the furthest south in New Mexico. ;-)

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

yes, Guinness rules.;)) And I know those Aquavit chaser, a very good way to get drunk fast.;))

it must have been fun trying a beer with tomato juice in; reminds me more of Bloody Mary.;))
I love my award!;)

Corona with lime is a great beer in the heat of the summer. To me it is a very light and exotic beer and I enjoyed drinking it when I was living in he US.