December 17, 2008

For The Lonely And The Sad...

Christmas. The word in Slovak is "Vianoce" and in Swedish "Jul". In all these languages, the word evokes emotions of happiness, peace, love and joy in me. I have kept those feelings to this day and for that I am grateful.

I remember the sensation so well, the one that encompassed my whole being when I was a little girl and I awoke on the morning of Christmas Eve. This was the day in my childhood, when Christmas was celebrated with traditional dinner in the evening, followed by opening of presents under the tree. I recall the feeling of ultimate happiness and excitement. Sorrow and sadness were absent and foreign. I felt safe and loved. Christmas Eve was one of those occasions when the unconditional affection of my parents and my sister and the joy of being with my family grew more evident than ever.

I must have been in my late teens when I first became aware of the fact that many perceived this time as a sad time. This revelation developed into more than a fact a few years later as a result of listening to a song that was played on the radio one winter, long time ago. It was a Swedish song entitled “For the lonely ones…”, a beautiful melancholic piece. I was stunned and in disbelieve and I remember clearly the lack of comprehension in regards to the text. Indeed it was so beyond belief to me that someone could be sad at this wonderful time of the year, that I dismissed it from my mind and decided not to preoccupy myself with something I clearly did not understand, nor was I ever going to experience.

Today I am feel incredibly blessed by the fact that I really never needed to experience this. Life has - so far - indeed spared me heartaches and sorrows which would have forced me to live the sentiments of the lyrics I heard as a teenager. Over the years, I have more than fully gained a true comprehension of the text and developed a compassion for others that were not as lucky as me. Those to whom the holiday season means loneliness and poverty; whether the shortage is monetary or emotional.

I would like to, with all my heart, dedicate this post to everyone out there, whose Christmas is sad and lonely, whose heart is breaking and who cannot find comfort in the company of family or friends. To those, whose painful memories makes this a difficult time and to those, whose loved ones are far away or not around anymore. To those, who have the wish, but not the means to be able to give gifts or to provide a Christmas of their dreams. My wishes go to all of you, who the song I once heard long time ago, was about. May you have a Merry Christmas despite it all and may you find a moment of light in the darkness. May a kind word or an act of compassion disperse the feelings of hopelessness and despair for just a moment.
May you encounter love and joy, which is so representative of the season.

Chorus from "Till de ensamma" (by Mauro Scocco)

Det här är en sång för alla dom,
som aldrig hittat nån att dela sin glädje och sorg med.
En sång för alla dom,
som inte kommer hem till nångon som frågar hur det är.
Den här sången är till dom...

Chorus from "For the lonely ones" (by Mauro Scocco)

This song is for all those,
that never found someone to share their joy and their sorrow with.
A song for all those,
that have no one who cares, to come home to.
This song is for those...


Diane said...

You made me cry... sniff. Lovely, as always.

MsTypo said...

That was really lovely. :)

"May you find a moment of light in the darkness."

Holly said...

This was a really lovely, heartfelt post. I am really glad for you that you have never experienced such alone-ness.

Speaking of...Will there be any hansome Irish-men gracing your Holiday festivities?? :)

Michelle H. said...

You made me all teary-eyed. The only thing I can say is great post.

Hazel Designs said...

I agree, definitely a lovely, thoughtful post.

. said...

You are a sweet soul.
Sending you love this holiday season!

Zuzana said...

Diane, thank you. Sorry for the tears.;)

Cairo, thank you very much, I am happy you keep stopping by.;)

Holly, thank you for your kind words.
And yes, one particular Irishman will be arriving to usher in the New Year with me.;)

Michelle, thank you; that means a lot coming from you.;)

Hazel, thank you, you know I love when you stop by.:))

Belle; right back at you! You are so sweat and sincere and I hope your Holidays will be lovely.;)

Hilary said...

What a sweet, kind gesture. Evidence of the lovely person that is you.

Zuzana said...

Ah Hilary, thank you; and right back at you.;)))