January 20, 2009


Considering it is the a year of Astronomy, I find it quiet amusing that apparently a meteorite crashed into the Baltic Sea this past Saturday evening, about 300km (190 miles) southeast of where I live. The falling celestial object was seen by many witnesses, as it burned up on it's way through the atmosphere. Even video footage exists of this event, as the one below, taken in Southern Sweden.


~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

My first time to visit you so I will take some time and look around. Interesting things falling from the sky burning up old thought patterns making way for the new.

Stefania Morgante said...

I saw on Tv! very impressive!!!

Diane said...

I can't see the video but... COOL. And thank heavens (no pun intended) it landed in the sea! Well, maybe not for the fishies, eh?

Holly said...

WOW!!! You have some of the crazier experiences!! Very cool, that is probably a 'once in a lifetime'............

I love Chopin!!! :)

Melanie Gillispie said...

earthquakes, meteorites...what are you guys doing up there to warrent all this earthly and celestial business?

Mahmud Yussop said...

A welcome intruder from outer space, provided it doesn't crash over my roof!

Tom said...

That was cool! Over the years I've seen some odd things in the sky, bollides (meteors exploding in the atmosphere), re-entries of man-made objects and the usual shooting stars, but have yet to see a meteorite. They're more common than you'd think, but of course difficult to catch on camera!

The other day I came across a really good simulation of the effects of a giant asteroid hitting the earth - I should post the link one day. It had some inaccuracies but it was fun to watch, if a little disturbing.

Zuzana said...

Hello Ahrisha and welcome.;) I like your take on things, very contemplative and symbolic.;)
Thank you for stopping by.;)

Gofobardo, I agree, impressive is the word. I believe the clip was going around the world, luckily it ended up in the sea.;))

Diane, please get your video thingy fixed. Pretty please?:))
It is cool and you are so right, thanks heavens it plunged into the sea. Imagine if it was a few km off, it would have hit someone’s roof.;) No reports on the fishies, I will get back to you on that one.;)))

Holly, yes, it seems that Scandinavia is not boring after all.;) I grew up in that city where the camera was positioned, that recorded the event.;))
Happy you liked Chopin, very 80’s right?;)

Mel, that is good question.;) Wonder what else is in store for us in the future.;) What ever it will be, you will read about here.;))

Mahmud, so true!! I was to wondering what it would have been like if it hit someone roof. A thought I rather not pursue.;)))

Tom, I knew astronomer such as yourself would find this interesting. I would love to have seen a re-entry of a man made object. The only one I have seen is the shuttle. Does that count?;)
Pleas do post that clip you talk about; I would love to see it.;)