September 17, 2009

Return Of The Painted Sky.

Once again, the evening sky is a plethora of magnificent rainbow colours. The evening sun has moved significantly across the horizon since June and is now setting right in front of my windows. In a few days, we will reach the Fall Equinox, when day and night are equally long.
In Scandinavia, the day has lost almost five hours since the Summer Solstice and we are entering the dark season of the North.

However, the beauty of the painted sky, as the result of autumn sunsets, will continue for weeks to come and is at all times a true show in colour and light.
(Please click images to enlarge).


Reasons said...

How lovely - it must be a source of great pleasure to watch the sky - I'd never get anything done!

SuE said...


Anonymous said...

I did enlarge the images...Oh my God the are truely beautiful!

Betsy Brock said...

All the colors of the rainbow!...well, except green! :)

Keith said...

So beautiful. I always love looking at the sunset. Hope you've been having a great week.

Claus said...

It still amazes me how day or night can gain or lose so much time up north! We are a country - and happens to the entire isthmus - where half an hour, one hour at the most, is gained or lost when the end of the years approaches. Mornings begin at 6 instead of 5:30 am, and it starts to darken at 5:30, instead of 6:30 or 7 pm. But no matter when in the year we are, we certainly do not experience such astonishing colored skies!!! At least not from my window...not even from my roof! :-)) Beautiful display of colors indeed.

Scribe816 said...

The right sunset at the right location is a beautiful thing to watch. I like your slideshow of "Sunset From My Window", it has a very tranquil effect.

Holly said...

Wow, really is amazing!! That is one positive thing I can say about the desert as well. We do have surreal sunsets!

United Studies said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! I love this time of year for the sunsets, but I don't like waking up in the dark. :-)

sprinkles said...

I wanna live where you live, the sunsets are quite that beautiful here!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do stop by yours regularly but don't often comment.

Unknown said...

Protege: I did not know that about beautiful Scandinavia! A very beautiful array of peaceful. I'm sure you must love it!!!!

Gal Friday said...

Wow! Such intense colors! I am glad you were able to capture your magificent evening sky with your camera and share them here.

Unknown said...

The red orange pink blue purple spectrum in the first sunset is almost like a rainbow in the sky. Simply amazing.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

These sunsets are BREATHTAKING! There is so much hope in sunsets like these...hard to explain...with such beauty brings joy or even anticipation for good.

Rajesh said...

Spectacular shots.I adore this color combination.

Zuzana said...

thank you so much. I love it myself; often I sit watching these shows and in that moments, I have no worries.;)

thank you and thank you for stopping by.;))

so glad you enjoyed them, always glad when you stop by.;)) xo

I see green.;)) Look closely, can you see it?;))) It is all in eye of the beholder...
Hope you are having a lovely Friday.;)) xo

thank yo so much and likewise.;))

In some way, you are blessed with very little light variation. Often I think one has to be born here to truly get accustomed to it. I LOVE the summers; but to loose that much light in winter is very difficult to bear.;)) And not to talk about the north Scandinavia; did you know they have NO light for months? Yes, it is true. NO light in winter. And light ALL the time in summer. Awful.
But at least here, the sunsets right now are out of this world, that is true.;))
Always happy when you stop by dear friend.;)) xo

thank you so much, glad you liked the slide show.;)) That was kind of you to stop by, please come again;))

thank you; I sure would love to see pictures of sunsets in the desert.;)) Hope your day is lovely dear friend.;) xo

ah, I enjoyed my visit to your place and I will be back. I am glad you stop by here often.;)) As for comments, they always make my day, but I enjoy every visit.
Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you will keep coming back.;))

thank you.;) Scandinavia is very diverse in nature. Pristine and rugged, it can also be very delicate and soothing. Always happy when you stop by.;))

thank you - it is simply impossible to resist; these sunsets occur almost exactly when I get home in the evening and I keep rushing home to be able to see them.;)) They offer a moment of tranquility after a busy working day...
Always appreciate when you stop by dear friend.;)) xo

my sentiment exactly, thank you so much for your visit.;) Please come back again.;))

thank you.;) I really do know EXACTLY what you mean. You do not have to explain.;)) xoxo

thank you so much - so glad you enjoyed the Scandinavian sunsets.;))

sujata sengupta said...

loved the colours, esp the first pic with the sky a mix of pink and blue, truly beautiful!!

sage said...

beautiful photos--I love sunrises and susnets.

I was intrigued with your intro concerning your heritage and your 10 years in NC (my home state, even though it's been nearly a quarter of a century since I lived there...

Hilary said...

Just beautiful. Though I expect nothing less when I come here and of course, I'm never disappointed. :_)

Your comment form confuses the heck out me though.. of course I'm easily confused. ;)

Zuzana said...

glad you enjoyed the Scandinavian autumn sunsets.;)) Your visits are always appreciated.;) xo

ah, how interesting! I lived in Durham and worked at Duke. It is strange how you can leave your home rarely to return, right?
Thank you for stopping by.;)

you always say the kindest things, my friend.;) And I can not even compare this to your photography.;)

As for the comments lay out, I agree! Highly confusing! However, I decided that as this was the only drawback of this beautiful template, I was going to accept it.;)) It helps if you chose to arrive on my blog directly, instead of onto a certain post. Then the comment section looks more traditional.;) Sorry about this.;)

Maria said...

There is something good in everything. In Scandinavia, there are short, dark days in winter, but oh, what a spectacular sky!