December 27, 2008

Happy Continuation.

In Sweden, the days between the 27th December and New Years Eve are called the "in between days". Everyone there knows this term. The stores are open starting today with the "in between days sales", where all the Christmas merchandise and likewise the winter clothes collections is being sold to incredible prices. This also means the return and exchange of the Christmas gifts. It is also common to be greeting friends and acquaintances with a "Happy Continuation" greeting, which is used from now on until mid January. The meaning until New Years Eve is a wish of a good continuation of the Christmas Holidays, while after New Years it means simply "Happy New Year".

In Denmark though the greeting is not a custom at all. The big sales in stores start first after New Year and no one talks about "the in between days". Although the two countries lie in close proximity, their customs differ slightly.

My Christmas was spend in my house with very good old friends of mine, where the culinary traditions of Denmark and Slovakia were mixed. Weather vise, this Christmas was again "green", no snow to speak off at all. Christmas Eve was though sunny and clear and yesterday was one of the most beautiful winter days on record. Sunny, clear and bitterly cold. However completely wind still. We took a drive in the north part of the country, visiting an unusual peninsula. A strip of land stretching out into the sea, with wide, rocky beaches. A favorite spot for many locals, with a still functioning Lighthouse offered a breathtaking view of a very early, afternoon winter sunset over a turquoise coloured sea, which I managed to capture on film (please click on images to enlarge). Days like this one remind me how much I like the rugged, pristine and pure beauty of the north and reinforce my love for Scandinavian nature.
Happy Continuation Everyone!;)


Tom said...

Those last two photos are stunning! They could have been shot here - well, not today, but they look like Hawaii sunset shots!

Have a happy continuation!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Norwegians have a term for the continuation days: romjul. But we have no greeting specific to those in-between days. However, there is a custom in connection with New Year's: You say "thanks for the old" (the year that has passed) before New Year's, and don't necessarily greet "Happy New Year" until it is the new year, and then you may encounter those who say "Happy year", especially after the year is a couple of days old. (Took this foreigner several new years to work out when to drop the "new" part.)

So there's a lot of "takk for det gamle" being said during "romjul".

Mahmud Yussop said...

Very impressive shots .Picture perfect. I can feel that the expanse of beauty can really make my spirits roam the landscape.Happy continuation!

Gal Friday said...

Seems like you were given the gift of nature's beauty for Christmas. The landscapes are (and your photos) are stunning, and what a nice way to spend Christmas. In years past, my husband and daughter and I have taken a Christmas Day walk on the beach, but couldn't this year because we had guests.
I like learning all about the Swedish customs from your blog--I had never heard of "dipping" and "continuation" day before.

Michelle H. said...

Even without the snow, the scenes are breathtaking! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy Continuation to you! :)

Diane said...

Just what I wanted for Christmas... a continuation of Christmas ;). I like these in-between days, actually. The worst is over and there's the anticipation of a better year ahead... and time to get organized and sorted before it starts.

So, happy in-between days to you!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

Holly said...

I am so glad for you that you enjoyed beautiful weather for your holiday, and spent time with your dearest friends. Those are gorgous pictures.

I did not recieve your e-mail. I probably gave my address out wrong. I will send you one soon, and we can see if that works out.

Happy Continuation!! Another lovely tradition.

Hazel Designs said...

Interesting - I've never heard of Happy Continuation, but it's great! I love it! Here, I just say Happy New Year to everyone, from now until probably the end of January or so.

That peninsula is absolutely lovely.

And we didn't get any snow on Christmas, either!

Zuzana said...

Tom, thank you, glad you like the pictures.;) Indeed, it is odd, if one would not know these are taken in the North, they could have just as well been taken of a tropical sunset.;)

Keera, I had no idea you had a term like that. I have never heard of it. The Norwegian traditions are quiet different from the Danish and the Swedish. It is always fun for me to hear what the neighboring countries are up to. Thank you for that interesting piece of information.;)
Happy “romjul” to you.;))

Thank you Mahmud, likewise to you. Hope your “in between days” are good.;))

Gal Friday, what a nice tradition to take walks with your family. Hopefully you get a chance for a walk around New Year instead. I am happy you enjoy learning a bit about Scandinavia, please stop by again.;))

Thank you Michelle; the same to you!;)) Glad you like the pictures, but it was really very easy with such a stunning natural beauty all around.;))

Diane, I am happy your great sense of humor keeps you going through it all. And I agree, I love to now look forward, with hopes for another good year ahead.;)

Steve, thank you so much for that compliment and for stopping by.;))

Holly, my holidays were very laid back and nice, thank you and I hope yours were lovely too. Happy continuations to you as well, look forward receiving your mail.;)))

Hazel, yes, I have no idea when the Christmas here will be white, even tough the chances are increasing every year. Scandinavian Christmas time is filled with tradition as the lack of light makes everyone want to stick to something soothing and familiar, to be able to live through the darkest months of the year.;))

Melanie Gillispie said...

Happy In-Between Days! Now it's time to get to grumbling, while I pack away all my Christmas decorations: "Z made me do it!"

Zuzana said...

Mel, right back at you.;))
Sorry about the grumbling, I accept that blame though.;)) I hope you at least once in a while say "But I am happy she did".;))