July 24, 2009

"Flashback Friday".

Inspired by my own Friday posts in the last two weeks, I have decided for a new Friday theme for my blog. I am calling it "Flashback Friday".

Every Friday I am planning on taking you back in time to music that has captured my heart over the years; whether it is the videos, the lyrics, the music or the time that it represents. I love taking sentimental walks down the memory lane and music plays indeed a very important part in my life and has in my past.

I hope that some of the pieces might speak to some of you at one point or another, perhaps reminding you of times gone by. Or that you just might, perhaps if only occasionally, enjoy the music.

Let me start off this new theme with an absolute favorite of mine. Although I vaguely remember the 70's original made by Johnny Bristol, the remake by Curiosity Killed the Cat in the early 90's is a version that was a great hit around the time when I was relocating to the US. It defines the part of my life that brought on changes of a personal and professional nature, which would have long term effects on my life.

Happy Friday everyone.

Update by author: Since this post was published, a few months later the video in question was no longer available for sharing. But, the original version became available in a high quality recording; enjoy.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

What a fantastic start to the day! Love it! This song brings back so many memories, however I do remember the 70s version! I loved that whole disco scene, I grew up in London and was a teenager in the 70s - such an exciting but somehow innocent time to experience growing up. Shopping in Biba and Kensington Market for great clothes and records, dancing all night in the disco - brilliant times. Thank you for that Protege!

Have the most wonderful weekend!

Blogaire said...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY - what a brilliant idea! Everybody (well nearly everybody) likes music and we all have favourite songs, in my case thousands of them. I still have hundreds and hundreds of old 45's that I collected in my youth, actually I have to get around to transferring them on to my PC because they are not all available to download.
I will be checking out your future Friday favourite FLASHBACKS, have a fun weekend!

Reasons said...

Flashback Friday is a great idea. Great song too, I can sing all the words, that's got to be a sign of old age!

Thank you for the lovely award and the tag, I shall do it when I've thought of 10 interesting things to write!

Rajesh said...

Great choice. My favorite has been BoneyM.

Hilary said...

Flashback Friday is a great idea. Our taste in music might differ some, but I'm always interesting in knowing what catches your attention. Fun stuff. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

I've never heard the CKTC version before, but Johnny Bristol's original is one of my most favorite songs from the 70's. And like several 70's songs, wonderfully sexually explicit, something that was possible before the US pressure group Moral Majority started making noise.

Beverlydru said...

I like Flashback Friday. You may be on to a good blog carnival idea. Nice upbeat song- I listened all the way through and enjoyed it.

Betsy Brock said...

What a great name! I'll look forward to these tunes from your teens! :)

Maria said...

I've been catching up on your posts - yours is definitely one of my favourite blogs. I'll come back tomorrow to hear the music, my six year old won't leave me in peace to enjoy it right now. I actually wanted to tag you, but someone else beat me to it! But I'll get to enjoy reading your answers anyway. Have a great weekend!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

What a great idea you had. Keep on and we follow you Protege!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

First, I would like to thank you for the "Honest Scrap" award and tag. I really enjoyed writing down 10 honest truths about me! ;-)

Two, I would like to answer a question you asked about my weight. Unfortunately, I have not lost any weight. I seem to be at a certain weight that neither goes up or down...as of yet anyway!

And last but not least, great song! I like the new theme "Flashback Friday" what a good way to start off a Friday morning. Sometimes when I hear a song on the radio (from the 70's or 80's) I think about how I danced around in my room singing that song using my hand as a microphone! ;-)

Happy Friday!

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

I so recognize the sentiment; there is nothing like music to bring back wonderful memories of youth! Could not agree more.;)) I am happy to hear that you like this song and the original as well.;))
Hope your weekend is great.;))

thank you for this fantastic and happy comment!:) Glad you enjoy my new theme and I look forward to be sharing my favorite music with you.
Have a lovely weekend.;))

glad you recognize the song! Yes, we are getting older, but we are still young at heart.;))
Happy that you accepted the award; please feel free to omit the tag if you wish.;))
Have a lovely weekend,

BoneyM has also a special place in my musical hear. It was one of the only available western music when I lived in the East Bloc.
Thank you for stopping by.;))

glad you like my new theme.;)) Exactly, it is always fun to be exposed to music style that differs from ones own taste.
Your comments always mean the world to me, my friend.

hehe, your comments are always original and make me smile!:) Love when you stop by, my fellow Scandinavian.;))
And I am happy you like the song, with lyrics and all.;)) Have a great Saturday!

glad you liked the tune and took your time to listen to it.;)) Thank you for your kind words and that you enjoy my new Friday theme.;))
Hope your Saturday is lovely,

great! Make sure to find your disco dancing shoes.;)) Thank you for a great comment, have a nice weekend.;))

I am always happy when you stop by!;)) Thank you for taking your time to leave lovely comments; likewise enjoy your weekend.;))

thank you so much for those warm and kind words, hope you are having a lovely Saturday.;))

you are very welcome for the award and tag, glad you accept. You deserve it!;)
You look so gorgeous on all the pictures you post, I assumed you look more thin than you used too.;))
Glad you enjoy the song and the new theme.;))
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for always taking time to stop by.;))

Sumandebray said...

Music is what ties our life ... that is the reason there are so many songs in Indian movies...
have a great weekend ....

Zuzana said...

I completely agree with you; we need music, it "completes" lot of moments in life.
Always enjoy when you stop by.;)