September 21, 2008

The Best Day of the Week.

When I was younger, I did not care much for Sundays. They could have been non-existent for all I cared. Being slightly worse than Mondays, they were the least favorite days of the week. These were the days when everything went very still and this was the end of the “oh so short!” weekend. For all those years I spend in school, this meant I had to do my homework and prepare for the week ahead. I remember having friends who did all their homeworks on Friday, which I found completely crazy and ridiculous. I was not going to spoil the best day of the week with school choirs! But, secretly I envied their determination. And I continued with my procrastination, saving mine for Sundays. So there I would be sitting half the day at my desk, doing algebra and geography, struggling, while the whole world seemed to be resting. By the time Sunday evening came, I felt tired and drained, not ready at all for what was ahead of me.
But, then I grew older and homework became a thing of the past (very distant past at this point) and Sunday became the best day of the week. The stillness was suddenly very welcoming. Getting up early, knowing this day belongs to me only; being ahead of the world gave me a feeling of freshness and new beginnings. I have gotten up early enough in the past to watch the sunrise with freshly brewed coffee, while the whole world was still asleep. Or I could choose sleeping in late, staying in bed the whole day if I wanted to, as there was no longer any school waiting for me and only I was in control of this day. Additionally, in recent year, someone very dear to me became my companion, spending these laid back days with me, making them into a relaxing, soothing personal ritual. In his company I find strength to deal with the week ahead, making Sundays the days of the week I can no longer be without.


Diane said...

LOL... we were the same person, even as children! I always hated Sunday, as I put all my homework off and had to do it all then. I still do, sometimes (working from home isn't always good ;).

I'm glad your Sundays are good days now. Enjoy!

Zuzana said...

Amazing Diane, I wonder what else we have in common.;) I hope your Sunday is going well today too.:)