July 21, 2009

Busy Bumblebees.

I love bumblebees. I think they are the most adorable insects. I love everything about them from the colouring, the very loud sound they make and the fact that they seem to be so very hard at work at all times. Their little bodies are covered in what seems long hair, making them look furry and fuzzy and in contrast to bees, inviting to stroke.
In June, the season for bumblebees usually peaks in my garden, most likely as that is when most of my flowers are in bloom. The whole terrace is buzzing with these little creatures, hard at work, as soon as the place is drenched in sun. This year June was very warm and unusually sunny, making most of my plants bloom ahead of time and simultaneously. I managed to capture the busy bumblebees when they visited my garden about a month ago.


Rajesh said...

Very colorful snaps of flowers. Loved the video of bumble bee on the flowers.

Sumandebray said...

Nice post. The buzzing of the bees is music to ears at times. Particularly when one is in a good mood ... and with such beautiful flowers araond it is difficult not to have a great mood..
By the way the view from your window is out of this world

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, they are neat! I love the sound the make!

Julie Hibbard said...

So you DO have help with that beautiful garden! Those busy bees have done a great job along with you!
Everything looks incredible! Your clematis is fabulous!!!
What a joyful and peaceful terrace you (and the bees) have created! Someday I will sit out there with you...I'll bring the wine!

Diane said...

I wanna come and sit on your terrace! XOXO

United Studies said...

Emma used to be scared of them, but now that she has watched them climb all over flowers and learn what they do with the pollen and nectar, she loves watching them. One day we were laughing over this one bumblebee that was much bigger than the flower was, and it kept falling off the petals.

You have such a beautiful garden!

Melanie Gillispie said...

Such pretty flowers! I don't mind the bees, I don't like them like you do, however.

My mother on the other hand, and HEE! I'm picturing her running from your terrace, waving her arms and screaming. She's so bug-phobic!

Unknown said...

beautiful garden you have. in the Spring I have a crab apple tree that blossoms and it is full of bumblebees. when you walk under it, it just buzzes. cool sound.

Claus said...

I didn't work on Monday. In the afternoon, I went out to my back patio with my puppies and my book. I pretty much forgot about the book as I stared for a long time to the bees going to all the flowers in the patio garden box. There were small bees, bumblebees, and some sort of dark ones, rather large. I regretted not having my camera there with me. Such a great entry Protege!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

You got some GREAT photos of your little friends! I find that they love to buzz aounnd my purple Salvia off the front porch...between the bumble bees and the humming birds it is TRULY abuzz!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I just want to say thank you for all your lovely comments you leave on my blog. They make me smile! ;-)

I love all the beautiful pictures of the flowers. Bumblebees are cute! I lik the sound they make too! Cute post.

xoxo, Shelly

Phivos Nicolaides said...

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Keera Ann Fox said...

I love sitting next to a rosehip bush, listening to the sound of bumble bees going from muffled to clear and back as they go in and out of the roses.

Keera Ann Fox said...
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Holly said...

I have always loved bumblebees. Just the mere fact that they are not airodynamic and can fly anyway draws them near to my heart. Every day they accomplish the "impossible". What fabulous little creatures!!

Your garden is looking very much like something out of a fairytale.:):)

Hilary said...

Great post, Z.. as always. Loved the video and your photos are just lovely.

I'm seeing more and more bumblebees around here lately which is wonderful, but fewer honey bees than ever before. It reflects their diminishing population which is quite a concern. I'm wondering if you're still seeing many honey bees around your area?

Zuzana said...

thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the clip.;))

I agree with you on all points.;)) Thank you for your nice words about my views; I to find them comforting at all times.;)

yes, they truly ate cute, I could not agree more.;)) xo

yes, you are right, I surely have help.;)) Cute little helpers.;) Thank you for your very kind compliments; you are welcome by any time, looking forward to share a glass with you.;) xo

please come over dear friend, you know you have a standing invitation.;) Enjoy your vacation.;) xo

watching them is indeed so much fun, the way they do not want to give up.;))
Thank you for your kind words.;) xo

your mom and my mom too. She runs screaming as well.;)) From bees and any kind of insects that can sting. But, to be fair, she is highly allergic to their sting, so I think i can understand her fear. In some odd way, they seem to be attracted to her as well, much more than to the rest of us.;))

thank you so much. Yes, that is exactly the best sound; a tree full of flowers must buzz like crazy, I would love that.;)) Thanks for stopping by.;))

I can so relate to that experience. That was exactly what happened to me and I ran back for my camera and used almost an hour to film and photograph the little creatures.;)) Thank you - always glad to read your comments.;)) xo

isn't it the best when the outside is alive?;)) Insects of frogs or birds; it is a joy at all times.;))
Thank you for your kind words on the pictures.;)

I always enjoy stopping by your place.;)) And right back at you, thank you for your comments.;)
Glad you too like the little , furry insects.;)) They make me smile too.;)

I think you live on the most beautiful island there is. Island of Love is the right term. I did swim around the " Venus" rock, so lets hope I will keep young forever, as the legend states.;)) Thank you so much for stopping by again.;))

I know and recognize that feeling so well! Sitting in a park or in a garden, where everything is still, except for the wild life and the buzzing of insects.:)) xo

you leave the kindest comments, I love to think of my garden as fairytale like.;))
And the fact you mention about bumblebees is truly an enigma and I love the way you put it; they achieve the impossible every day - we could for sure learn a thing or two from that.;))

your visits are the best.;) Thank you for the lovely compliments.;))

And YES, so true, the same is going on here. Actually I was thinking exactly the same when photographing the bumblebees. I have seen perhaps, at the most, two bees the whole summer. This is a drastic change in just a few years. About a year ago I have seen a program about this on Discovery. They presented it as a terrible doom that awaits us as the pollinating bees are dying out. No one knows why but it is a big threat to plants. I will try to see if I can find the documentary online.