September 25, 2008

A School in My Childhood.

The nights are getting colder and this morning there was frost on the grass outside. For some reason this brought back a childhood memory. When I was about 7 years old, for a short time, I used to live outside Prague in a very small town. A village, one would rather say. It was a very carefree time and I remember it very fondly. No troubles, no worries. Only the joys of childhood. I was very happy. I attended a small school and remember being out in the nature a lot. Both during the school hours and "after school", we would be outside, in the incredibly beautiful landscape which surrounded the small town. Rolling hills, woods, fields. This was in the early 70's during the hights of the communist era, but I knew nothing of that, nor did it worry me. I felt free. There is one significant memory I have from this time. Or rather, from the school. The only source of heat in our small classroom was a big, chunky metal oven, where the fire was kept going the whole day during the winter. Therefore it was not at all unusual for the teacher to ask any of us to "...please put another log on the fire..." during a lesson. It was not strange to me at all then. But considering the way (and where) I live now, this memory will remain a curiosity lasting a lifetime.


Diane said...

What a beautiful memory! I love how something like a smell or sound or a frosty morning can bring us back to something from the past.

Zuzana said...

I agree Diane. And what a truly distant past this is.:)