December 14, 2008

Romantic Christmas.

My blog friend Hazel recently stated she feels old. Well, I have to say, that she is probably not feeling as old as I have done this past weekend. I am still recovering from a Christmas party held on Friday night at work. This just shows that I can simply no longer party as I used to.;)
So, this Sunday, on the 3d of Advent, I am sitting all curled up with hot chocolate, cookies and pile of happy, romantic, sugar sweet Christmas movies and of course a box of Kleenex.;)) And of course, the Batcat.
Here is my top 5 most romantic Christmas movies to watch, to all of you that find themselves with a pounding headache on those "after the party" days.;)

1.The Holiday
Starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, as two successful women who trade their houses for Christmas Holidays in order to get over their broken hearts. Wonderfully romantic and sweet, very well made and with a perfect cast. I have to say it is much better than "Tara Road", a movie built on the same story.

2.The Family Stone
I always cry my eyes out watching this movie. A story depicted with humor but with very serious undertones, dealing with the grave issues and the dysfunction, which is evident, to some extend, in every family, especially around the holidays. I love this movie, as one can recognize so well the aspect of some of the problems. Yet in the end one can not help but realize that family is all that matters.

3. Serendipity
I can watch this movie over and over again; not one scene is boring. I have always loved Kate Beckinsale and she is perfect in this movie, as is John Cusack. Wonderful and so romantic film made for all of us that believe in magic and true love.

4. While you were sleeping
I love this movie, as it is a Cinderella story for grownups. I so identified with Sandra Bullock in this movie and always have. I watch this movie every Christmas, almost as a tradition.

5.Love Actually

This movie only gets better with time. I love that kind of English humor and I love that the movie consist of different stories, but they are all connected. Although naive and at times quiet unreal, it is still a wonderful movie to watch and packed with star actors. If for nothing else, at least for that touching opening scene at the airport, where it becomes obvious that all we really need, is love.


MsTypo said...

I love "The Holiday." Ok mostly i love the Kate Winslet parts. The affection between her and Jack Black seems so sincere and i love the subplot with the old guy. *happy sigh*

Hilary said...

I've never seen any of these. I'll have to get a girlfriend or two to come over and rent them. Or maybe just me. I'll have to remember the cookies and hot chocolate too. Great idea! ;)

Betsy Brock said...

Sounds like the perfect recovery day! :) Enjoy the movies..and cookies!

Donna said...

I love The Holiday, Serendipity, and While You Were Out! Isn't is just wonderful to curl up and enjoy an evening of girly movies!
I'll have to check out the other two.


Diane said...

Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever :)

Holly said...

Would you believe that I have never seen 'The Family Stone'? I know, it's down right blasphemous! But, other than that you have literally just named my 4 most favorite Christmas movies of all time. In fact,...I think that they are 4 of my favorite movies Christmas or not. Great Minds...... :)

G said...

Oh I love "The Holiday" and "While you were Sleeping" is one of my favourite of all time, Bill Pullman being a secret boyfriend of mine! I just found out that a colleague and I share a bunch of secret boyfriends: Chris Cooper, David Strathairn and of course Bill Pullman. We decided we share great taste. I love Sandra Bullock in that movie too - she's so endearing! Hope you had a lovely movie fest... :)

Hazel Designs said...

HA! Still feeling old...but I hope you are recovering from your wild party ;)

I've wanted to see The Holiday but have not gotten a chance to - I think now is the perfect time! Thanks for the reminder...

Melanie Gillispie said...

I love all of these movies. Diane and I went to see Love Actually I had to watch The Holiday twice because the first time I was really distracted by Jude Law because in that movie he looked just like my father when he was young, especially when he wore his glasses!

Zuzana said...

Cairo, I agree, Kate was excellent and I love the way the movie managed to be light, yet sincere and so romantic, without becoming too silly.;)

Hilary, you have to see the movies; and it is perfect to see it with your girlfriends.;) The cookies and chocolate will definitely be a lovely addition.:)

Betsy, yes I seem to have fully recovered, thank you so much! And the movies were as romantic as I remember.;)

Donna, those are my favourite ones as well. Please check the rest of the movies out, they are all wonderful!:)

Diane, I agree, perfect British humour, particularly the Hugh Grant dance.;))

Holly, I know we think alike, have known that for a while actually.;)
You will love "The Stone Family"; please pick it up during the holidays. It is sad and funny at the same time, so make sure you have lots of tissue papers ready.;)

G, Bill Pullman has that boyish charm and I love the shyness that makes him so attractive in this movie. And all your other secret boyfriends are very handsome too!;) And yes, my Sunday movie watching was absolutely lovely, just what I needed.;)

Hazel, you will love The Holiday, it has everything a woman finds romantic. And thank you, I have recovered, but lets face it, I am not getting any younger.;)

Mel, I bet you and Diane had a blast seeing that movie. Your father looked like Jude Law?! OMG, that is some wonderful genes you are carrying. And I think that shows.;))

Mahmud Yussop said...

I must say I have not seen any of these yet. OK, so I'll try to grab 'The Holiday' first and slowly upgrade :)

Michelle H. said...

I have to agree with a lot of people here. I haven't seen any of these, although I have "heard" of them before. I have never been one who gets into romance movies. I'm more of an action-suspense type girl.

Zuzana said...

Mahmud, I think you might enjoy The Holiday, even though I think it is mainly a "girly" movie. But then again, even men can appreciate movies about love.;)

Ah Michelle, you need romance in your life, give it a try.;) Just from time to time.;)
I better get into my CD collection and find some recommendations for you in the comedy-suspense genre then.;) Will get back to you on that one.;)