January 27, 2009

The Run Of Wild Horses.

When I was young, I was crazy about horses. I was one of those mad girls that would do anything to be able to ride. I pursued this interest with a strong passion of a young girl, one that I today miss and even envy.
It took months of persuasion until my mother allowed me to ride. As any parent, she was worried about me, but finally gave in.

We all have recollections of complete and ultimate happiness. Those moments in time, when world stands still and we are simply happy. When this emotion consumes us and overtakes us entirely. Those are rare occasions in life and can be easily counted with fingers of one hand.
Being on a horseback was one of those moments for me. The sense of freedom, the feeling of speed, the loss of control, yet simultaneously, the overwhelming feeling of being in charge of an impressive animal, were all enthralling.

Unfortunately, I only got to ride for a short period of my youth, as more important things, such as school, took over my time.
But I never forgot horses. I drew and painted them as often as I could. The essence of speed and the symbol of ultimate freedom in their motion were an incredible inspiration, which I longed to capture on canvas. I always loved when my paintings depicted movement.

Here is an example of one of those paintings, on display in my guest bedroom. I left it unframed, to accentuate the wild run of the spirited animals.


Mahmud Yussop said...

A painting well done. I could imagine that the horses are charging at me.I have the same feeling you described when I first learnt to keep the bicycle moving on two wheels with me riding it when I was about ten years old( 1956!)that gave me lots of self confidence and much happiness.

Hilary said...

Wow.. that's gorgeous. I had no idea (and yet I'm not at all surprised) that you are this talented.

I too, love horses and used to collect horse figurines as a child. I tried to draw them all the time too. I've never ridden much, but neither would I ever turn down the opportunity to climb up on one of those beauties.

I'm envious of my neighbour/friend who exercises horses for Toronto's Woodbine Raceway. She tends to beautiful, high-spirited horses every day for several months of the year.

Gal Friday said...

I am not a horse person at all, but can appreciate their beauty. In the latest National Geographic magazine, there was an article about the wild horses of the American west:
Your painting made me think of it.
(I can just hear the thundering hooves of the herd of horses in your painting)

Gal Friday said...

I just reread your blog--you PAINTED the horses??
I am impressed with the way you showed the water and movement of the horses themselves..(clicked on the photo to enlarge it--much better viewing that way)

Diane said...

I told you... heart and soul (and talent) of an artist :)

I'm planning to take Ryan to Chincoteague this spring/summer to camp where the wild ponies are. I can't wait!

Michelle H. said...

Beautiful painting. I had the same desire as a child. A friend of mine owned horses and she allowed me to ride on a pony. Completely scared me being up so high. lol!

Holly said...

WOW!!! I am so impressed with this painting. The detail and movement are so believable. I love that you stuck to such a monochromatic color scheme, yet there is so much contrast. I have always made art. In fact I studied art as my major during part of the time that I spent at the University of Utah, and I can honestly say that I could never create a piece like this. I am just not capable of loosening up enough to literally make the painting move.

This painting shows that you have real passion for the subject matter.

Julie Hibbard said...

I LOVE those rare and coveted minutes of HAPPY. I have often called them "Eiffel Tower Moments" because I remember feeling that intense HAPPY feeling as I was standing looking at the Eiffel Tower.
I have only had a few of those since them...but they are DAMN nice!
You are an amazing artist! Is there anything you CAN'T do?

Melanie Gillispie said...

You painted that? Wow! I'm really impressed!

I only road a horse once, and it was with someone else. I would love to take lessons sometime.

Betsy Brock said...

You have talent! Please show us more paintings! :) Horses are gorgeous animals, aren't they? I love the way they are running in the water in your painting...just beautiful!

Zuzana said...

=Mahmud, I know you are an artist yourself, so your compliment is highly appreciated. Ah, I remember learning to ride a bicycle, it was more of a challenged that I overcame though. It is always fun to remember moments of happiness from our childhood and youth.;))

=Hilary, thank you so much! I am not that good actually. Experts have told me that I am not, or I would have studied art.
I agree with you about the beauty of these animals. The last time I rode was in Puerto Rico on a pristine beach – it is a memory of a lifetime, I will never forget it. It was close to dusk and the sky in the horizon was dark due to an approaching storm. We rode in the water and I felt very free. The last time for a very long time that followed.;)

=Tina, I have to check out hat link in NG, thank you so much. Your comments are always very thoughtful.;)
And thank you so much for those wonderful words; glad you like the painting. It means a lot coming from some one who knows art well.;)

=Diane, no one has ever described me so eloquently in one sentence as you did in that post of yours.;) You know I am greatly flattered.
I also remember there were wild horses somewhere on an island out of North Carolina. It was a special place as they were kind of isolated on the small island and could not leave.
Hope you and Ryan will have fun.;)

=Michelle, yes, they can be a bit big at times. To be honest, I am more cautious around them now when I am an adult; I used to approach them without the slightest fear as a child.
Thank you for the compliment on the painting.;) And congratulations again on your recent success!;))

=Holly, you are always so kind to me! Wonderful that you studied art; I bet you could paint this as well, the painting is not really that good. Some of the horses are a bit off.;) But I guess the magic lies in imperfection, at least that is what I am telling myself.;)
And yes, you are right, horses are my passion.;))

=Julie, I love that expression! “Eiffel Tower Moments”! I have to remember that!!
Thank you for your wonderful comment.
And yes, there is PLENTY that I cannot do, nor enjoying doing. Such as cooking.;))

=Mel, thank you. But it is really not that good.;)
Try to ride again, I know it is popular in NC, I once rented a horse for 2h and rode in the forests around Durham. It was amazing (and very inexpensive).;))

=Betsy, you are way too kind! I will be happy to post more pictures; I am flattered you show interest in them.;))
I am happy you too enjoy the motion in the picture, as that is what I was trying to capture.;)

Gal Friday said...

You wrote,
"the magic lies in imperfection"

You said it..perfectly! ;-) I find art and everything else in life that is a little imperfect always more interesting and true...

Zuzana said...

Tina, I could not agree more, perfection seems lifeless at times.;)
That is why I like the imperfect sound of old music tapes or LP's.
That is why old, imperfect houses are charming.
And that is why certain flaws in personality make someone real and very appealing.
Thank you for bringing more significance to those few words.;))