July 26, 2009

Last Sunday In July.

Yesterday my parents arrived for a two weeks stay. I am delighted to get a chance to spend an extended time with them. As my loved ones are spread all over Europe, it is always a treat when any of them comes for a visit.

The weather continues to be awful, although the sun has come up and is trying to defy the clouds occasionally.
It is my mothers birthday today and I guess the Weather Gods have taken pity on her. She, if anyone, deserves sunshine. Plenty of it.

Below is my weekly clematis update. I think this update is about to conclude, I am afraid. The rain has slowed down the progress and the blooming is about to peak.
There are still a few unopened buds, so perhaps there is one more final update in store comes next Sunday.
Last week I cut down the Lemon Balm that has been over growing its pot for weeks now, which has cleared some of the clematis view. The Lemon Balm is a wonderful herb, spreading citrus scent when touched. It grows very fast and very easily and is perfect as a decoration in a sparkling wine summer drink or on top of ice cream.

Due to my visitors, my responses to your lovely comments might be somewhat delayed for the next two weeks; as will be my visits to your lovely blogs. I will definitely continue posting, but forgive me if it takes me some time to get back to all of you.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful last Sunday in July.

(PS: The top picture features a magenta coloured Dahlia, a little treat for sallymandy)


Sumandebray said...

Here is Wishing a Happy Birthday to your mother. Wish her good health and sunshine and peace all around.
Hope to see another blooming picture next sunday...
Have gr8 time with family

steviewren said...

Have a wonderful visit with your parents. Hope it's sunny all day in honor of your mom.

Even having a cold wet summer, your garden is so so much more lush and pretty than mine. I hope the weather improves so that you can enjoy what is left of the warm light months.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Have a great two week break with your parents. Catch up with you soon!

Reasons said...

Have a really lovely time. I plan to do my tag tomorrow.

Claus said...

It was only when I read your entry's title that I realize that this is the last weekend of July!! Thank goodness!! It hasn't been a good month for me or my family. I truly, with all my heart, that August on things will be normal and nice again.
I absolutely love that patio scene you got going on with the clematis in the background and your bench to sit and relax...so inviting!! so bad the bad weather is not helping these days.
Congratulations to your mom! and let there be plenty of sunnyd days ahead of her :-) I hope you have the most wonderful weeks with your parents.

Melanie Gillispie said...

That is simply gorgeous! I've been walking my sister's dog lately and I've had the opportunity to see a lot of back yard/patios in my neighborhood. Those coupled with your beautiful pictures make me want to do something with that cement slab and grassy area I have out back. Maybe I'll have some pictures to post - one day (probably in about 5 years...lol)

Have a great visit with your parents! I hope you guys have a wonderful time together!

sallymandy said...

You're such a dear! Thank you for that lovely dahlia. I'm drooling over the photograph of your patio, too. The clematis! I want some of that. Thank you Z for all the updates on your garden.

And I'm with you. I'm resisting the oncoming fall with all my might. Summer is way too short in the north, isn't it? I'm going fast into denial, pretending it's not going to happen this year. :)

Zuzana said...

thank you so much for those kind words, my mother was very touched by your well wishes.;))

thank you for the best wishes; yes the sun was out and the day turned out wonderfully.;))xo

thank you so very much!;) I will be around.;)) Even if more sporadically.;))

looking forward to read your answers.;))
Thank you for your kind words!;))

thank you for that incredibly kind and wonderful comment and compliments.;)) My mother is very happy to be congratulated by kind people from all over the world.
I am wishing you a wonderful August, sorry to hear that July was bad for you.

your comments are always a breath of fresh air!;)) I am sure you could do wonders with your piece of land.;)
Thank you for your kind words.;))

it is as if you were reading my mind! Yes, summers are way to short and elusive this far up north...
Thank you for your kind compliments on my garden, glad you liked the flowers.;))

Gal Friday said...

Enjoy your time with your visiting parents, and who knows? Maybe the weather will take a turn for the better soon?
I think the view of your garden with the red chaise is like something out of a magazine--so inviting!
One more thing...I, too, have an out of control Lemon Balm... right near my rose bush.
Little did I know at the time I planted it a few years ago that it would grow so well--I am always having to cut it down and give cuttings to friends and family(with a warning that it'll grow TOO well)

United Studies said...

Happy Birthday to your mom and enjoy their visit!!

I spent yesterday potting our container gardens into larger pots and the flowers are already enjoying the larger pots to spread their roots.

Zuzana said...

thank you so much dear friend for those lovely words about my garden.;))
You know; my lemon balm is next to the rose bush as well. Maye there is something in that particular position.;)))
I too am hoping that the weather will indeed improve.;)) I fact Sunday was eventually quiet lovely which made for a memorable visit to the sea.;))

I am hoping your plants will thrive! I too know ho they love to be re-planted.;)
Thank you so much for the best wishes to my mom, that was so kind of you.;))

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

HOW wonderful to have your parents in for a visit! I hope they enjoy your home as much as I do!

The photo with the Dahlia is a slice of HEAVEN! I would like to sit there with my latest book and a glass of lemonade please! Maybe Batcat would let me tickle his chin a little too?

Hilary said...

Your clematis still looks quite wonderful to me. I'll be sad to see these updates end.

Have a great time with your parents. :)

Zuzana said...

thank you so much - yes, please come by, you would be lovely and a very welcome visitor.;))xo

I am so happy to hear that you have enjoyed this lenghty update of mine. The rain has cause havoc on my garden, many flowers are getting attacked by diseases and I am afraid that my lovely huge rhododendron is dying.:((
Thank you so much; your visits are always appreciated.;)) xo