May 25, 2009

Last Week Of Spring.

This is the last week of May and therefore the last week of spring. This month has gone by so very fast; I deeply wish time would stop for at least a moment to let us enjoy the beautiful season for just a bit longer. I have no idea why January seems to be never ending, while May disappears in a flash.
May was cooler and less sunny than April was this year. It rained more, but somehow the month had the perfect combination of light and water to turn the nature green, luscious and alive.

This year was truly one of the most beautiful springs I can remember; hopefully it reflects and gives us a true preview of the coming summer.

My surroundings this spring:


MsTypo said...

Your garden is so lovely. What a great place to pass the hours. :)

Unknown said...

Nice photos! I love seeing the changes as the seasons pass. I'm also happy to hear that you're having a great mix of sun and rain...we're only having hot dry sun here, which is unusual for this area.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

You are SO VERY right! Winter seems to drag on forever and then once we start to bask in the beauty of is GONE! I do hope it will be a wonderful summer!
Have a great day.

Claus said...

Spring ending this fast? Wow! So hot summer days are the next thing...and that will last for how long? Four seasons sure pass by in a blink! We have only two, so they feel like an eternity :-)
But it was a pleasant Spring season, and May for you, so that's the important thing.
Wonderful nature pictures!!

steviewren said...

Everything looks beautiful and lush there. Because of all the rain we've had this spring my yard is looking healthy and green as well. The last couple of years we had drought conditions and I lost more than a few of my bushes and plants. I'm glad to see that what remains is growing abundantly now. Of course it may stop raining in June and by August it will be all dried up again. said...

oh so lovely, I would come and have tea and stay for a chat.

Kat Mortensen said...

Denmark is so beautiful - I can just imagine the sea air too - so fresh and breezy. I envy you Protege.


Diane said...

I hope the last week of May is gorgeous for you, my friend!! xo

Hilary said...

You illustrated the change and growth so beautifully. Who, I wonder, will look after your garden and your cat when you're traveling?

Rajesh said...

Nice garden. Yes spring is truly very pleasant with so much greenery and flowers around us.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Your diligence in keeping touch with the changes of the seasons is paying off in these progress photos. I can see the burst of life that spring brings to your place. It's just so full of excitement. I can now appreciate how lovely Scandinavia climate is especially your Denmark. Thanks for your encouraging comments at my blog recently( Did I hear people say life start at 50?:))

Zuzana said...

yes, I love my garden!;) And I so thoroughly enjoyed learning where the "Typo" nick comes from, it was a great story!;))

welcome! Yes the rain, although annoying at times, is so vital to keep the nature green.;) Thank you for stopping by and leaving a kind comment.;))

the relativity of time never seizes to amaze me.;))) I hope your Memorial Day was lovely as well.;)

isn't it amazing; it feel like it was just yesterday I was happy that spring arrived, now it is about to be gone. But we have the summer to look forward too.;))
Glad you liked my little collage.;)

exactly, the rain is so important, even though I dislike when it rains day after day after day. We rarely have drought here.
I am hoping your plants will remain green and lovely this season.;))

what a lovely comment, you are welcome by any time.;)) xo

the climate is very unpredictable and even though it keeps everything fresh and green, the summers are often a total washout.;))
But you are right, the sea and the wind keep it pristine and fresh here at all times.;))

thank you and right back at you my dear friend.;)) xo

thank you - glad you enjoyed the pictures.;)) And you have a good point there my dear friend - I am hoping my neighbors will take care of Batcat and the garden; although I am praying for two weeks of rain as no one ever knows how to take care of your garden only you.;)) I am hoping the clematis will be still alive when I come back for further updates.;))

so right you are! We rely and depend on nature to brighten our mood at all times.;))

I so enjoy the seasons of spring and summer, they make me feel so alive.;)) And you are welcome, I am so impressed by the fact that you still take on challenges of education.;)
Always appreciate your comments.;))

Donna said...

Beautiful spring pictures at your home!


Zuzana said...

thank you so much, always so glad when you stop by.;))

United Studies said...

Very pretty garden. I really like seeing it grow as the months go by.

Zuzana said...

thank you so much; I very much enjoy spending any time I can out on that little piece of land.;))