September 05, 2009

Relaxing Autumn Saturday.

Autumn has arrived and there is no way back. It has been a very rainy, windy and cold first week of September. Although the 1st of this month has been written into history as the warmest September day ever, the first week of this month must certainly has a record of its own, but a less flattering one.

In some way, Saturdays like these are also very cosy. Sitting in front of the fire, with a hot cup of coffee, while looking through my old photographs, holds a certain magic, I admit.
Batcat of course enjoys these quiet afternoons. He certainly knows how to relax and it is always highly contagious. As soon as I light the fire, he makes himself comfortable in front of the fireplace, falling asleep on the sheep skin. That is of course after he has hunted enough raindrops on the window pane and observed the world outside for a while. A very exhausting task, if you are a cat.

We are wishing everyone a very relaxing Saturday afternoon.


Beverlydru said...

What a wonderful day to curl up with a book. Since it's 90 degrees and sunny here, I would have to do so in the shade with a glass of lemonade. I enjoy knowing what it's like in Scandanavia. Cheers!

steviewren said...

I'm having a rainy gray do nothing day myself. I think I'm going to go downstairs and do something creative. I wanted to get out today and make some photographs or sketch. I guess I'll just have to stay in and do it. I also need to get my things together for my mini getaway. We leave Wednesday morning. I'm going to take books, some watercolors and maybe even a mini scrapbook to put together. (big plans for a short time I know)

Mahmud Yussop said...

Coincidentally I wrote about Mama Daisy relaxing in Bintulu today. Inul and Mama Daisy sends their love to Bobcat. Have a relaxing weekend.

Hilary said...

There you go using that A word again! ;)

Batcat sure is looking intently at the rain. I bet he can watch it all day.

It's been really warm and sunny here, so far this month. But of course, it's still SUMMER! ;)

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Like the new autumn look.
The Blue Ridge colors are just beginning to change and I already feel the pull of winter work. -J

Keera Ann Fox said...

Batcat has the right idea. Just sit nice and warm and dry and watch the weather. The advantage to being human: A large, hot cup of something tasty to go with the sitting and gazing.

Zuzana said...

ah, I would wish for that kind of weather.;)) Hope you are enjoying the sun and the lemonade.:))xo

I hope you enjoyed your weekend; I think taking watercolours with you on the trip is a great idea, who knows what you can sketch.;))xo

many greetings to Inul and Daisy as well!;))

I have one word for you; "UNFAIR". Please, send us some of that sun and heat.;) Here it is so cold, I have turned on the heat in some rooms, about a month earlier than usual...

thnak you.;)
It is the best time for the colours in NC. I love the turn of the foliage in the mountains.xo

agree with you on everything!;)) Batcat too.;)) xo

Claus said...

It's been a rainy weekend for us too on this side of the world. Thankfully! as our rainy season has had very little rain and we are in desperate need of some water.
I wish Lucas and Mateo were as calm as Batcat. Even with rain outside, they demand to go for a stroll, and you can't calm them down with anything. We were caught in the rain today :-) and it was a great laughing experience. Perfect Sunday afternoon. Now they are sleeping of course. Don't you love these peaceful afternoons?! I do! ;-)

Unknown said...

cute video of your cat watching the rain. I was waiting for him to try to catch it or lick it!

the door with the lions is at Aquinas College here in Grand Rapids.

Baron's Life said...

Love that cat...looks like mine

Gal Friday said...

Even though I am loving the perfect sunny and warm September days we are enjoying over here now, both you and Claudia(in Guatemala) are making me yearn just a little for a rainy day, from reading your blogs and seeing your cozy indoor environment. I am sure those days, too, are soon to arrive here.

Melanie Gillispie said...

I love when you tell us what Batcat is up to. It's been absolutely beautiful here the last week. I've been sleeping with the windows open for the last week. That's really unusual for North Carolina in September. I love it!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Nice music to watch the rain by - and I simply love Batcat!!

Jeanne x

Zuzana said...

your description of the rain and the laid back Sunday on your blog was fantastic.;)) Thank you for always finding the time to stop by.)) xo

please enjoy your sunny early autumn; as soon enough the winds and the rain will arrive.;)) Please send us some of that sun.;)) xo

ah, that sounds lovely and I know is unusual for NC.;)) Always glad to have you visit, my friend.;) xo

thank you for your always kind words; Batcat always plays cute.;)) He is a charmer.;))xo

Zuzana said...

glad you enjoyed the clip.;)) I really liked that entrance, thank you for telling me where it was taken.;)) xo

=Baron's Life,
Batcat sends his greeting to your cat; what is his/hers name?;))

G said...

What a wonderful post... I love the film clip of Bat Cat watching the rain, accompanied by Mozart.

Zuzana said...

thank you so much.;) He is a cutie. A new post dedicated to him is coming tomorrow.;)
By the way, Batcat is sending his best to Tibby.;)
Always so happy to see you stop by.;) xo