September 13, 2008

White Chocolate.

I love chocolate. Any kind; dark, milk, with hazelnuts or dry fruit. But my favorite is by far white chocolate. The experts claim that using the term "chocolate" in this case is not correct, as white chocolate doesn't contain chocolate liquor. Well, I couldn't care less, to me it is a chocolate nevertheless. And it so happens, that I am the luckiest white chocolate lover in the world. I get a continuous supply of chocolate bars. Every Saturday, as by magic, in my mailbox there is a package wrapped in a brown paper, stating my name in a neat hand writing. It makes my Saturdays. And I allow myself to fully enjoy this clandestine pleasure, with hot dark coffee, every Saturday afternoon. A few hours of true happiness.


Diane said...

I'm beginning to really like your Irish friend ;)

I am a true chocolate lover, too... I love going to England, where the chocolate always seems to taste better than here. I'll be there in 3 weeks... can't wait for my fix :)

Zuzana said...

Yes, I like my Irish friend very much too.;) He is really one in a million. How exciting with your trip to England! Then you will be - almost - in my timezone.:)