July 08, 2009

Stars In Motion.

I do not know if anyone recalls, that one of the lovely Christmas gifts I received this past year from the Irishman was a book filled with stunning pictures of the stars and other celestial objects. Entitled "Astronomy, 365 Days", it depicts a year with images from the endless universe.
I like to look through it once in a while and often get intrigued by the photographs of our earth and the skies above. Considering that this year is the "International Year Of Astronomy", I like to continue to share with you some of the images that move me.

For the 8th of July, the image in my book depicts the most famous constellation in night sky; Crux, the Southern Cross. Taken with a tripod positioned camera where the shutter is left open, the image created is a stunning one, depicting stars in motion. A true cosmic art, painted with natural colours on a canvas of black velvet, the night sky.


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

It truly IS a work of art!
Absolutely brilliant!

Betsy Brock said...

yes, I do recall that book! It looks so interesting! That photo is amazing!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Indeed a most beautiful sight.Or shall I say astronomically beautiful :) Thanks for sharing the book.

Hilary said...

That's very cool. It must be some lens! Love your own shadowed photo of the book too. :)

United Studies said...

I might have to find this one for my Dad. He is an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. He enjoys taking his camera and telescope out and capturing the night sky.

Julie Hibbard said...

Someday I hope to own a camera that can take photographs like that! The last couple of nights I have tried to take photos of the full moon, which always turns out to be futile.
I stare at it and make a mental picture instead...
Love this shot!

Reasons said...

Wow, natures answer to fireworks!

Claus said...

Just yesterday, I was watching on TV a documentary about the Hubble satellite, and the wonderful findings and great contributions it has made to the Astronomy community. I was impressed at how committed and enthusiast all those scientists are!, no matter how big or small their findings. I was also impressed at the wonderful photos this modern machine has made of what's beyond our planet, which make you think about all that "space" out there. And though I like to look at these takes, I KNOW I would NEVER consider becoming an astronaut. Too scary for me for sure.

Diane said...

That's gorgeous! You know, Mel wanted to be an astronaut... seeing pictures like that, I can understand why :)

Hazel Designs said...

Very cool!

Melanie Gillispie said...

I remember! I remember! That picture is so cool! But, I bet you knew that I'd say that given my space proclivity. ;)

Maria said...

Hi, Protege! Thank you so much for calling in and for taking the time to leave such rewarding feedback on my bit of writing. Yes, I'm Irish, born and bred but married into the subcontinent of India. Seems your man is Irish! So I guess that means we're related. I'll be back to you! By the way, your post is awesome, visually very intriguing......

Maria said...
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Rajesh said...

I am amazed by your interest in astronomy.

steviewren said...

That is fascinating...seeing the sky in motion.

Zuzana said...

I agree with you completely. Glad you enjoyed this.;) xo

I knew you would remember as I recall you enjoyed the last picture I posted in the spring, with the German castle and the Big Dipper above in the night sky.;)) xo

I always enjoy your comments as I love the way you think.;))

I agree, I wonder what lens it was. Btw, I meant to tell you that I at all times when photographing the moon think about the eclipse pictures you posted on your blog a while ago. They are truly out of this world!;)) Your visits always make my day.;) xoxo

how interesting that your father loves the night sky. I can definitely recommend the book as it can be used year around, during any year.;)

don't I just recognize what you mean. Why is moon so difficult to photograph? Now Hilary (comment above) takes amazing pictures of it!;) I wish I knew her secret.;))
Always glad when you stop by.;)) xo

=Reasons To Be...,
so true, so true! A very good observation.;)) I like that.;)) xo

I agree with you on how fascinating space is and all the technology used today, such as the telescope that can take such incredible images. And I really agree with you on the fact that it would be scary to venture out into the space. I am afraid to board a plane, so to board a rocket is out of question.;))
Always enjoy your great comments.;)

glad you like the picture.;)) Yes, I can definitely imagine the incredible feeling that will encompass you once you are out there, looking down.;)) xoxo

thank you dear friend.;) xo

I knew you would as you have previously disclosed you like space and science and as Diane points out, you wanted to be an astronaut. That I admire I have to say.;)) xo

ah, thank you for coming back! Yes, I enjoyed your writing very much and indeed we are related that way.;)) I LOVE anything Irish and I look forward to visit you blog some more.;)
Glad you liked the moving stars.;))

I can completely understand that considering your recent post.;)) Thanks for stopping by.;)

ah, you are back, thank you.;)) Yes, I agree, I too find the night sky very fascinating.;))