September 04, 2009

Flashback Friday: "The Spirit Of The Hawk".

My music taste is very broad. I enjoy sound the way I enjoy life; I love to explore it using all my senses and I will never cease being curious. Therefore, I too will occasionally enjoy the escapist beat of house or techno-style, or even any good old fashioned dance music. In a certain way, it has a relaxing effect on me.

The below video from 2000 is an example of such a musical experience. One of the absolutely most stunning visual clips I have ever seen. I love everything about it; the sentiment, the colours, the setting, the images and of course, I completely love the song it accompanies.

Rednex is a Swedish manufactured techno-country band. To be honest, I am not very interested in much of the stuff they have produced over the years. Most of it sounds like rubbish to me. "The Spirit Of The Hawk" however is indeed an exception and I find it somewhat surreal that it was produced by this obscure musical group.

This piece indeed managed to appeal to all my senses the moment I watched it for the first time. I have just returned from almost a decade of living in the US. It was an unsettling time, as is common when any major changes take place in ones life. I was without a home and felt as if I had lost a part of my identity. Everything about the country I just left was still very vivid in my mind. Therefore, I also payed attention to images and sentiments that connected me to this far away land.

The relativity of time makes it all seem like yesterday, yet in some ways it feels like an eternity ago...


Maria said...

This is the first time I've seen this piece although I've had a glimpse of 'Rednex' before. The Swedes have produced some remarkable music over the years. This piece actually put me in mind of "Eagle" by ABBA, which is one of my favourite pieces by them. That was an album track from "The Album" not a single. That video was stunning alright, thanks for sharing that, Protege!

sujata sengupta said...

I am a huge fan of ABBA and Eagles, both the bands are from Sweden right! Congrats on your completeion of one year of blogging. Hope you have many many more years to come here.

Claus said...

House and dance are my favorite two genres in the electronica world. They have enough "beat" and enough lyrics. I never heard of this Swedish band, but I liked the video and the song. Athough it's from 2000, it has a certain "end of 90's" feeling, don't you think? I listen to electronica music almost every day. Aside from Bossa, which I listen to during the sunny months mainly, Electronica is "my thing". I wonder if I have ever heard anything from Rednex without knowing?
Have a great weekend!

Rajesh said...

This is very ominous looking sky.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I hadn't heard of this band or indeed seen the video. The contrast between the sweeping natural landscape, and the connection to it of the indigenous people, against the harsh cityscape seen through the eyes of the hawk is very poignant. A thought provoking piece - thank you for sharing Protege.

Jeanne x

Framing Images and Memories said...

Amazing video. I will share this with my history students as it is a great comparison of culture, priorities, time, etc. Thank you for introducing me to it.

Maria said...

Hello again, dear! I just wanted to ask you to visit my diary, address being I have nominated you for the 'Splash' award for your wonderful writing and great support for my blog!

Unknown said...

i love rock. And classic and broadway.

btw i love your new head shot. pretty smile

Zuzana said...

I am so happy to hear that you like Swedish music.;)) Abba is still great, even today their music sounds absolutely wonderful. And thank you so much for the award, what an honour, I will be right over.;)) xo

thank you so much, hope you are having a lovely weekend.;)

I know we share love for similar music.;)) Rednex have had a few hits over the years, so you might know some of it.;)) Have a great weekend.;)) xo

yes, I think the video is very colorful and symbolic.;))

my sentiments exactly; except you were so much more eloquent in expressing them in your comment.;)) xo

=Framing Images...,
ah, that is great, I am happy you can use this clip in a pedagogic manner.;)) Thank you so much for stopping by.;))

thank you so much, that was kind of you.;))