May 18, 2009

My Views.

I live in a magnificent place. I love my house and my home. I am a fatalist to some degree and I believe that certain things are just meant to be. I just know without a doubt that I was meant to find my house and I was meant to live here.

Some things come to us effortlessly; we find ourselves in the right time and in the right place. I often try to be sensitive to that which presents itself for me and try not to miss out on opportunities, which might pass me by just because I am blinded by a hopeless pursuit.
With that said, I do however believe we should not always use fate to justify easy choices; some things in life are meant to be fought for and some do no come to us unless we make an effort.
The difference is to realize in time which ones are worth that battle.

In my life I never took the path less traveled and in retrospect nothing was ever ordinary, although I always wished for it.

My home is a serene place; so are the views from my windows. The below is a plethora of views from my house, which at all times make me marvel over the beauty of nature and remind me of the fact that life is all about simple and small pleasures (please click to enlarge).


MsTypo said...

Ordinary is boring. Living an extraordinary life - now that's living!

Love your views! :)

Unknown said...

it looks like a divine haven

Reasons said...

Wow what a gorgeous sanctuary you have there Zuzana!

I agree about using our intuition and that certain things are just meant to be - no questions asked. It's hard to know the difference sometimes and things are occasionally revealed slowly rather than immediately.

Julie Hibbard said...

Spectacular...all the rain does a beautiful job of keeping everything GREEN!! It's gorgeous!
I am struggling right now with what is fate and what we can determine. What do we accept and what do we try to change.
Good thoughts for the day...

Mahmud Yussop said...

Very thought provoking. If I may add, if our understanding of the world is in masculinity , we tend to be very manipulative and impose on others a view that what ever things happen to people as fate ( Darwinian misfit) . However in the feminist view, we need to live a life of harmony with nature (environment- ecology)and contribute in our window of time, opportunity or chance for the prosperity of the world. Not necessarily a tall order because we just need to ask our life what difference we want to contribute in the miracle of everyday living. What is more important is to know ourselves in relation to a higher more encompassing reality. Think about it, resigning to fate is like thinking in a box till eternity. Many people who acted out of their 'fate' have become very successful in lots of ways. Recognising that life has more meaning that fate is greatness by all accounts. I rest my case.
N.B. Your surroundings are lovely. Live life well, Life will take care of you.

Bradpetehoops said...

It's like a peace of Garden of Eden.

Beverlydru said...

Lovely photos. I've enjoyed catching up on your posts this morning... with all that's happening I've gotten a little behind in my commenting but even when I'm quiet, I enjoy your posts!

Betsy Brock said...

I agree!

And your blog friends get to enjoy those wonderful views from your home, too!

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

How beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your beauty. I too love my home and feel very happy here.

I hope you weren't disappointed that my story was fiction. There was a whole lot of truth in it too. I like to post stories of things that really happened to me and write them in a fictional way. Then sometimes I write pure fiction. This one was a hybrid :)

Hilary said...

I love your views and can easily see why you're so proud and happy with your home. I love that patio in particular. And that photo on the bottom left, with what I assume is a fire place. But my first thought was that your window was reflecting a giant bottle of nail polish. ;)

Hilary said...

Or a great big bottle of wine sitting on your patio. I think I'd prefer that. :)

Hazel Designs said...

Lovely! So much green - it looks very soothing :)

Holly said...

I am glad that you have had a safe haven in your home. With that said, clear some space because Im packing up and i'll be there tomorrow.;);)

j. said...

It looks absolutely serene, Ms. Z! That's something to look forward to every morning! So many greens too.. :-) How do you manage to get to work everyday? Id probably just stay home and marvel at my surroundings all day long.. hehe..



