December 07, 2008

"With Every Christmas Card I write..."

Another tradition day in my white house on the hill is on the 2nd of Advent, which is today. As soon as it gets dark, I lit the candles and my fireplace. In North Carolina I would drink some eggnog, but that I cannot purchase here, so I settle for a glass of hot spicy red vine (gløgg) and write Christmas cards while listening to my favorite Christmas music. Ok, I know this sounds so corny, please do not hate me, but I truly enjoy this little tradition of mine. And yes, I am one of those people who still write cards, even in the age of Internet and emails. I personally love receiving cards and I will never stop writing them. I appreciate that someone takes the time to sit down and writes me a few lines, wishing me wonderful holidays. I usually take this opportunity to write to friends and family, who I have not spoken with for a while, letting them know that despite the distance, they are in my thoughts.


Diane said...

For years I did hugely elaborate, handmade cards with a photo of Ryan on the front and a long letter inside. I sent about 70 out, and with postage overseas, they cost me about $150 every Christmas. Needless to say, I think this year I'll be doing the whole Bloggy-Christmas card thing!

Michelle H. said...

I think it's wonderful to receive a card in the mail. It shows that personal touch during such a busy holiday season.

Melanie Gillispie said...

I think that's beautiful, not corny! I wish I had the gumption to write Christmas cards still.

Mahmud Yussop said...

I like to receive cards that are handwritten,signed and dated. They seem very authentic,truthful and friendly.Gee, you're doing the most sensible thing.

Zuzana said...

Aw, Diane, I can understand that you do not feel like writing that many cards. Do you really know that many people? Wow…Perhaps you can choose just a few to send real cards to.;))

Michelle, I agree. I always receive less cards than I send, still, I keep sending to everyone nevertheless, as I know they are most likely very happy when they receive a card from me.;)

Mel, happy to hear you like my tradition.:) I bet I could persuade you to write a few.;)

Mahmud, that was a very nice comment. I agree with you, there is nothing more personal than a handwritten letter or a card. Thank you for thinking me sensible.;))

Hilary said...

Traditions are what makes us look forward to every part of the year. I've dropped many since my kids have mostly grown, but some new ones are also born out of change.

Your friends and family are so blessed to have you. As are your bloggie buddies. I consider myself very lucky to have connected with you. :)

. said...

It is a lovely feeling to send and receive cards. I love the image of you sitting with your glogg and Christmas music writing out your cards! Making this a complete activity is a wonderful way to enjoy and appreciate the entire process.

You seem to take such pleasure in living, and you make everything very special. What a joyous way to live this life!! :)

Donna said...

I so agree ~ sitting down and writing Christmas cards is one of my favorite things to do.

Zuzana said...

Hilary, what a wonderful comment, so full of sentiments that I share as well; traditions, whether old or new, make everything more familiar and worthwhile.
The connection goes both ways; as I said before, I would love nothing more than accompany you on those walks you take with Ben; we would have much to talk about.;)

Belle, you are so sweet and so honest and sensitive. Do not ever loose that side of your self. Yes, you have completely understood that I enjoy life and everything it brings and consider myself lucky to just be here. Thank you for that lovely comment, I always enjoy when you stop by.;)

Donna somehow I knew you would love writing Christmas cards too, judging from the wonderful pictures on your blog.;)

annewalker said...

Yes, sending cards to my loved ones on holiday is one of my "must-done" tradition during Christmas day. Though it may give me some hassle buying cards and writing christmas card messages due to my work, it's all worth it.

Happy holidays, everyone.
Anne Walker