September 22, 2009

Equal Day And Night.

The Autumnal Equinox takes place today, making the day and night equally long; twelve hours each. The sun here will rise exactly in the east and set exactly in the west, marking the precise location of of these cardinal directions.

This is the true beginning of fall. The season that brings with it the onset of the dark period in Scandinavia, with the culmination in December, when the day is about eleven hours shorter than in June.
This loss is at all times difficult to deal with. It makes those of us living this far up North tired and blue. But then again, it also holds promises of the beautiful white nights, that will be there again to greet us on the other side of the coming six months.

Every season is magical and brings the good with the bad. It keeps the nature in balance and gives us at all times something to look forward to.


Unknown said...

Lovely entry! I enjoyed reading this!

Beep said...

I always looked forward to this time of year...seemed so magical in a way...I loved the air getting cooler and the leaves changing color and the holiday season not so far away...happy autumn to you and thank you for the beautiful entry :)

Keith said...

Great post. I love the fall season. It's actually my favorite one of the year.

Betsy Brock said...

I'm amazed at how the lack of daylight can affect how people feel. My husband is one who needs some sunshine and craves it during the winter months. I have never felt that myself, but know it's a true need for some!

Bhushavali said...

Wow... Its so great... Look at the difference of timing in the same effect in June and Sept... So cool...
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Hilary said...

Our sunsets are at the same time right now, but we sure never saw colour in the sky at 11:30 pm in summer. I know the long winter darkness is difficult for you.. but you can look forward to enjoying your fireplace once again... when that cold really sets in. For now, enjoy your beautiful sunsets.. Thanks for sharing them. :)

Claus said...

I wish we had Fall/Autumn in Guatemala. It would be a season I would surely love. But because where we are located, it does not exist, as I'm sure I have stated before. The days and nights are pretty even year-long, and there's no such thing as snow. How wonderful that in the same planet, a few miles make a huge difference. Enjoy the day, and enjoy this orange season. I look forward to learn more about Autumn in Scandinavia.

Sandi McBride said...

I'm glad of Fall...while I was happy when Summer came, I'm heartily sick of her now...glad Fall is on my doorstep!

Holly said...

It is happening! Summer is turning to fall,...and fall will turn to winter,...and you being the sunny side up person that you are will probably suffer. I will send lots of sunshine your way!

Once again I have missed quite a few posts. I can't seem to keep up on anything. I enjoy watching the progression as you document the seasons, among other things. I adored your "golden leaves".

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I so agree - I love the changing of the seasons and couldn't be without them! However, that far north it must be difficult to give up all that daylight for the dark days of December - BUT think of all the cosy evenings with BatCat around a sweet-smelling log fire and the magic of Christmas!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the last of the wonderful sunsets you have in Scandinavia!

Jeanne x

Brian Miller said...

wonderful pictures. all the colors of the sunsets. sorry you will be in the dark for a bit. cozy up by a warm fire and make the most of each day...the months will pass.

Sumandebray said...

You still have quite a long day..
Infact it was today evening that I noticed that it was about 1800 hrs and the sun was done for the day....
Yes! All seasons have their specialities

Unknown said...

beautiful words and awesome sunsets!

Cat in the road said...

Those are beautiful sunset photos. Fall is my favorite time of year. Do you ever see the Aurora Borealis? That's on my bucket list.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Great pictures and text too!

Kcalpesh said...

Nothing beats these beautiful colors of sunrise or sunset... awesome skies!!

- Pixellicious Photos

Maria said...

Yes! Different seasons bring different blessings!

Zuzana said...

thank you very much, glad you like this post.;) And welcome back.;))

thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed this. I agree that fall, at least the onset of fall is truly beautiful.;) xo

thank you.;) I am not surprised; fall in North Carolina is beautiful.:)) Enjoy your favourite time of the year.;)

yes, it is true, I get affected too, particularly as I was not born here. What keeps me going is knowing it will eventually end.;) xo

thank you; yes the difference is very large this far up north.;) xo

always happy when you visit dear friend.;) And you are right, I look forward to the cosy and warm (even though dark) days in front of my fireplace.;)) xoxo

you are so right, it is indeed amazing the difference in climate in different parts of the world. And we always want what we do not have, right? To me your climate sound prefect.;) Want to switch?;)
Always love your comments.;)) xo

I know what you mean; each season is beautiful in it's own way. I just wish Summers were a bit longer.;)

dear friend, yes you know me well, I love summer.;) But it will be back.;)
And thank you so much for your kind words and for finding the time to stop by; I know how busy you are.;))

so right you are in ever aspect, I agree with you on everything. You summed it up so well.;))
Always happy when you stop by.;)) xoxo

loved the optimism in your words.;) That is so true; "that too shall pass". It always does, right.;)
Thank you so much for this comment.;))

yes, our day is still relatively light. But in December, it gets dark at 15:00. That is way too early.;))
Your visits are always so appreciated.;)

thank yo so much, that was kind of you.;) xo

thank you very much.;) The Northern Lights appear further north, more in the northern Sweden and Norway, close to the polar circle. I have always wanted to see this magical event, but somehow I always seem to travel south, in search of warmth and sun. Perhaps one day.;)
I truly understand that it is on your list.;)
Thank you for stopping by, I enjoy your kind comments.;)

thank you so much and thank you for your always kind visits.;)

thank you for your kind words and compliments and welcome back.;)

so right you are my friend, thank you for stopping by.;)