December 19, 2008

Snow Barometer.

Every year the Danes are with excitement preparing for Christmas and every year there are numerous polls, forecasts and prediction on television, in the newspapers and on the net, whether the Christmas this year will be white. And of course, here in Scandinavia, as everywhere else, we all want snow for Christmas. But we almost never get it. It is a common misconception thinking that there is snow all over Scandinavia, as often it is not. Denmark, thanks to the Gulf stream is in the temperate zone climate, meaning that the winters are not particularly cold, but very wet and very windy. With that said, we do get hit by snowstorms occasionally and even ice storms. Mainly in February and even March, exactly at the time when everyone is ready for spring. These are the never ending months.
This year, just like every year, there is the Snow Barometer counting down its prediction for "White Christmas", by showing the probability for such a Christmas in percent (right now it is 5% chance). As explained on the site, a Christmas to be called white has to be "country covering", which means there has to be snow covering the whole of Denmark. This happens rarely, about every 15 years. The last one was in 1995, meaning the chances are increasing, but we are not there yet. Partly white Christmas occurs apparently every 6 years, therefore with a bit of luck, some parts of Denmark can be looking forward to snow covered surroundings, comes Christmas Eve.


Keera Ann Fox said...

We who live in Bergen, Norway, are only half-joking when we say we get the same weather on Christmas Eve as we do on Midsummer's Eve: 11 Celsius and rain.

We're hoping for a white Christmas, too, this year, and our meteorologists are saying we will get it.

MsTypo said...

I miss the white christmases of my childhood. The last few years we lived in N.America there didn't seem to be any snow for xmas. It was sad.

Diane said...

I think I've only ever had one white Christmas. Ryan's itching for one, but I expect all she's going to get is mud. It's done nothing but rain on and off for a couple of weeks. Oh well.

j. said...

Ive never had a white Christmas so I wouldnt really know how awesome this must be.The closest thing I ever got to snow was during one of those-- freezer type museums of ice sculptures complete with a snow slide. (lol)

Nonetheless, Im keeping my fingers crossed for a white christmas on your side of the lawn. :-) (because if that happens here, then there mst be something really really wrong.. haha)



Michelle H. said...

A white Christmas . . . we had one almost every year when I was young. Heck, we sometimes would have a white Thanksgiving in the Northern United States. Now, we are lucky to get a few flakes by March. We have had too many warm winters for the past 6 years.

I suppose it is a misconception. When I found out you lived in Scandinavia, I was sure you had snow and cold temperatures all the time. Now I know better!

Zuzana said...

Keera, I know exactly what you mean; at times it feels this way in Denmark; a never-ending autumn all year long.
Happy to hear that you are getting snow this Christmas though! Here it looks like green Christmas again this year. In any case, I hope yours will be wonderful.;)

Cairo, it is the same here. The snow comes much later than it used too. Sometimes first in March, when all we want is spring.;)

Diane, I agree and recognize it; since I came to Denmark, now almost 10 years ago, I only remember one year there being snow, and it came actually first around the 27th December. This year looks bleak, so mud for us as well.;)

Valentine, you live in a very exotic place! It must be strange though to not have any snow ever.;) But, the way the weather is today (storm, cold and rain) I would trade with you in a minute.;) Hope you will have a lovely Christmas!;)

Michelle, it is as if you were reading my mind, the same here. As a child, although I grew up in central Europe, we ALWAYS had snow came December. Sometimes November through February there ground would be covered. Even after moving to Scandinavia, I remember much more snow here. Now, it is all shifted somehow. The real cold comes first in February –March, sometimes it can even snow in April and then I REALLY get depressed.;)

Gal Friday said...

We have the moderating influence of the ocean(I live on the coast of the North Atlantic) and the Gulf Stream, too. So, similar to you in Denmark, we often get cold rain rather than snow in winter(which is rather dismal). Right now, we DO have snow and ice covering the ground, but it will melt just in time for an "unwhite" Christmas just like always.
Thanks very much for visiting my blog and I hope you don't mind if I come back here when I have more free time and read more of your blog, as well.

Zuzana said...

Gal Friday (love that nick;), thank you for your visit! Yes, isn’t it just annoying that the snow is never around when you want it and when you just have had it with winter, it keeps snowing and being cold.;))
I really enjoyed your blog as well; please, please do come back, I do not mind the least!;)) It will me only make me happy; I will likewise return to your place as well.
Have a really lovely Christmas.:))