January 23, 2009

Hot Chocolate.

Hot chocolate is the "Drink of Gods". That is what the lovely BPG calls a version of it in one of her posts (and I absolute agree with her), where she shares a delicious recipe. I have completely forgotten about that wonderful beverage this winter season. And today is a day as if made for a cup of hot, creamy, wonderfully scented chocolate, to be enjoyed at home in front of the fireplace.

I woke up to a very windy and dark morning. Honestly, it was on of those mornings when I do have a dialogue in my head with myself; one part is persuading me to finally get out of bed, the other is saying it is inhuman to be dragged out of bed and I should just call in sick.;) Well the first part always wins eventually.;)

While driving to work, I was contemplating whether it will even get light today. The ocean, that I pass on my way, was raging. It was a magnificent sight; the waves were crushing against the shore violently, the color of the water was a mix of dark green and grey. The white foam made the ocean look wild and free, while the sky was very low and thick with clouds the colour of ashes. The wind is so strong it takes hold of everything and moves the air around and anything with it.
As this weather was truly frightening, I came to think about drinking something warm and comforting. I therefore picked up box of hot Chocolate during my usual Friday grocery shopping and made myself a cup as soon as I came to the lab.

Below is a very "overdue" quiz that I took around the holidays. I stumbled upon this quiz in December on a wonderful blog of the lovely Gal Friday. It is simply entitled "What Holiday drink are you?" and considering the outcome, I can still share it anyways.;)

You Are Hot Chocolate

Your holiday personality is generous.
The holidays are your favorite time to practice the art of giving.
You enjoy picking out presents, sharing treats, and making everyone's day a little brighter.
And you don't even notice if you don't get anything in return.


Diane said...

I make hot chocolate for Ryan every night (with 6 tiny marshmallows and a straw ;). I think I told you, she often tells people she's brown because I ate so much chocolate when I was pregnant... she inherited my sweet tooth! ;)

I'm so envious that you get to pass the sea on your way to work. I'd have to drive at least 3 hours to get a glimpse!

Donna said...

I love hot chocolate and like to make it when it's really cold outside.

I just took the test......I'm hot chocolate too!

Have a great weekend!

Gal Friday said...

You have me in the mood to either read or rent "Chocolat", after reading this blog todday! I guess I'll make a cup of Hot Chocolate for my daughter(she likes it with whipped cream on top)--and I'll have to follow your link to check out your friend's recipe, too(here at home, we make it out of one of those pouches in a box)
I know those wild days, too, with the foam from the waves! I drive by the ocean every day, too. Some days it is crazy(like your ocean today) and other days it is as calm as a lake.
Stay cozy with your cocoa, Protege!

Holly said...

Hey, I took your little quiz and I am hot chocolate too,...which shouldn't surprise me since it is my favorite drink on the planet. What a truly fun post!!

I didn't tell you yesterday that I was amazed by your picture tag. What a truly surreal and gorgous picture. It looks like it should be in a 'National Geographic.'

Zuzana said...

Diane, I love hot chocolate with marshmallows.;) It is not very common to serve it that way in Europe. But I got it often in the US.
Yes, I feel very lucky to be able to watch the ocean every day.;)

Donna, hope your weekend is lovely too; enjoy the snow, perhaps with a cup of something warm.;)

Tina, the type of climate and nature in the part of the US where you are is very similar to where I am at,I believe. So you understand the picture I paint of the sea well.;)
I love the movie you speak off! What a great idea; I think I will watch it again today.;)
Hope your weekend is great too.;))

Holly, thank you so much for the compliment on the picture! That is so kind of you.;) And I am glad you liked this post.;)
Happy to hear you "are" chocolate too; yes, that is the best drink in the winter season. In fact I am off to make myself a cup and to watch the movie Tina suggested.;)

Hazel Designs said...

I am a hot chocolate FIEND. I LOVE hot chocolate!

Your drive to work sounds lovely if you pass by the ocean every day! That sight sort of makes up for winter, it sounds like :)

Hilary said...

Oh you described that ocean so beautifully. How lucky for you to witness such a sight.

The quiz said that I was Champagne. Nothing could be further from the truth. I dislike Champagne completely!

Zuzana said...

Hazel, happy to meet another hot chocolate fan.;)
I love the sight of the ocean, I on purpose choose the drive that takes me by the sea everyday.;)

Hilary, I love the ocean, although I was born in the mountains.
Perhaps those quizzes are actually quiet accurate; you might be a Champagne, even though you do not like it.;) And what a wonderful drink to be! Sophisticated, fresh, classic and sparkling! I am envy!;)