Zuzana said...

so true, but at times I love the ordinary too as it is simple.;))
But I am sure your life is anything but.;)) Thank you for always leaving great comments.;)

thank you, it is pretty close.;))

=Reasons To Be...,
so right you are; often it takes some time to know whether the right path has been chosen.;)
Thank you for the compliment on the view.;) I know you understand love for a house as I know you love yours.;)

yes, that is the benefit of rain.;) Everything is green, I only wish we could get as much sunshine.
I know; those thoughts come to all of us from time to time.:)))

love your philosophical thinking and you present such a good point. I know as an artist and author and a gardener you see our existence from many angels; it is always refreshing with your words and I really appreciate your -in turn- thought provoking comments.;) Thank you.

what a wonderful thing to say; thank you.;)

thank you so much for taking your time to stop by; I always enjoy your visits.;)

glad you like the views.;)) I remember you posted once a view from your window and it was absolutely gorgeous.;))

I can feel from your blog that you love your home and your family.;)
As for the fictional post; how could I be disappointed - it was a wonderfully written piece and so real and honest. You are a very talented writer and enjoyed reading it.;))) Looking forward to more.;))

loved this comment! I kept laughing for along time!!!:))) It took me while to figure out what you were talking about but when I located the picture I could see exactly what you meant! It does look like a nail polish or a bottle of wine! LOL! Yes, it is called a "Mexican oven" in Danish and it is an outdoor clay oven. When I do not use it, I put a black plastic bag on top of it (not a nice look though) to keep it dry when it rains. This makes it truly look like the top of a giant wine bottle, hehe.
I simply love the way you pay attention to details.;)))

yes, it is a big difference from the grey of the winter;)))

nothing would make me more happy that have you visiting; we could do everything you like including watching romantic movies and shopping.;))) The guest room is ready.;)
Than you always for your wonderful comments.;) xo

you are so right; I manage to leave the house only with difficulties ever day.;) I look forward to have a few days off in the summer and to just enjoy my house.;))
Thank you so much for stopping by sweet Valentine.;) xo

Gal Friday said...

I love that you are a self-made woman, who has an interesting story to tell, has traveled so much, and has settled down in a beautiful haven that was all created by YOU!
Seriously--I am just a little in awe of that. And the fact that your home looks so inviting and serene and almost like out of a decorating/garden magazne(but with more lived-in character), it is inspiring to me.

Inspiing me to get up off my butt and clean up around my own surroundings a bit today on my day off(I was so busy outside my house this weekend, that the inside never got cleaned and it looks..bad! There will be no photos of my home.)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I love this line:
"some things in life are meant to be fought for and some do no come to us unless we make an effort.
The difference is to realize in time which ones are worth that battle."

Quite profound!
Your views are exquisite!

Zuzana said...

my dear friend, you pay me such a compliment! In no way do you need to be in awe of me, I am really not that accomplished at all. I have had my share of troubles but I guess share of luck too.;)
I am happy you find inspiration in the views from my windows; to be honest I do too and I can not really take the credit, it is all done by nature.;)
PS: I did not clean my house this weekend either, but don't tell anyone.;))
Thank you for your kind, sincere words my friend, they warm my heart. xo

I am truly touched that you find those lines profound.;) I am so happy that some can find something of value in what I write, it makes it all worth while.
Thank you for this lovely comment, it means so much to me.;) xo

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I like all the views from your windows. I don't have any views of anything green or blooming. Mainly just dirt and rocks, but I do have an awesome view of some beautiful mountains from my dining room bay window. When we walked into our house the 1st time. I knew it was meant to be! ;-)

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

I bet the view you have is fascinating in its own way; you live in a very interesting part of the world.;))

sallymandy said...

This is a lovely post. Making the ordinary extraordinary. Maybe that's a knack for living. Thanks.

Zuzana said...

yes, it is all about about small and simple pleasures to me at all times.;))

Noelle Chantal said...

Protege, the views from your windows looks really calming and relaxing. you live in a very beautiful place with a wonderful blooming garden, so much greenery around you and breath taking view of the sky.

The most beautiful and satisfying things in life are the simple pleasures nearest to us. :)

Zuzana said...

yes, life is about simple pleasures: true happiness lies in the ability to appreciate those.;)
Thank you for complimenting my surroundings.;)) xo

Roger Gauthier said...

Beautiful surroundings, Zuzana. Your photos show it very well indeed. Sure, a milder climate helps a lot… and then, during the summer I am not home for long periods of time, so my own surroundings are more "as nature made it. Not entirely, but in part… :-)

As for Fate, my own views are a bit different, but then I am almost sure that I am wrong! :-)))

Have fun,