December 02, 2008

Cool Tag.

While reading my favourite blogs recently, I stumbled upon a very appealing meme posted by Keera Ann Fox. She has been blogging since 2002, imagine that!:) As a matter of fact, I have seen this tag previously posted by the very hip Valentine and liked it already then very much. So this time around I tagged myself with this very cool tag. (With Keera's permission of course.:))
The tag simply means answering the following questions using only one word in the answer.
So, here we go:

1.) Where is your cell phone? — Table
2.) Where is your significant other? — Ireland
3.) Your hair color? — Black
4.) Your mother? — Spirited
5.) Your father? — Dreamer
6.) Your favorite thing? — Package(s)
7.) Your dream last night? — Risqué
8.) Your dream/goal? — Fulfilment
9.) The room you’re in? — Cosy
10.) Your hobby? — Creativity
11.) Your fear? — Deception
12.) Where do you want to be in 6 years? — Here
13.) Where were you last night? — Skype
14.) What you’re not? — False
15.) One of your wish-list items? — Children
16.) Where you grew up? — Sweden
17.) The last thing you did? — Shower
18.) What are you wearing? — Silk
19.) Your TV? — On
20.) Your pet? — Relaxing
21.) Your computer? — Working
22.) Your mood? — Passionate
23.) Missing someone? — Very
24.) Your car? — Green
25.) Something you’re not wearing? — Diamonds
26.) Favorite store? — Shoppit
27.) Your summer? — Short
28.) Love someone? — Endlessly
29.) Your favorite color? — Black
30.) When is the last time you laughed? — Today
31.) Last time you cried? — Recently

I am suppose to tag 5 people, but taking into account that I tagged myself voluntarily, the rules do not apply. Therefore, please, anyone who finds this interesting enough to post on their blogs, be my guests; consider yourselves tagged.;))


Diane said...

I am tagging myself and will do this tonight... hopefully my mood will be a bit better, as the words in my head as I was reading this were not as nice as yours :)

Melanie Gillispie said...

I'm going to do this too. Your list sounds so loverly! It sounds like aside from missing your Irishman, you're right where you need and want to be. We can all aspire to that.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I can hardly believe I've been doing this for over 6 years! Whee! Thanks for the mention!

I wonder if there is a store like Shoppit in Norway. I'd like that!

Michelle H. said...

I'll probably self-tag myself with this in the distant future. I'm sort of done (for right now) about revealing myself after today's blog post.

This is an interesting tag, because while you reveal things, it just makes me want to ask more questions: like why are packages your favorite thing and where is Skype?

Donna said...

I enjoyed reading your tag! Very interesting.

Have a great day.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Wow, didn't know that blogging existed in 2002. I only knew blogging when I bought my first notebook last year! Anyway, I like the tag thing but will attempt one now: Your mood? That's my name :)

Holly said...

That was surprisingly fun to read. It makes the answers almost more passionate that they are only one word. It read almost like a poem.

I clicked on your favorite store Shoppit, and lauhed out loud when I couldn't read one word of it.

Zuzana said...

Diane, great, I look forward to read your list; nice words or not.;))

Mel, yes, you nailed it. I miss my man lots and lots. He is amazing, I consider myself extremely lucky.
Happy to hear that you accepted the tag.:))

Yes Keera, 6 years! I think I have to agree with Mahmud's comment, I do not think I knew blogs existed in 2002. And yours is very interesting, so keep at it.
Perhaps you might have similar stores as Shoppit; I actually did not know about it myself until very recently. It is a second hand store selling everything from clothes to refrigerators. Very cool.:))

mlh, yes, I know you have recently answered questions about yourself, but perhaps one day in the future you might reveal more in this tag.;)
To further answer your questions; I receive one or several packages from Ireland every week.:) One always contains white chocolate, the others small presents. I am very lucky that way.;))
I though everyone knew of Skype! It is a free online “telephone”, so to speak. That is the only way I can keep in contact with my family, friends and the very handsome Irishman (without ruining myself economically) Please see this:

Donna, thank you for your kind words.;) Have likewise a very nice day.:))

Mahmud, I agree with you about the blogging.;) Look forward reading your answers.:))

Holly, I like that you think of this as a poem, I follow that completely. Yes, sorry about the Shoppit!;)) I tried to find an English version, but no luck It is a second hand store full with great stuff, my favourite by a long shot; and I love the prices as well.:))