February 05, 2009

Thursday And A Tag.

The vivacious Valentine has made me again very happy by tagging me last week with a fun tag:

I am suppose to list 16 random facts about myself.

It find it a bit difficult to post things about myself, as I do not think I am that interesting.;)
As always, anyone loving this, please feel free to be tagged by me.;)

So, here we go:

1) I love coffee, always have and always will. There is nothing more relaxing and pleasurable than a hot cup of steamy hot coffee. I can drink it at any time, in any climate or season, even in hot weather. I take no sugar and when drinking it on its own, I like to add milk to it. Or better yet, cream.

2) I also LOVE white chocolate. I adore it. It is enjoyed best with a great cup of coffee. In this case, black, no milk and no sugar.

3) I am high maintenance. I can spend hours in the bathroom grooming myself. It was a subject of constant jokes from my family, they teased me and were irritated by this as well.

4) I hate to cook. I love to bake, but I am a lousy cook. I do no enjoy it at all; and over the years I have always had someone to cook for me, so I never needed to learn.;)

5) I talked myself out of a ticket once. It was a parking ticket and I really do not understand what exactly happened or what I said. I just know that I saved about $150.

6) I have a piece of glass in my knee. Yes I do!;) It has been there since I as a child fell over a broken bottle and 2 pieces of broken glass got embedded in my knee. One the surgeon could remove, one was too deep to be reached. And so I carry with me this small souvenir of my childhood.;)

7) I was once in the eye of a Caribbean hurricane. It was an experience I will never forget, nor would I like to experience it again.

8) I walked down the Grand Canyon, all the way from the rim to the Colorado River (and up again) in one day. It took about 12 hours straight walking. I think it was on the south side. On the way back it was a bit scary as it was pitch dark and we walked by a small flashlight. Yaikes!

9) When my family escaped from the East block, when I was a child, the actual "escape" took about 3 weeks and took us trough 5 countries, Sweden being the 6th "destination" country. The escape trip included weeks of driving, one train ride and 2 boat trips, one in a raging storm. We even had an unscheduled stop in the former Soviet Union while on a ferry to Finland. I admire the courage of my parents to this day.

10) I love routines. I live by routines and I need a structure in my day, or I feel very stressed and unsafe. Gee, I have become so boring.

11) I drove across the US two times in a company of friends. Once in an old Toyota Supra, that leaked oil and braking liquid. Furthermore the engine kept overheating. But man, what a fun trip! It is a part of the fondest of my memories. It was magnificent and I love that I did it!

12) I have been snowed in while visiting Washington during the snowstorm of the century. It was in March 1993. The snow came suddenly and was so heavy, that it surprised everyone. I have never ever been freezing so much! Everything was closed down, the whole city came to a halt. Our car was towed and fortunately left in front of the tow pound, rather than inside it. We spend most of the last day walking the streets aimlessly, looking for it. I still can not believe to this day that we found it. Once we did, we just took it and drove home. No one ever objected, then or since. That can adequately describe how chaotic the city was.

13) I am a control freak. I want to control everything in my life. I am trying to work on it, as it makes me very boring. However, I also like to be impulsive and love to be surprised by others. Especially romantically:;)

14) I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, an aunt and a godmother. But I am not a mother. This bothers me a great deal.

15) I am a romantic dreamer. And a daydreamer as well. I can sit for hours staring into nothing, looking as if in trance. But plenty is going on in my imagination.

16) If I could chose my dream life, I would love to spend my time restoring old Renaissance paintings and live in villa San Michele on the island of Capri.

I said I was a dreamer, didn't I?;))


Tom said...

I'd love to hear more about the escape from the Eastern block one day. As a child my father told me all sorts of stories about his days fighting in WWII and only recently have I got my mother to talk about her days as a child refugee in Hitler's Austria.

I love listening to those stories, so hopefully one day you'll share yours.

Gal Friday said...

You should write a book--your life seems so interesting--so many adventures! You have done far more than I have--that is for sure.

I wish someone would cook for me..*sigh*

I wish you were not so sad/bothered about your #14...*sigh*

Diane said...

Oh yeah, you're not interesting at all. You're dull as dirt. Your life has been one long yawn. I was snoring as I read that post. B.O.R.I.N.G.

