May 02, 2009

Nature In Bloom.

The unusually warm April has caused the nature to be about four weeks ahead of itself. Everything is in bloom - but in bloom in such a way I have never experienced before. All the flowers are large and in an unusual multitude. Everywhere I look, the tress, the bushes and the flowers are colourful, green and luscious.
Today is most likely the final day of the first truly warm and sunny period of this year. The relatively wind still and clear weather allowed me to spend a few serene hours outdoors.

The clip of Batcat below is dedicated to anyone who finds it difficult to relax on this Saturday.
Warning - it is highly contagious.:)


Gal Friday said...

What a lovely and relaxing thing to view and listen to--your elegant kitty purring away! As usual, your blog has made me smile and feel good about life.

BTW, I have a little something--"awardy" over at my blog for you..I hope you'll come see and maybe even accept?

>>>I noticed today, too, just how lushly green and blooming everything is here now, too--it seemed to change overnight!


Yes, I love OMD :)
classic tunes! xo

Happy Saturday, lovely.


G said...

What a wonderful Saturday post Protege! Your spring may be early, but ours is only just starting, I'm pretty sure it's late this year. I can't wait till the city is covered with blossoms. Your home and garden look completely enchanting... what a lovely spot of the world you have found/made for yourself.

As for Batcat... I am watching this over... and... over... He's magnificent! What wonderful white whiskers and eyebrows! I love his intense purr, the way he smacks his chops a little as he lays his cheek on the wooden arm, and the slash of green as his eyes open in his face of black fur.

Mahmud Yussop said...

I love those beautiful blooms and your surroundings look very lovely already. Batcat's heavy purring makes me think he must be a big fella to carry. ( Note; I have problem with uploading videos using google video in Bintulu. Could be because here I rely on my handphone for modem because I don't have a fixed telephone line in the farm! Anyway if I'm back in Kuching next week I'll be able to upload more videos e.g. how to skin a frog!)

Hilary said...

Your spring continues to be a rich and vibrant display of colour. I bet you breathe it in deeply every day.

Batcat.. gotta love that ever watchful left eye! :)

Zuzana said...

Batcat is very flattered by your term "elegant", very flattered indeed.
I am happy that everything is turning green over at your place as well.
Again, thank you so much for that wonderful award and your kind words, I appreciated it and will display it with joy on my sidebar.;)
I hope you are having a great Sunday.;)xo

how delightful that you are familiar with OMD.;)
Hope your weekend is great.;))

thank you so much for this most wonderful comment; I am happy you enjoyed the clip and that you really caught all the details of the little movie.;)) Batcat is such a cutie and he brings joy to my life.
I am always so happy when you stop by, your words mean so much.;)

yes Batcat purrs really loud.;)
I am looking forward to see your newest movies, the clips always bring your surroundings to life.;))

Zuzana said...

yes, the nature is really incredible this spring; today's rain is very beneficial.;)
Yes, Batcat truly has that ever watchful eye, I think he was a bit distracted by the flashing red light on the camera.;)
Hope you are having a great Sunday.;))

sallymandy said...

Oh, dear. I'm catching up with some of your posts that I've missed, and can't decide if I love the flowers more, or your sweet and funny kitty. Batcat. Silly little cat. Relaxing, indeed! I laughed out loud.

Clare said...

stopping by from Gal Friday. Your cat made me yawn and smile at the same time. I had a cat called Smudge who looked just like her. My husband is allergic so my cat days are over. boo. really enjoy your blog

Zuzana said...

ah, what a sweet comment; yes he is so funny. I think as he is an inside cat he is more relaxed in some way and has other little quirks that make him special.
Thank yo so much for your always kind words.;)

welcome!;) Always happy to meet someone new and Tina has a lovely place.;) And she has said some very nice (way too nice) things about me there.
I think I can relate to your story; my vet who is an avid animal lover has an allergic daughter, so he can not have any animals himself.
Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words.;) Please come back again.;)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Z, your blog has become our very own equivalent of a school nature table - We just don't spend enough time watching the plants and flowers grow, and you give us those moments to marvel over... Thank you so!

And Batcat's purring, curled up there is just where I would like to be - I miss my cats, their purring, and their whiskers and paws so very much... I am virtually cat-owning through you now, you do realise - So thank you! xox

Zuzana said...

I think it is your place that is always full with incredible and interesting facts about everything between heaven and earth.;)Glad you find something of interest here as well.;)
Yes, Batcat knows how to relax for sure.;)) Sorry you miss your cats.xo

Claus said...

I'm watching the video today (Tuesday) and I'm wishing it was Saturday!!! The kitty looks so relaxed and comfy.

Zuzana said...

yes my kitty is very cute, I love him to bits.;))
I am happy you enjoyed this little clip; not to worry, Saturday will arrive before we know it.
Hope your Tuesday is lovely.;)

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Very beautiful photography!

TV Tower on Sinhagad - Going Inside Clouds

Zuzana said...

thank you so much for that compliment and for stopping by.;))