July 22, 2009

Cross-Stitch Art.

I am not at all good at sewing clothes. Although I think I could be, considering that like to be creative and I love fashion. The idea of designing and making my own clothes has always appealed to me, however, I never found myself in the position to be able to do so. Many of you who visit here are very talented in this respect and I have seen countless examples of wonderful attires that you have made.

So why don't I make my own clothes? Mostly, it is the lack of time, lack of a reliable sewing machine (and they are VERY expensive) and lack of practice.
As a teenager, I did attend sewing classes in school and I remember liking them a lot. I successfully created a few items of clothing which I did actually enjoy to wear.

When I moved into my first apartment, I did have an old sewing machine which I used to shorten my skirts and pants with. As a rule though, the machine would tear up my clothes instead of fixing them and I spend hours untangling messed up thread and eventually developed a dislike for the thing and stopped using it altogether.

The other day I was looking for something in a cabinet in the guest room and found my old cross-stitch embroidery of two different rose-hip flowers, which I did during the school sewing classes. It resulted in two small framed artworks, that used to hang in my parents house. It brought back memories of how much I actually liked to create wonderful things with my hands.

I am not the only member of my family that enjoy to cross-stitch. My aunt does make an array of pictures, beautiful painting-like artworks, which she gives away as presents to friends and family. I have been a lucky receiver of one such picture, that now hangs just above the stairs to my bedroom. It depicts a wonderful, serene spot covered with flowers, on a terrace somewhere in a warm climate. Looking at it is always very pleasing to all my senses.


steviewren said...

My mother taught my sister and I how to sew. We used to make all of our clothes. Later when I had a little girl, I began to sew for her. Now I just use my machine to repair stuff. Last summer I made cute little aprons for my granddaughters. I found some old patterns for dolls and have been meaning to make one of those. When I was younger it would save money to make your own clothes. Now you can find ready made pieces cheaper than fabric most of the time.

Your cross stitch pieces are lovely. I think having hobbies that keep your hands busy are relaxing.

Reasons said...

There are really lovely - oh talented one! I can do sewing machines but not handywork, I do admire the patient people who can though.

By the way, I also love bumblebees, I can watch them forever in our abundant clover!

Betsy Brock said...

I learned to sew in 8th grade home economics class at school. I made a dress that was actually wearable! ha-ha. I can completely relate to an old machine that tangles the thread in huge balls of knots...so frustrating! Back in the 1970's when cross stitch was so popular, I did make a few things. I'm still drawn to it...so pretty!

Claus said...

I consider myself a crafty person, but anything needle/thread related is off the table. I am REALLY bad at it! My school projects received generous help from my grandma and my neighbor, as I always ended up messing the entire project. My teacher never noticed ;-) A few years ago, my friend gave me a small cross stitch project; it's a bear, and though I started, it's been on hold for ever. After reading this, I might go look for it.

Great pieces of art, both yours and your aunt's! Thanks for sharing.

j. said...

I dont know if I should consider myself crafty.. but I always like learning how to do things. :-) However, unlike you, Ive never enjoyed cross stitching.. hehe.. I blame it on the fact that I cannot sit still doing the same thing for no more than 10 minutes. hehe..

The ones you made look so detailed and I really like the colors.. Oh! and at first, I thought one of them was the painting you were talking about.. hehe.. :-)



Phivos Nicolaides said...

It looks so beautiful indeed!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

You have an untapped talent - I think the cross-stitch pieces are lovely and they make wonderful heirlooms. I have recently started making cushion covers again (perhaps I will show a photo of them in my next post).
By the way I love bumble-bees too, they are such a welcome addition to the garden.

Sumandebray said...

Great that you brought this topic up. Those nice images should be able to inspire others.
As a kid we used to watch mother do different stitches as well as crochet and wool knitting. But unfortunately did not get carried over to our generation. It is becoming a dying art and it seems to be poised for extinction...

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Dear Zuzana, this is wonderful I LOVE cross stiching :-)
Just started a few monts ago and I already finished with a small picture (I will post about it on my blog when I'm back in China)...I really love doing it but I decided to leave it for the summer :-) But it will be amazing to do cross stich during cold and dark winter days...

Yours are beautiful :-) Great work.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments dear Zuzana...

Hope you have a great week, much love: Evi

Bloom and Glean said...
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Hazel Designs said...

This brings back memories! I love cross stitching too, but I haven't done it in years.

Hilary said...

Just lovely, Z. I've never been one for sewing, but oh how I loved to cross stitch. I made countless gifts for new babies, children's birthdays, new homes, weddings, etc.. and even kept a few for my own home. I went on a cross stitch frenzy during my first pregnancy. An unfinished lion still beckons me from time to time. Hmmm...

Donna said...

Lovely! I used to cross stitch, but that was many years ago.


Zuzana said...

yes, I think the problem today is that it no longer saves money to make ones own clothes. The only reason would be because it is fun and because no one else will have the that identical piece of clothing.;))
Thank you for your kind words.;)xo

=Reasons To Be...,
I think the only important thing you have to posses when doing cross-stitch is patience.;))
Glad you too enjoy bumblebees.;))

those classes remind me of the ones I took.;)
Glad you share the sentiment about non-cooperative sewing machines.;))

I think you remind me of my sister.;)) She always had help from family on her school projects.;)) Even my father had to help once!;))
Hope you find the time to finish your bear.;))

exactly, you need lots of patience and spare time.;))
But, I know you are talented in other ways.;))
Always glad when you stop by.;))

thank you.;)))

thank you.;)) I bet those cushion covers are lovely.:) I agree on the importance of the bumblebees.;))

I think that today people are having too little time and life is moving so fast; no one can manage to sit down and enjoy this kind of handwork anymore.
Thank you for your kind words and.;)

glad you love to cross-stitch too! How wonderful, I cannot wait to see your art.;))
You are right bout the long, dark winter evenings.;))
Always so glad when you stop by dear friend, thank you so much for your kind words.;)

you already make such a wonderful jewelry, I bet it is not easy to find time for other hobbies.;)))

I simply so understand that you would be good at this, considering your calm and patient nature.;))
Perhaps it is good to keep some things unfinished, then there is always something to fall back onto when the time and circumstances are right.;))
Thank you for your always wonderful comments.;) xo

thank you.;)

Melanie Gillispie said...

You know, my mom does cross-stitch. Just amazing stuff. My livingroom is actually decorated in pictures she's done. Most are reproduced samplers, which are old-fashioned alphabet patterns that young girls did in school in the 17-and-1800's. I thought they were fitting for me since I love words so much. In my dining room I have a huge, gorgeous picture she cross-stitched of Tiffany's View of Oyster Bay stained glass window: http://www.metmuseum.org/explore/Tiffany/8.htm

Zuzana said...

how interesting that your mom is so talented. Making a simple rose bud as I did is nothing, but creating an actual painting with it is a completely different matter.
I will follow that link, thank you.;))