July 25, 2009

Magma Stone.

I am really having a difficult time accepting that we are loosing light. Every passing day gets shorter, loosing more minutes to the night. It is unbelievable that already now we get one hour less daylight than a month ago.

However, that is the yearly cycle up here in Scandinavia and a natural way of things. I guess I am feeling the loss a bit more intensely this year, due to the absolutely horrid weather we are having. July has been terrible weatherwise; a total disappointment. We have received a lot of rain lately. Too much at this point and my flowers are not happy anymore. They need water but they also need the vital sunlight; without it they look sad and lifeless. They loose colour and become soggy and slowly wither away. Or rot away would be a better description.

There is one positive factor though, which makes up for the dark and rain. The early evenings bring back the candle light.
Yes, I love candles and I burn through hundreds of them in the winter season. In the summer most of them are forgotten in drawers and cabinets, but slowly, the need for them starts to return.

Yesterday evening I lit for the first time in several months a few candles here and there around the house. Among others, my "Magma Stone". A very unusual and so very intriguing candleholder, which I received from the students in the lab, when I turned forty a few years ago. A lovely gift and frequently in use in my white house on the hill.
Strikingly Scandinavian, its design is rugged and pristine, carved in a form of hollow lava stone, made out of dark clay with coloured (orange or yellow) inside. When the candle is placed inside the stone and lit, the stone resembles magma.

I have placed it high up in my kitchen, which is open and connected to my living room. When it gets dark, the stone glows orange and spreads a warm, almost magical light.


Blogaire said...

I absolutely dread the long Winter nights. Now you have given me an idea! Your candles look so wonderful and warm, I think I will experiment with a few around my place as well. There is an Angel shop near here and I remember seeing some nice candles in it...

Reasons said...

Gosh they are gorgeous - I love candles too. I know what you mean about the fading light and the not-so-fading rain. Same thing here! Happy weekend xxx

Tereza Š. said...

These magma stones look very good and I can easily imagine sitting on our garden, juts with this light :)

Měj se hezky,

j. said...

There's something so zen and comforting about the red and yellow colors that fire has.. I burn through a lot of candles too.. :-)

Before I started reading your post, I really thought you were using magma stones.. I dont even know if that's possible. But the candleholders really do look like molten lava rocks.. hehe..



Sumandebray said...

Weather is one thing I take it as it comes... No complain. I live and work here in Dubai with almost nonexistent rains while we are used to so much of rain in my country.
But honestly, I am willing sacrifice hundreds of sun lit moments for one moment in such a candle lit ambience...

steviewren said...

I like the idea of lighting the way into the house with candles. It seems so welcoming and cozy.

I'm sorry your summer weather has been a disappointment. The past week was unusually for the South. Our night lows were in the low 60s and the daytime temps only went up to the mid 80s. Humidity was very low. If every summer day was like that I would love summer...unfortunately we are beginning to get back to our normal high heat and humidity....all good things must come to an end I guess.

Melanie Gillispie said...

I love these candleholders!

sallymandy said...

That's a beautiful candleholders. Ingenious.

We'll have to hold each other's hands as the days get short and cool. xo

Zuzana said...

yes, I hate the dark winter days and long nights.;) Hope you can find a candle holder that makes them brighter.;))

I hope your weekend was great too; here it rained but yesterday the sun was out.;)) Always glad when you stop by.;))xo

you got it, they are a great addition to the summer evenings.;))
Moc pozdravu, xo

the designer would take that as a compliment; she managed to make them look real.;))
Hope your weekend was great,

what a poetic comment; thank you so much for those kind words. Hope you had a very nice weekend, please send us some of the heat.;))

I want your hear and humidity; I wish you could bottle it and send it to me.;) Hope your weekend was wonderful!;)

glad you like them!;)) xo

what a very kind things to say; your blog will for sure make the winter ahead pass by faster.;))

Gal Friday said...

I am in love with those Magma stone candle holders!! (will have to Google to see if I can find some here--have never seen anything like them)
Our summer, and July has also been less than stellar--very wet. It seems every day there is some kind of rain or storm. I know how you feel, though...wanting summer and the long days to last a little longer...*sigh*

Zuzana said...

I am so happy you like them. I do too.;)) They are called "Magma Stone" and made I believe by a Scandinavian company called "Menu".;))
Yes, too bad about the summer. I am still hoping that August will bring back some of the late summer sunshine. We often have warm and sunny Septembers, but it feels somehow too late...

Anonymous said...

Love reading your comments on the magma stone. Thought you would like to know you can buy them from this UK online store: Dream Icons.

Hilary said...

We're getting similar weather here.. a lot of rain and not even close to the usual hot temperatures of July.

I love candles too, but discovered recently how terribly filthy they can make the walls and every other surface in the room. I've recently switched to clean-burning candles like beeswax.

Lovely looking candles you have there and lighting them outside sure looks nice.. and solves the residue issue.

Zuzana said...

thank you for the tip and for stopping by.;))

I guess the weather is odd all over the world this year.
You are correct about the smoke - I actually read somewhere it can be - almost - as bad as cigarette smoke Yaikes!
But at times I just think to myself, everything in moderation and I will be fine.;))