December 15, 2008

A Family Clock.

I feel like it was yesterday that my father brought home this clock. However, thinking back, it must have been about 25 years ago. I have no idea where the time went. We have been living in Sweden for no more than a couple of years and I know for a fact that he spend a fortune on it.

The clock holds sentimental memories for me. It was hanging in the living room, when I was a teenager. On the wall opposite my room. In the night, if I accidentally woke up, the striking of the clock would tell me the time. I remember counting the strikes in the darkness. Low number meant I had plenty of time. High number was stressing me out.
I also remember the clock chimes when I was the only one up. When the house was still as I was sitting all alone in the night over books, trying to finish my homework or when I was preparing for tests. The clock was a constant, never changing presence, a sort of a reliable friend, yet reminding me of the fleeting time.

Two years ago my parents made a decision of a lifetime to leave the country they called home for over 25 years and relocated back to their country of origin. I am still in awe of them, as I know how much strain and stress such a big move means.
When they visited me last time before their final move they brought me a gift. They brought me the old clock. “Bim-bam” it said on the cardboard box, which made me smile. The clock was not working my father said, but it was not broken; it only needed cleaning.
I hung it up a few weeks after their departure and behold, the clock worked and the ticking sounds and the chimes would bring back a wave of memories.

Since then the clock works when it decides too. Sometimes, when I start the pendulum, it will go for days or weeks or stand still for equal amount of time. I actually do not care, to me just it’s presence is simply magical.

Little did I know those sleepless or lonely nights long time ago as a teenager, that one day this clock would hang in my own home.


Mahmud Yussop said...

Very arty clock that resonates sounds and 'waves of memories'. I truly enjoy reading this piece.

Diane said...

You know, feng shui (sp?) says you should never have a stopped clock in your house... it's bad for your chi (or something... I only half read). But one that pretty should always work! Have it seen to, woman! Take care of your chi! ;)

j. said...

Your post gave me goosebumps of the great kind. I must go read it again after I post this comment.

And, yes! Please do the tag-- I kinda wished I was able to spread it to more people but I was only given 3 slots.. so yes.. please do.. I wonder what interesting stuff can be found on your desk?

..Sophie Marceau! She is just wonderful. Just like you Im always left in awe by people who are just so effortless and timeless. Goodness, I could go on and on about this but I dont want to take over your comment space. hehe.



Michelle H. said...

A beautiful clock. I'm not one who likes loud noises, so I wouldn't get a wink of sleep if I had to listen to the pendulum tick while swinging. I have a hard time listening to my nightstand clock tick. Yet if I had such wonderful memories associated with the timepiece, I would easily deal with the sounds.

This is a great post!

MsTypo said...

Great story! :) It's nice when memories of the past catch up to us. :)

Melanie Gillispie said...

I love all of your sentimental possessions! They ground you to a part of life that's past and just looking at them can evoke the same emotions you had years ago.

My nieces...I know! I'm really fortunate that they're so close to me. I think if I was presented with the opportunity to move somewhere further away from them, I'd really have to have a perfect reason, because I can't imagine being further away from them than I am. Their mom is my much younger sister. We have so much more than a sisterly relationship. It's part sister, part best friend, and part mom/daughter. She lived with me for much of her teenaged years. So, that they're her children makes my relationship with them even stronger, I think, than if they were my other sister's children (she doesn't have any). I don't know if I'll ever have any of my own, so between them and Diane's Ryan (my goddaughter), it might be as close as I'll ever come.

My dad and Jude Law - I'll just say this: My dad is very handsome, a fact he knows that VERY well! ;) He has always been quite a womanizer, which is one of the reasons that he and my mom divorced when I was only 3 years old. He's 61 years old and on his 4th marriage now, and I think he's finally settled down. At least I hope so. I adore my step-mother and her children and grandchildren, and so I hope for all of our sakes that he has! ;)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Your story made me wish I had that clock! It's a nice-looking clock, too.

Lulda Casadaga said...

I love the sound of a ticking clock...right now, (where I teach massage) there is in the student (massage clinic) 6 tickin clocks!

Clients sometimes complain, students sometimes complain about all the clocks...I just love it!!
I think it is relaxig...
It reminds me of my grandmother and her ticking clock (which now my sister owns) :(

I always wanted one of those big grandfather clocks...maybe someday!

Holly said...

Ticking clocks are actually very soothing to me. They can often lull me to sleep.

I love the ironic parallels in this post about fleeting time, childhood memories, and sentimentality all around the gift of a clock. If that even makes sense.

Zuzana said...

Mahmud, thank you so much, I always love your comments.:))

Diane, aw, I better get that clock fixed then. However, I seem not to have suffered any bad vibes from this and I have to admit having more than one stopped clock in the house.;)

Valentine those are the best kind of goose bumps!:))
And we completely agree on Sophie!
Thank you for letting me used the tag, I hope you will find my desk contents exciting.;)) Yours definitely were.;)

Michelle, I know people who hate the rhythmical sound of a clock, while others find it soothing. I have found myself that it very much depends on the ticking; it has to be the right frequency, so to speak, or it will stress me out as well.:)
Thank you for your kind words.

Cairo, I agree, memories can be tied to objects and sounds of the most unusual kind.:)

Mel, yes, I am so sentimental and I have so many things that have sentimental meaning to me.
It is so nice to see the tie you have with your sister and her kids, I really do envy you that; just a bit and in a good way.;))
I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that your father looks like Jude Law. I hope too he has settled down, but I think we all do at one point; some just do it later than others.;))

Keera, thank you so much for these kind words.;)

Lulda, I am happy you share the sentiment of the relaxation one can get from a ticking clock. I too also have memories of clocks at my grandparent’s home; there is just something about those big heavy pieces of art, right?

Holly, I so love your comments!
I guess I did not notice the irony until you pointed it out.;) So right you are.;))

Donna said...

What a beautiful post, and wonderful memories.

I love the sound of a ticking clock and chimes ~ so soothing.


Hilary said...

I love that you have the clock of your youth in your home. I bet it has its reasons when and why it works .. or doesn't. Watch it closely.. I'll bet it's written all over its face. ;)

Zuzana said...

Donna, so do I. Especially this one sounds very nice; the ticking has a soothing rhythm. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hilary, that is an excellent point, I have been having thought in similar direction.;) I will let you know when I figure it out.
I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas with all those great men in your life!;)))