September 29, 2008

White and Black Pudding.

This weekend I have been introduced for the first time to a new dish. My very generous visitor from Ireland brought me something called white and black pudding. When he told me about it at first, I though he was talking about some sort of a desert. Like a vanilla-chocolate pudding. Imagine my surprise when this pudding turned out to be a meat dish. Although similar to some of the meat I have been served as a child when growing up in Eastern Europe, this was still a very new experience to me. I was told that you either prefer the black or the white and that it is usually served with rashes, eggs, sausages, beans and toast as a traditional English or Irish breakfast. Well, it seems that I prefer the black pudding. Additionally I have to say that now I have found yet another Irish addiction.


Diane said...

Oh, one way we are NOT alike! Black pudding (served widely in Scotland as well) makes me heave. When I was little (OK, and sometimes now), I called it 'fried poop'. Ick. My whole family loves it but it makes me lose my appetite!

Hope your weekend has been lovely! Enjoy your week!

Zuzana said...

LOL Diane! Yes, I was told that apparently most people prefer the white pudding.;) I have always had an odd taste when it comes to food.
My weekend was very nice, but way to short! Thanks for asking.;)