January 22, 2009

A Picture Tag.

The wonderful, hip, stylish and cool Valentine has at this point realized that I love tags and she has tagged me again this past weekend.
Wonderful Valentine, please keep at it.;)
It is a picture tag and I love those.

For those of you who feel like being tagged by me, please feel free to play along.;)
The rules are simple;

Post the 4th picture in your 4th folder and explain it, plus tag 4 people to do the same.

I have already posted my 4th of the 4th and even 5th of the 5th. But considering this was a while ago, my picture folder content has somewhat changed and so 4th of 4th is now a different photo all together:

Very appropriately, the folder is labeled "January 2006" and was taken almost exactly 3 years ago, when we got hit by a very bad ice-storm. It was so bad, that the pebbled driveway in front of my house was completely fused with the tires of my car, making it impossible for me to drive to work or anywhere, for that matter. I recall the eerie silence, as most people were confined to their homes and there were no cars on the nearby road. One could only hear the chimes of the ice-covered branches as they were moved by the very weak wind. However, it made for some amazing pictures.

The winter of 2006 was one of the most icy and snowy that I can recall from my years living in Denmark. Even in March, the landscape was still covered in deep snow. That year, long into the spring, one could find ice in places with permafrost.


Hilary said...

Oh that so beautiful! And I love the way you described the sounds of the icy branches chiming. Perfect!

Diane said...

I hate ice storms but I love ice storm photos! That's beautiful!

Michelle H. said...

A beautiful picture tag. Sends shivers down my arms in delight. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

I remember that winter. Bergen, Norway, got snow in the middle of February, about four inches, and it stayed till the end of March. It didn't melt and no more snow came. Just the same four inches sitting there under clear skies for six weeks straight. Very weird. But it did help everyone's mood to have six straight weeks of sunshine. :-)

PS: I felt tagged so I have now posted about what I found in my fourth folder. :-)

Unknown said...

Excellent work,my pleasure is read your blog

Melanie Gillispie said...

I love the way ice looks on bare tree branches. We got snow this week! The first time in about 4 years!

Zuzana said...

Hilary, I was thinking that you would have loved to be walking in that icy landscape, taking those beautiful pictures you take. Much better than mine.;) Thanks for your always wonderful comments.;)

Diane, I hate ice storm very much as well. I remember that they were very bad in NC, sometimes the whole car was covered with ice.:) Thank you for the compliment on the picture, however the nature did most of the work.;))

Michelle, wow, I like that.;) I hope they are shivers of the “good kind”.;)Hope your Friday is great and that you feel less tired.;)) At least weekend is just around the corner.;)

Keera, that is why it is so fun when you stop by as you, being in Norway, can relate so much to what I write.
I am so happy you accepted that volunteer invitation to be tagged; I am excited to see your 4th of the 4th.;))

Marcelo, thank you for your kind words and thank you for stopping by.;)

Mel, congratulations on the snow! Are people hurrying to the stores buying bread and water? I recall that is how it was when snow fell in Durham.;))
Enjoy it while it lasts.;))

j. said...

Hahaha! I shant let you down-- after all-- I love people who love tags. :-) Plus, I was super interested about what photo you'd be posting as the ones you put up on your blog (especially the winter scenes) have always fascinated me.. For good reason-- the closest Ive gotten to snow is through a giant freezer made to look like winter wonterland. hahaha.