January 09, 2009

Tagged by Valentine.

A while ago I was tagged by the very cool Valentine to list 6 unimportant things about me. I like this tag, as unimportant seems so much more intriguing, than important.

1. I have a very bohemian style in fashion, jewelry and makeup.
It is true, my style can be described as a mix of hippie chic and vintage retro. I do not look like a scientist at all.;) I wear big earrings, lots of bracelets, multicolored clothes in flowery fabrics with wide, flaring sleeves and I love heavy eye-make up (it has been pointed out to me that "less is more" on many occasions, but I ignore that completely).

2. I can only fall asleep lying on my right side on the right side of the bed.
I like to fall asleep lying on my side. On the right side that is. I have heard somewhere that one should not sleep lying on the left side, as it will squeeze the heart. It is most likely untrue, but it really feels uncomfortable for me if I do.

3. I eat faster than most men.
I have this ability of consuming food at an incredible speed. This usually surprises everyone (mostly men), as I do not look it. Sometimes when invited to fancy dinners, I have to consciously over-chew my food, or I will be the first one finished at the table. And eating fast in Scandinavia is considered to be VERY rude. My whole family eats fast, so I never knew about this until after I moved away from home.

4. I love to use candlelight instead of electric light.
Many of my guests think I keep my house too dark as in the winter I use almost exclusively only candles as a light source. Well, at least I am saving on the electric bill.

5. I disconnect electrical appliances from the outlets when not using them.
Everyone finds me a bit weird in this respect, that I have a disorder related to checking the house forever before leaving. I check the stove, the computer, the windows, if the door is locked - everything several times. I even return to check the door again. I also talk to myself when doing this; in fact this how my cat knows I am leaving and follows me to the door.;) Additionally I disconnect appliances such as the toaster and the coffee machine from the outlets. I would even disconnect the stove and the refrigerator, and the TV and DVD recorder, if that would be possible. I have been teased for this numerous times.

6. I used to remember the faces of strangers.
I say used to, as it is slowly going away with age. When I was younger, I would remember any face that I have seen, even if only briefly. I could place people pretty accurately to certain times and location, to their big surprises, as most of them seemingly did not remember me, if we met again.
That used to irritate me quiet a lot, as I always preferred, somewhat egoistically, if people could remember their encounter with me.


Gal Friday said...

These things sound like IMPORTANT things about you! I liked reading this and learning more about you. :-)
Like you,I eat fast(and a lot!), too--sometimes I embarrass myself.
And...before I leave the house for work, I make sure the computer is off and I disconnect the plugs to the toaster, electric kettle and coffee maker. I read once it saves electricity AND is a safety issue, too(toaster, especially).
I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend, enjoying your candle-lit home.

Diane said...

Oh man, sometimes it's bizarre to me how alike we are, even in the unimportant ways!

1. OK, we're different here... my style is 'whatever's clean and hey, I remembered to put on jewelry and make-up... Yay me!' ;)

2. I sleep on my right side, on the right side (though I can switch sides with the right incentive ;)

3. I eat disgustingly fast. Not as fast as Todd, though. Blink and he's finished (and you're probably covered in debris... ick).

4. I prefer candlelight over electric light (though I had to change that when Ryan was born!).

5. I unplug (definitely!) when I go away for a couple of days, though not on a daily basis (though I would NEVER leave the Christmas tree plugged in unless I was in the house... and awake!).

6. I have never forgotten a face in my life. Even if I never actually met the person. On Christmas Day, I recognized one of the other volunteers... the last time I saw her was 25 years ago! She was 3 years behind me in school and we never actually spoke, but as soon as I saw her, I recognized her face!

Weird, huh? ;)


Betsy Brock said...

You are definitely your own person...I like that! The unplugging things is a little different...ha-ha! I've done this tag before, too...fun!

Donna said...

Interesting unimportant facts. It was fun reading them! I sleep on my right side on the right side of the bed too.

Have a good day!

Hilary said...

Another right-sider here, but on the left side of the bed, until somebody who demands the left side make me push over. ;)

I'd have never had you pegged for OCD .. but the candles .. now that's so you. :)

Mahmud Yussop said...

Just to say that I sleep best on my left side and on the left side of bed! and never bothered to find out whether it means anything!But the heart thing makes me wonder whether I should turn right?He, he,

Holly said...

OK...This is too funny to me!! I have actually been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, although I do not havee to unplug my appliances after using them. ;)

I loved reading all of these very interesting (and important in my opinion) facts about you. I bet I would adore your style.

j. said...

I really enjoyed reading your random facts! The first time I saw your profile photo, you really reminded me of those gorgeous gypsy women-- and needless to say, Ive always found you rather enigmatic. :-)

I didnt know you were a scientist! I wanted to be one when I was in 3rd grade.. this makes you even cooler!

Thanks for doing this tag, dear! I learned quite a bit about you-- and we have quite a lot in common.. I unplug and double check stuff too before leaving the house.. Im obsessive in that aspect. haha.


Zuzana said...

Gal Friday, I am flattered you find these listed thing important.;))
So you eat fast too, that is so much fun, I like a woman who is not afraid to eat.;))
Yes, I agree about the safety issues as well, to many people do not take these things seriously. Many for example leave tier TV on standby; I have heard that is the biggest cause of fire in homes, as the TV is not really off. Additionally as you point out, it uses electricity.
I hope your weekend is likewise very laid back.;)))

Diane, we are truly alike, as you once put it yourself; twins separated at birth, right?;)) Amazing that we are so alike on all these points I listed here. I almost listed the one other thing we both do as well, you know, with the clocks? All the clocks being ahead of time? I think that was the second post of yours I ever commented.;))

Betsy, yes I am my own and I do not follow the rules, for better or worse.;))

Donna, that is fun, you too sleep on the right side!;)) I cannot fall asleep in any other way. I totally cannot sleep on my stomach, I have no idea how people do that, it is very uncomfortable for me.;))

Hilary, LOL; yes OCD is the right term I guess.;) I take in this after my father, he is exactly the same. My mother on the other hand has no such problems. I have noticed that this checking obsession comes from not concentrating on the task at hand, being absent minded and thinking about too many things at the same time. My mother once told me to say loudly ”I am checking the stove, I am checking the iron…” and so I have started to say this and it does help as that way I know I have checked something.;)) Well am weird, what can I say.;)))

Mahmud, sorry to have brought your attention to this.;)) In any case, if you feel good sleeping on the left side, just continue, I am sure your heart will be just fine.;))

Holly, so you also suffer from OCD.;))) Another thing (of MANY) we have in common. Please free to list 6 unimportant facts about you, should you wish.;) I like to learn more about you as well.;))

Valentine, glad you liked my list!!! And I love being tagged, so just keep tagging me please!!
I am so flattered that you find me enigmatic.;)) And gypsy like; wow, you could not have complimented me more! My ultimate romantic daydream is to be dancing with flowers in my hair, dressed like gypsy on a meadow. A bit like Jennifer Lopez in “Ain’t it funny” video;)) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiNMZkgimSE)
And you do recognize the “unplugging” as well, it seems there are more of us out there than I assumed at first,;)))

Hazel Designs said...

I love #3!

Zuzana said...

Hazel, when I am at official diners arranged by the lab, all the male scientists are always very surprised.;) I like the fact that I can still surprise people.;))