January 17, 2009

Saturday Shopping.

I like to shop. No, let me rephrase that, I LOVE to shop. I think all, or at least most girls, do. And women as well. They say, it comes from our past. The cave men were hunters and the cave women were gatherers. We gathered things. And that is exactly what we do today. I have female friends who enjoy walking around stores, not actually buying anything. Just looking. Turning everything around, trying things out. Walking from shop to shop comparing prices. This of course highly annoys their male companions and husbands. Men do not understand this kind of shopping. Well, we women do take their time. At least most of us do.

There is also the other kind of female shoppers, a category where I belong. I know what I want and when I see it, I buy it. My problem is that I tend to like A LOT of items. Clothes, perfumes, makeup, shoes, candle holders, small ornaments, decorations, you name it.;) I always seem to need more.
In recent years, I do no longer enjoy visiting stores and malls. They are overcrowded and I find the items too expensive. Furthermore, I rarely have the time or energy to be wandering for hours around the stores, like I used to when I was younger. No, today the best is to sit comfortably in front of my computer visiting online stores. I have a few favorite ones; anything from fashion to cosmetics, even decorations. I love browsing through their merchandise, sometimes for hours, while deciding what to purchase. And I love the feelings of expectation during the days while waiting for my packages to arrive.

The online stores have made my shopping so much easier and enjoyable. Last week I received all the new catalogs with the spring and summer fashions. It is so tempting to order new clothes around this time. Especially as the weather outside is so dark and gloomy. Today was therefore a perfect day to stroll around my favourite cyberspace shops. I really do enjoy sitting in front of my computer, in the comfort of my own home, with a cup of coffee while I shop-til-I-drop.;))
I do not think I have developed an addiction yet, but I do try to think things over a few times before I click the “buy” button .;)


Julie Hibbard said...

I HATE shopping. HATE it. I dread the mall, the market...everything. If I have to go buy something, I just go get THAT. I do not look around, I do not wonder what else might be out there.
I buy a lot on line because of this. I can Google, "black dress $40" and it will give me three to choose from. I choose the one that comes in my size and then 'buy'. Then I wear it for 10 years so that I don't have to buy another!!
Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I just missed that gene. It is TORTURE for me to have to go shop.

Diane said...

You know I'm not a shopper. But what I am is a catalog browser. I love catalogs! That's how I window shop. I prefer to shop online but not browse online... I just do research and price comparisons there. I do still like to wander around CERTAIN stores, though (in real life)... mostly home shops and Target :). And I do like to go into shops when I'm in a new place... I'm always on the lookout for a unique souvenir that will remind me of my trip.

Melanie Gillispie said...

On-line shopping is so much better than fighting all those people at the stores. Except that we're getting an IKEA in about 2 months and I'll be there pretty regularly, I think.

Holly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop. I would love to go shopping with you!!! I am lucky in that I really know what I like so that it is easy to pass up other things,...but sometimes, much like you, there is a little too much of what I like to choose from. :) I would be so content to sit with my slippers on and drink hot cocoa and Cyber/catalog shop til I drop with you!!! Someday my friend. :)

Diane, Target is truly my happy place!

I meant to tell you Protege about your last post that when I moved here to the desert one of the most intrigueing and bizarre things to me was a huge mass of acres of windmills that are just outside of Palm Springs. (About 40 minutes from my house.) I actually drive by them relatively often and I still just have to stare.

j. said...

I love this post. haha. I think Im a bit of both-- When Im in malls, I usually just browse but take me to a thrift store or vintage shop and I'll pretty much go on a spending spree.. haha..

I like online shopping too and I agree with you about the thrill of expectation-- hehe..

Oh.. and Ms. Protege-- I tagged you! again..



Hilary said...

Nope, not me. I don't hate shopping, but I rarely look forward to it. Online, even less so. There's just too much to see and too much to buy, and too little I can afford. Nope, not me.

Zuzana said...

Julie, I can see you really hate shopping with a passion.;) Perhaps this comes with age, as I don’t like to stroll around malls anymore, particularly not on my own. In a company I can still enjoy it. But I agree with you about the online shopping, it makes everything much easier.;)

Diane, catalogs rule! I agree.;)) They are easier to brows than online stores. I like the combination of both. I remember Target. I even got some cool cloths at K-Mart and Wall-Mart. My favorite by far was TJ-Maxx.:))

Mel, how exciting with IKEA;)) You know, my whole house is furnished by everything from IKEA! I love their stuff; it is modern, stylish and relatively inexpensive. The IKEA in my town is impossible to go to though; no matter when I go there, it is ALWAYS crowded.

Holly, finally a kindred spirit! Pheew, I almost though I was alone in this.;)) And right back at you, I would love to go shopping with you as well.;)) Yes, someday is the word!;))
In regards to the windmills; I recall once driving through California seeing hundreds oft them in a windmill park, it was awesome sight! And I have been once in Palm Springs in July 93, stayed there for a week. LOVED IT!! It was hot and dry. I remember lying around in the pool and looking at the mountains. And one evening there was this “hairdryer” wind; I will never eve forget it. It was so exotic. Lucky you living there.;)))

Ah Valentine, I KNEW you would agree with me too.;)) And vintage shops are my favorite!! To bad we have too few here in my city.
I LOVE tags!! Thank you; I am going to go over and check it out.;))

Hilary, so not you? Hmm, I bet if I took you shopping I would change your mind, I have a way of making people buy stuff.;)) And I can do it without making them spend too much, I promise.;))

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