December 12, 2008


I love Fridays! Or TGIF's, a term I learned to use during my stay in the US.
Friday used to be -and still is- one of my favourite days of the week.
When I was in school, Friday evenings meant no homework, late nights in front of TV with my parents, usually with fun and favourite foods and snacks.
Once I moved away from home, Fridays, or particularly Friday evenings became what I used to call “sacred”. Or in translation “mine”. That meant no one was to share them with me. These were quality times I got to spend with myself.;) No matter what my girlfriends tried make me do and how they tried to persuade me to join them for a night out in the town, they always got a firm NO. On those evenings all I wanted to do was to curl up all wrapped in a blanket, forget all about diets and healthy food and watch favourite movies long into the small hours of the morning.
Today I still enjoy Fridays this way, perhaps not longing to be alone as much anymore. After a long working week, they are still precious to me, as I can finally relax, spending them not just in company of junk food, but also my two roommates.
So what does the word Friday mean? Well it seams that the word is derived either from the Nordic Freyja or the old English Frige, both love goddesses. In Latin languages the word is likewise derived from the name of the love goddess Venus. Therefore it seems to be a day dedicated to love.
So happy "Love Day" to you all! Have a wonderful, happy day to usher in the weekend, when we all get to relax and play.


Hilary said...

I used to know someone who replied to "TGIF" with "POITS".. "Piss on it, tomorrow's Saturday!" ;)

MsTypo said...

Love day! I like that sentiment! :)

Michelle H. said...

Love Day! That's great, because sometimes all we need is a little love so why not have it for the whole day?

Mahmud Yussop said...

Wonderful idea. Thanks God it's a Love Day!

Zuzana said...

LOL Hilary, I have to remember that one!;)))

Yes Cairo, my thoughts exactly;)

Michelle, I agree; I always thought love should be celebrated. Never knew there was a whole day dedicated to it.;)

Mahmud, could not agree more!;))

Hazel Designs said...

I loooooove Fridays, too!

Donna said...

Love Day, how wonderful!

Zuzana said...

Hazel, happy to find a kindred spirit when it comes to Fridays.;))

Donna, I knew you would like that sentiment as well.;))