September 29, 2009

Do Not Disturb, Please.

I write a lot about my cat, the Batcat. I guess I devote a lot of my posts to him, because he is a great pet and at all times an excellent companion.

I work long hours and even though I would love to have a dog, it would be just too cruel to leave him alone for over ten hours each day. Batcat on the other hand doesn't mind at all, in fact I think he quiet enjoys being in charge of his kingdom while I am gone. Being an inside cat, he is extremely calm and loves to sleep and to relax. And that is fine with me, as I love those activities very much as well.
And then, he is also extremely cute.

Abut five months ago Batcat developed a new habit. Every morning he would come up to my bedroom, jump on the bed and demand attention. I used to be one of those people who would objected strongly to this previously. I found having animals in bed or even on bed unhygienic and strange. Hmm, but little did I know I was slowly changing my principles in this respect.

It is impossible to throw ones pet that purrs loudly and plays cute, off the bed. IMPOSSIBLE. When he presses his little furry head against my hand and relaxes completely, it makes me relax too. I actually sleep better, something I would never expect.

Well, these days Batcat actually sleeps on the bed each night. As on a cue, as soon as the lights are out, I can hear his soft pads on the stairs. Then he meows loudly once and jumps up on the cover, making himself comfortable on the lower right side, purring loudly. I find myself drifting to sleep easily too, while listening to his rhythmic expression of satisfaction.

And every morning he appears so relaxed, playing cute, refusing to get up again, as seen on the clip below.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Your post has warmed my heart Protege! I love Batcat - especially the way he curls up his front paws in comfort, in that cute way that cats like to do. Thank you for sharing these special moments with us.

Jeanne x

Kcalpesh said...

Your Batcat is a really cute pet! I can understand how you can get emotionally attached to your pets and slowly allow them to do everything that you earlier disallowed them to do... You can see my cats here on this post :-) - Meet my pets & More of my pets

- Pixellicious Photos

Sumandebray said...

See ..they become part of you life!
We do not have a pet now .. but we used to have a cat while in hostel. But they do shed hairs everywhere.
But your Batcat seems to be extremely careful not to break the glass and bottles on top of the cabinet.
The only cat meet every day is the Garfield and thats all I can have now!
Nice to know a bit about your batcat

steviewren said...

The way he folds his paws under his chin is so cute. We used to have a cat. I loved watching her antics.

Betsy Brock said...

This makes me miss our dearly depareted old cats! They slept in our bed, too...and hogged the whole space! LOL! Batcat is him sleeping on top of that cabinet!

Gal Friday said...

How I wish I could be as relaxed a "dude" as Batcat in the little video. Now, THAT'S relaxed!! :-)
I find the sound of a purring cat next to me as I drift off to sleep one of the most comforting things in the world(having always had a cat on the bed with me for as long as I can remember...).
Zuzana, I could not help marveling at the photo of your cat atop the cabinet and thinking, "how did me get up there without disturbing the glass pieces?" Cats are amazing, truly.

Reasons said...

Ahhh...just another 5 minutes....!
He's such a character. I like your quilt too! Thank you for the link to the blog you left me today. Wise words, I am off to read more now.

Keith said...

I love this post. Your cat is so adorable. I'm a cat person anyway. I'm glad that you've got such a special friend in your life.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Batcat is so cute! ;-) I love the last picture where he is yawning and stretching. Soooooo cute!!!

xoxo, Shelly

Unknown said...

hahahaahah! looks like he's smiling for the camera. What a cute fellow. Koffy will love him. Koffy needs a brother. He's a bit of spoiled that's why.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Cats are wonderful animals. Likewise my two cats Inul and Daisy love to sleep on our bed especially when the air -conditioning is on. Inul now makes it a habit to sleep with her gentle paws on my leg.Daisy wakes me up in the morning around 5.30 am by biting softly at my leg.Having them around at bedtime is something we always look forward to because I feel happy to have them as part of my small family. Daisy has been with us for six years now.Lots of hugs from Inul to Batcat:))

Claus said...

Look at him falling asleep! doesn't it make you want to cuddle up by his side?! :-) I love animals, though cats have never been a house pet choice (my mom is not a fan of them). We are dog people, and you are right, they require a little more attention and care.
Lucas and Mateo sleep with us in bed. Lucas is having a period of wanting to sleep with me every night, just like Mateo is with my mother, and like Batcat, as soon as they see the skies turning dark, they immediately fall asleep. Some people do find it strange that pets sleep in bed, but if they are kept clean, it's OK. Aren't they - pets - the greatest friends?

Julie Hibbard said...

What a good cat you have. And what a good life HE has!
So fun...everyone always says I should get a cat...
I am almost convinced now!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I LOVE Batcat posts! What a life of PURE luxury he leads. We recently lost our elderly cozy kitty and how I MISS her sleeping at the foot of our bed!
Batcat is adorable. Isn't it factual that having an animal to pet and adore is good for the health? I believe it lowers blood pressure!

