March 20, 2010

Crossing The Vernal Equinox.

While everything around me seem to be waking up from its months long slumber, I too feel invigorated from my short, but vital time of rest. It was not a complete physical rest, although I certainly would wish for one very soon, still it felt beneficial to keep my thinking occupied with other matters than the inspiration to prose composing. At times, it is wonderful to fuel our perception with fresh images and thoughts, without having to feel the need to put them down in writing.

Winter is now truly departing. Although it takes it's time and will most likely leave us in a dust of snow as it hits the road, the point of no return has been reached.
Spring has crossed the doorstep and with it, the Vernal Equinox brought the warmth of the renewed daylight, signifying the absolute end of the reign of winter nights and thus the true beginning of a new season.

The winter landscape, that just a week ago displayed the last traces of snow has vanished. It is almost surreal to see the exposed, frost burned grass and it feels utterly strange to be stepping on a snow free ground. However, a welcomed spring rain drenched the nature with the vital fluid of life, getting it ready to renew itself. Soon the yellow and dry will turn into juicy green.

As the sunlight returns to dominate our days, I look forward to see my garden come to life once again. The coldest winter in fifteen years has slowed down this progress somewhat, but perhaps this will only extend our joy as nature gradually brings back the first green hue mixed with colours of the first bloom.

(Please, click the below image to enlarge.)


Keera Ann Fox said...

I feel I should say welcome back to both you and spring! :-)

Blogaire said...

We missed your always-so-informative blog Zuzana, so welcome back - hope you had a nice break.
The March Equinox is very important in many parts of the world. My friend Abhi from India is Zoroastrian - an ancient Persian religion, and they celebrate Nowruz or New Year today.

Sandy said...

Glad you are back on line Zuzana - I missed you! Your photo collages are so lovely and I like how you add the pretty script. I'm sitting out on our screened in porch as I type this listening to the birds singing up a storm. I hear a lawn mower in the background - someone is mowing their lawn already. I'm waiting for hubby to return howe for lunch. It's just beautiful here today. I hope your day is wonderful.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

S. Susan Deborah said...

Welcome back dear Zuzana. You were fervently missed. Blogland seemed short of some colour. So glad that you are here again to post lovely snapshots from your part of the world.


Joy always,

Elizabeth said...

Welcome back Sweetie.

Have a lovely saturday evening.

xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Your mosaic today is gorgeous, Zuzana!

It snowed another 8" here overnight, but I saw 3 mountain bluebirds in a meadow two days ago! Yay! The first sign of Spring!

Wishing you a very lovely weekend, dear friend!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Well, nice to see you my dear Zuzana! Hugs and kisses. Because you love art, have a look here NIKOLAIDES

david santos said...

Dear Protege!
Great and very nice posting. I loved this work and this space. have a nice weekend.

tony said...

(Me Being A Simple Soul) It Always Amazes Me That The Earth 'Remembers' To Grow Again.It Has Everything In The Correct Place & Ready. Mother Nature Has A Much Better Memory Than Me!

Brian Miller said...

welcome back! have missed your posts...spring is definitely here...i have been on the road all day myself but..has been nice. wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Welcome back!! I know that you love this time of year because you anticipate summer like a child looks forward to Christmas. :) It makes me smile to think of you watching the blossoms come out.

All though I live in an environment where it never really feels like winter, I too have spring fever. Funny, huh? I am counting down the weeks until the kids get out of school hoping to have some sort of break in the endless running around and taxi-ing that goes on in our abode. The phrase "lazy days of summer" has taken on a whole new, coveted eaning for me. :)

Your pictures are nothing short of amazing!!

Unknown said...

hate it when that happens.:):) That last comment was me (Holly) logged on under my sons account. ppfffhhtt!!

Donna said...

Spring is truly in the air! Lovely photos.

Welcome back!


Margie said...

A most warm welcome back to you dear Zuzana!
Lovely pictures!
Spring is defintely in the air there but not here yet as we got a bunch of snow yesterday.
But it was the most beautiful suuny day here & I do love the snow so I'm just enjoying it!

Have a lovely weekend my friend!

Margie :)

Unknown said...

I know what you mean. I am so glad Spring is here, even though we are getting a touch of snow this weekend. but temps have been great and full sun every day!! yeah!!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Welcome SPRING!!! I am absolutely exhilarated!

We worked outside for several hours today and it was LIFE-giving!

Hope you had a good Saturday Zuzana.

sprinkles said...

Welcome back! Even though I was sick and wasn't around the virtual world as much as usual, I did miss you and your posts!

And a BIG welcome back to spring! It was a nice day out today. I let my little dogs out and as I waited for them to come back in, I couldn't help but notice how long and green my grass has gotten. Another week or two and it will be time to mow the grass!

Rajesh said...

Spectacular shots. Spring will give us the warm days and beautiful flowers back again.

Daniel Dragomirescu said...

Interesting, nice and... so feminin.
Daniel D. Peaceman, writer and editor

Mike Minzes said...

Thank Gos Spring has sprung!

Nessa said...

i am glad your rest rejuvenated. i love "juicy green." perfect.

Shadow Shot Sunday 160 - Home

Kath said...

Welcome back my lovely, the clocks go forward here in England next weekend, so we will have more evening light. Love your collage, very seasonal and colourful.


yes, wonderful to have you back, zuzana - you were missed - and here we are, with spring having sprung - hope and promise coming with it - and all the beauty of things green and yellow and orange with whiffs of dogwood and daffodils!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

And such beautiful images to feed the soul! I love are a poet...whether you express yourself through prose or photography! You speak to the soul! Such a beautiful post! ~Janine XO

Cheryl Kohan said...

All of the photographs in the collage are just wonderful but I think my favorites are the picture of the dew on the branches and the one at the bottom right corner which is some sort of bulb breaking through the soil. They look like I could just reach out and touch them.

Anonymous said...

This truly is a sign that Spring has taken over and its sun has taken the cold away from winter's breath. Great post. I too am so looking forward to those sunny warm days! :) The Bach

Hilary said...

Wow.. you have a lot of growth happening there. We're seeing sprouts of green and miniscule buds on trees here, but no colour just yet. I have been noticing how soft and yielding the ground is when I walk now.. rather than crunchy and hard. Welcome back! :)

Zuzana said...

Keera, Blogaire, Sandy, Susan, Elizabeth, Zuzu, Philip, david (welcome), tony, Brian, Holly (your nick made me smile;), Donna, Margie, Doreen, Jill, sprinkles, Rajesh, Daniel (welcome), Realliveman, Nessa, Kath, Gypsiwoman, Janine, Cheryl, The Bach and Hilary – thank you all for your warm words of welcome and your kind words on this post, regarding my writing and photographs.

I love this time of the year and I guess that is reflected in my sentences.

Your lovely comments are always making me smile and warm my heart; thank you all for stopping by.


Claus said...

Your Spring looks like our Autumn!! :-o how odd!! I got that feeling as soon as I took a look at hat wonderful collage. I am glad, though, that some color is about to pop out all around. The anticipation must be great!
welcome back dear friend! I hope you had a nice break.
have a lovely day!

Zuzana said...

Claudia, thank you dear friend for your lovely comment, sorry for my very late reply.;) Amazing that you think our spring looks like your autumn, yet in a way I think i can understand that.;) Always so very happy when you visit.