September 13, 2009

The Autumn Heather.

Every time that the Autumn Heather starts to bloom, I know without a doubt that fall has arrived. I love this sturdy, beautiful shrub that grows wild all over Scandinavia in extreme abundance.

It exists as the Spring Heather, the Summer Heather and eventually the Autumn Heather and can be found in dry, sandy areas, close to the coast line. It is very common in the rocky, barren areas of the Scandinavian archipelagos, where it grows directly on the stone, where nothing else will gain hold.
I recall the beauty of its wild flowers, whenever I visited my aunts family in their summer house in western Sweden. Located in the Gothenburg Archipelago, that consists of hundreds of rocky island, which are almost completely devoid of trees, the surrounding nature displays incredible profusion of this lovely plant.

We used to pick the wild flowers, which would bloom in late summer all through into the end of October. The purple bouquet would be used as decoration, lasting for weeks and eventually months, as it would keep its colour upon drying.

Below yet again an update on my birch tree. Unfortunately, the pictures do not do the visible change any justice. I usually take these from my kitchen window, but in close proximity of this magnificent tree, many golden leaves can now be observed. Still, if you look closely, the change seems to be clearly visible on the surrounding plants, trees and bushes.


Gal Friday said...

I don't know this plant--the autumn blooming heath--it must be so beautiful to come across it growing wild!(and your vivd purple one in the pot is gorgeous) that you with RED hair in the photo?! ;-)

I associate autumn with the yellow "goldenrod"(which can also grow in rock crevices and sand right near the ocean) and the purple-blue wild asters around here.

Unknown said...


One day i want to own a house too, i want a big garden then and a small house.

Well from green to purple? How amazing is that plant?

Holly said...

Can you believe that I have never heard of the Autumn Heath?! What an interesting post. Thank you for always sharing your wisdom.

Funny that your last post was about Indian summers. I was just contemplating yesterday that we are well into an Indian summer as the days are still soo long and HOT!! We had a lovely mild June, which is unheard of here, so I guess I shouldn't complain,...but I would sure love to curl my toes into some cool and inviting fall. :):)

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Hope you enjoying your beautiful autumn Sunday dear Zuzana...Oh I wish I could have a coffee with you in your heavenly garden :-)

Cheers and love: Evi

Keith said...

Great photos. Such a wonderful post. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Heather is a true sign of autumn here in Norway, too. Out on the windy coast, it is the only thing that adds life and color, but it does so spectacularly: Beautiful purple against gray rock.

Blogaire said...

Thae same beautiful heather grows in mountainous West Donegal. I am going there this week so I will try and photo it. A white heather was considered very lucky.
Enjoy the week ahead PROTEGE. Hope your Indian Summer will last.

Claus said...

isn't it curious, and at the same time amazing, how one thing - a flower in this case - can bring back so many memories?! :-o Beautiful flower/shrub! One that certainly is not known here in Guatemala...or at least I haven't seen it ;-) A change in weather is certainly being felt here as well. Took a long walk today with the puppies and I saw many pinecones on the road and gardens. Clear sign of the end of year approaching! maybe I should make and entry about it....

Have a great Sunday Zuzana!!

sprinkles said...

Just dropping by to let you know I'm giving you another award. Check my blog out for details.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Enjoy autumn at its best!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I have missed so many of your great post! I have been so busy. I am going to try and catch up. ;-) I love your new profile picture....just beautiful!

I also love the pictures of the trees. ;-)

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

yes, it might because it is Heather, as Keera pointed out.;))) I am not always so good with the English names.;)
I love the blue of the asters; they grow here too.;)
I hope you had a good weekend my dear friend.;)

I hope you will get a house very soon.;))
Thank you and I agree, this plant is amazing.;))

ah, you are always so kind to me.;) However my wisdom was a bit off this time, as it is Heather not Heath.;))
I envy you your wonderful warm climate and I would switch with you in no time.;)) Please enjoy it for me as well.;)) xo

I sure would love to have coffee with you.;)) Enjoy your last days at home...

thank you so much; likewise I hope your weekend was great;))

thank you so much for clarifying the name!;)) Sometimes I get a bit confused.;) I am sure you recognize this plant as it is very common across the rocky parts of Scandinavia.;)

ah, yes, it is a very common plant in Ireland too. I have seen it in clips of movies. I hope one day to see it for real...
I am looking forward to see the pictures.
Always so glad when you stop by, hope your week will be great too.;)

you always leave the best of comments.;)) I agree completely, there is nothing more wonderful than the memories a flower can bring.
I look forward to read your post about the changes in your part of the world.;))

ah, an award, how amazing, I am very flattered, I will stop by asap.;)) Thank you!

thank you so much.;))

thank you and so great to see you back.;)) I have missed your visits.;)
Yes, I made a one year overhaul of my blog.;))
Hope you had a great weekend.;)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

So pretty! I enjoy each and every one of your photos of your garden!

Hilary said...

I've always only associated Heather with Scotland and never really thought about it growing wild elsewhere. Now I want some! Lovely coloured plant, isn't it?

Zuzana said...

thank yo so much, you are always very kind.;) xo

yes, Heather is very common, particularly in Sweden and Norway. In Denmark it grows too, but mostly in our pots.;)) I agree on the colour.;)