Helen McGinn said...

What a gorgeous wee cat. I love these wee creatures so much. Adorable. xx

Cat in the road said...

Years ago I rescued a cat from a burnt out building. He was far from a house cat and ruled the neighborhood. He died at the ripe old age of ’21.’ After he died I vowed, ‘No more cats” since I’m highly allergic. Well a few years later my daughter finds an emaciated stray. Guess where that stray lives now? I’m just a glutton for punishment.

Donna said...

Bat cat is SO cute! I'm sure it's nice having him in bed and with and listening to his purring at night. That would put me to sleep too!

Dani said...

first off, i love that his name is Batcat. second of all, i LOVE this post. you're awesome.

Hazel Designs said...

Hi Protege, long time no see! I finally managed to come by and catch up, it's been a while. You know I always love Batcat stories :)

Hazel Designs said...

Hi Protege, long time no see! I finally managed to come by and catch up, it's been a while. You know I always love Batcat stories :)

Zuzana said...

I am very happy you enjoyed this post, I know how much you miss your kitty.;) Always so glad when you stop by.;) xoxo

so right you are and thank you; I will visit your link.;)

yes, Garfield is not so bad though.;)) Batcat is a true acrobat and very careful:) You are right, they shed hair everywhere, but it is worth it.;) Your comments are always appreciated.;)

thank you and I agree, he is cute.;)) Cats are great companions.;) xoxo

I can understand you miss your cat... I agree, that picture is priceless.;) He loves to sleep there, it is one of his favorite spots.;)) xoxo

your comment made me laugh out loud.;) Great sentiment and I agree with everything.;) The trick to the climbing of the cabinet is simple; there is smaller cabinet next to it that he uses as a step stone.;) But I am amazed each time how carefully he fold himself into that small space and relaxes.;))
Always happy when you stop by my friend.;) xoxo

yes, that is exactly it, 5 more minutes.;) Glad you enjoyed the quote and hopefully it helped.;)) xoxo

thank you so much, glad to find another cat lover.;) Thank you for your kind words and your visits.;)

thank you, Batcat would be pleased with this popularity. The last picture is actually a movie clip.;)) Always happy when you stop by.;))xo

yes, he is smiling.;) I guess all our pets are spoiled to some degree.;)) xoxo

many greetings from Batcat to Inul and Daisy! Your cats have my constant admiration due to the traveling they have made, way to go.;)) The habits you describe seem so cute.;)) Always happy to see you stop by dear friend.;)

yes, the pictures invite to cuddling.;)) I recall you mention your two dogs and how much you love them.;)) Pets are so important in our daily lives. I agree, if they are clean (and Batcat is as he never goes out) then there is really no concern about them being on bed.:)
Always so happy when you stop by and thank you so much for your email, my answer is on the way shortly.:)))

thank you dear friend and yes, do a get a kitty, you will not regret it.;)) xo

ah yes, I recall that your kitty passed away recently.:( Yes, Batcat is spoiled silly.;)) And you are very correct, stroking a cat is proven to lower blood pressure.;))

thank you and I so agree.:)) So happy to see you stopping by.;)xo

what a wonderful story, saving a cat from a burned out house... I also had a stray in the US, he was similar to Batcat.;)But much more wild.;)
It must be difficult when you are allergic, but of course, who can resist those cute faces, right?
Your visits are always appreciated.;))

yes, it is very relaxing.;)) Always happy when you stop by.;)) xo

thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed this post.;) And right back at you.;) xo

so glad to see you back, indeed it has been a long time but you have a very good reason to be away.;))
I am happy you enjoy Batcat stories.;) xo

sprinkles said...

I love this post!

This reminds me of my sweet little kitty who departed almost a year ago. He was not a nice kitten at all when I got him but the older he got, the more he mellowed out so by the time he got to be old, he was just the sweetest thing! I still really miss him.

United Studies said...

Now that is the life! Wouldn't it be great to be able to do that all day? Just lay around and look cute?

I would like to have a dog, too, but like you, I would feel guilty leaving it alone for long periods when I go to university and Peter is at work, and Emma is at school. It just wouldn't be fair.

So Emma has a guinea pig, and the connection between those two is funny. I am home all day and the thing ignores me. As soon as Emma walks in the door and starts talking, the guinea pig runs out of her igloo and starts squeaking!

Zuzana said...

sorry about your kitty; yes we get so used to our pets and when they are gone it is just impossible to bear. Always happy when you stop by.;)

I agree, Batcat has a great life.;)
That story about the guinea pig is so sweet and funny! Such a small animal and even they form bonds with humans and can distinguish between us. My sister had a hamster when she was a child and even though he looked like a mouse and we only saw him when he ran in his wheel, the whole family cried once he died. So, I guess no matter the pet, they capture our heart at all times.;)