December 28, 2008

Last Sunday Of The Year With A Tag.

It is the last Sunday of the year. I often get aware of things like that. The last month, the last week, the last day... It feels strange to think that there will never be another Sunday in 2008. Well, I guess there will never be another 2008 either and we only have a few days left in it...
But, it is still to early to be reflective and so my last Sunday is very relaxing. In fact, I have not done much today. I sitting here in my cosy red sofa, still in my big fuzzy, red and comfortable morning robe and keep watching "feel good" movies". Sometimes Sundays such as these are simply the best. Especially when I know that I have the whole week ahead of me free as well. No "back to work Monday" for me tomorrow.;)

I decided to post today a long overdue tag, which I actually inflicted on myself voluntarily. I am getting pretty good at that.;)
I found this one over at Valentine's place. Her wonderful blog is so very refreshing and she has a very unique style. Recently however she decided to tag me officially and I will be posting a response at a later occasion.

This tag is simply called:

13 random things found on my desk, identified and explained.

So here they are, in random order:

1. Computer
The most important thing on my desk is my computer, complete with a printer/scanner, modem/router and a set of cool speakers. My link to my family, friends and the man in Ireland. I can not imagine may life without it (or him).

2. Handmade Cup
Yes, a handmade pottery from North Carolina; beautiful, blue green. These days it holds an array of pens. I always need pens and I feel best if I have tons of pens around, any kind, in any colour.

3. The Globe
I really do not remember how I got hold of this, but I know it is also from the US. I like to look at it from time to time, as it reminds me how small the world really is.

4. Calculator
I use it all the time, especially when balancing my bank account. And also when doing simple math. I am ashamed to admit that I cannot even anymore add two and two without a calculator (almost).

5. Glass Paper Weight
I think it is suppose to be that. It is in any case made of glass, and it is really heavy. I got this when I was a teenager as a gift. It has a depiction of my astrological sign on the back.

6. Framed Picture of Me and My Sister
My favorite picture of us. I found it recently and decided to frame it and keep it on my desk.

7. Danish-English Dictionary
Yup, I still need it . Need it badly, I can not function without it.

8. Happy Promotion Card
I received this card from Ireland when I got promoted few months ago; the images are very funny and the sentiment behind it very appreciated.

9. One Coaster
One single coaster is always on my desk as I often drink coffee, when sitting there. It is a very childish one that I think came with some candy or cereal? I keep loosing it though constantly as my cat likes to play with it.;)

10. Calender
A home made calender, based on my own photographs. It is a planner and a decoration in one.

11. Post-It
Yes, I CANNOT live without post-it pads.

12. Mail
Bills, letters, commercials; anything arriving by surface mail find itself on my desk eventually.

13. Candy
A big container of lollipops purchased in Germany about 2 months ago and it keeps getting smaller by each day. (Pst, please do not tell my dentist;)

Anyone feeling up to this tag, please be my guests.;)))


Hilary said...

Very cool. It's always fun to see what others surround themselves with. Now fess up, did you clean up specifically for those photos? I would have had to.

From my eMac to yours... :)

Melanie Gillispie said...

All desks should contain candy - dentists or no. And, I guess pens and post-it notes too. They're handy from time to time. But, candy, for sure!

Diane said...

Happy Last Sunday of 2008! :)

I've just cleaned my desk, so there aren't 13 things on it. Before I did it, however, there 1,013 things on it (it was in dire need of a cleaning). Now maybe I'll feel inclined to work there instead of on the couch (which is developing a sag from where my butt usually rests... not good).

Hazel Designs said...

Alas, I have the back to work Monday blues :( I am jealous of your coming free week - enjoy it! And it was fun peeking through the stuff on your desk.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Nice view outside from your computer desk.

Zuzana said...

LOL Hilary, the truth to be told, the only thing that I removed was a heap of bills and magazines.;) I usually keep my desk pretty uncluttered, but you should see my desk at work; now that is a completely different story.;)
ALWAYS happy to meet another Mac lover, don’t they just rule?;))

Mel, you are so right. We all need to sweeten our life; at all times!;))

Thank you Diane, likewise! To bad you cleaned your desk, I would love to know about 13 out of your 1013 things.;)) And LOL about your couch; you know my sofa is developing one of those too.;)))

Hazel, sorry you have to work today; hope your back to work Monday was good.;))

Thank you Mahmud for noticing that! Yes, the view is very soothing; I look over small patch of land with tress and then over small farms. In the summer I can see grazing horses and magnificent sunsets.;))

Michelle H. said...

I can't imagine keeping a desk clean like this. I have piles of papers everywhere.

Gal Friday said...

Protege, your work area/desk is so neat and tidy!(unlike mine...)
I might have to try this on my blog this week sometime(after I straighten things up a bit)

Holly said...

What a fun tag. Enjoyable to learn even more about you. I am happy that you keep lolly pops on your desk! Blow pops are my favorite!! And...your secret's safe with me. ;)

Zuzana said...

Michelle, so do I; on my desk at work. It is a mess and everyone is very quick at pointing that out to me. However, to me all those piles of documents, manuscripts, printouts and notebooks are of great importance and in complete order.;))

Gal Friday, it is only because it is my desk at home. My desk at work is so messy, that even when I clean it, it sill looks bad.:P However, I prefer my mess, as the mess is actually an order to me. I do not know if this makes any sense.;))
Please do try this tag!! I would love to hear about the 13 random items on your desk:;)) Will probably be more exciting read than mine.;))

Holly, I am happy you enjoyed reading about my somewhat boring desk.;)) And I knew you could keep a secret!;)))