Lordy, lordy, are you crazy, woman?! I WISH I was that boring!! My life puts my dog to sleep. I think Gal Friday is right... you should write a book! I'd be first in line to buy it!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

My, you are intrepid - with life's scars and treasures!

While I was surprised that you described yourself as high-maintenance, I was not surprised to read that you had once talked yourself out of a parking ticket - You charmer you! (Sob...that has never happened to me!) x

♥ fashion chalet said...

I am a control freak too. HAHA I think it annoys people sometimes, but I'm never mean about it, I just like things in their place and done in a certain way..... =]

thanks for the comment! x

Hilary said...

I agree with the others.. you're not boring at all. I'm often amused by some of our similarities, but today I'm amused by our differences. I can't stomach the thought of white chocolate. To me, it's like eating sweetened butter. But give me the darkest dark and I'll follow you anywhere. I dislike baking but love to cook. I think that together, we could make a pretty decent meal. Topped off with coffee of course. ;)

Betsy said...

Oh, this was so fun! Now, if you are up to it, I have tagged you for something different...but only if you wish to join in!

Holly said...

You have had MORE adventures then any one else I know. Boring is the LAST thing I would call you!! I am going to have to ditto the you should write a book!! I really enjoyed reading this.

Your post yesterday nearly made me cry. It was very profound and thought provoking!

noelle chantal said...

It seems like you have so many wonderful, scary and funny experiences Protege. So many adventures in life!

Droving across the US with friends sounds fun! The hurricane experience must be really really scary, ha! And your family escape trip must be an unforgettable experience too. I hope you'll tell us more about it.

"Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved." :)

Mel said...

I'd love to hear more about #9! Do you have a post about it? You are a very interesting woman, Z! Very, very interesting!!

Protege said...

=Tom, of course, I will. It seems more people are interested, so I will try to post more stories from my childhood in the Eastern blog and the feelings around emigration; any immigrant can relate to them and will recognize them.
Thank you so much for that kind comment.;)
And please stop by again there is a tag in the store for your cats, sometimes in the next week.;))

=Tina, I think you have done plenty too. And I am sure if you once told me stories about your life, they would be fascinating to me; it always seems like others have done so much - I feel it all the time.
I guess you are a superb cook I take it, if no one prepares meals for you.;))
Yes, nr14 bothers me at times, but then again, some things are just not meant to be.;))

=Diane, LOL, your comments always make me laugh. Although I have never heard your voice, I can just hear you saying "Lordy, Lordy!" It would make me laugh like crazy.
Tell you what, I tell the story, you write the book and we become rich.;))
Joke aside, this was mostly a list of facts about trips I took, I am sure everyone has fun stories to tell about their trips.
And I remember finding all the facts about you, that you listed in the past, very interesting as well. I am not sure I have enough of anything to make up a book!;)) Nice thought though.;)) Thank you.;))

=Woman Of No Importance, I am not sure what happened with that ticket either;) I was about to run out of excuses about why I parked there and then the guy just tore the ticket up.;) Maybe he liked my inventive mind.;))
Thank you so much for stopping by.;))

=fashion chalet, yes, I am not sure why I need to be in control of everything. And it gets worse with age.;))
Again - loved your boots, honestly I showed your pictures/movie clip to my boyfriend so he would know what kind of boots I like/want.;))

=Hilary, Diane sometimes leave comments like that; we have many similarities, but there are differences as well.;) But as the saying goes; "Viva la difference!"
Happy to hear you enjoy coffee and I look forward to be preparing a meal with you one day.;))

=Betsy, your tag was fun too and I am excepting with joy; I love tags.;))

=Holly, I always love and appreciate your sincere and warm words.
Oh yes though, I am boring, wait til you meet me.;)) And I have no way anything to fill up a book.;))
Sorry about the crying; I hope it was good tears though. xoxo

=noelle, you are so sweet and kind and very sensitive; I love when you stop by. And you are so correct, that aphorism is, I guess, very obvious and descriptive of the way I live.;))
Thank you so much for reminding me.;))

=Mel, I am so flattered that you find me interesting. I promise to post more about that trip. To me it is very nice to find people being genuinely interested in hearing about that, so thank you.;))

Lynda Howells said...

l loved ready your comments. i too love coffee but dark chocolate. It must have been an amazing and yet scary journey that you undertook to escape. i admire you all. I am sorry you are not a motherx love to you, you interesting womanxxlynda