February 02, 2009


Long overdue it is award time. Many of my wonderful blog-friends have given me awards recently (and less recently, I am ashamed to say) and it is now my turn to pass these prizes on. I always procrastinate when it comes to this task, as I feel I want to award everything to everyone.;)

At this point there are three awards to be passed on and that makes me feel slightly better, as now I can be more generous. However, unfortunately, I still feel there is still not enough to go around.

The first award was given to me in December by the very talented Michelle. She is an incredibly superb writer with an imagination out of this world and a visionary style, that will one day bring her fame. She is already on the way.
The award is called "Real Blogs, Real People" and I guess is given to bloggers who keep their posts real.

I am therefore passing it on to my blog-friends who definitely keep things real:

*Diane at Diane Addled Ramblings; her refreshing writing is very personal, and at times serious, yet always entertaining and very down to earth. She is my oldest blog-friend. I have enjoyed reading her blog from almost its very beginning and watching her following grow through the roof.;)

*Mel at her wonderful place! Her posts are always written with an incredible sense of humour, yet deal with real life, that we all can recognize and identify with. Her posts are a breath of fresh air!

*I would also like to give this award to Holly, she is incredibly talented artist and a devoted mom as well. Her blog is always full of wonderful ideas and the sincere warmth of a genuine, kind person. She is one in a million.

*I would very much like to pass this award to Betsy, as her blog is very genuine and very welcoming. I admire her greatly, as I know she has many struggles and obstacles to overcome in her daily life, yet her posts are always very uplifting and optimistic.

*Finally, no one keeps their blogs more real than Julie. She has the most positive outlook on life and her posts are always very upbeat and inspiring. Despite serious subjects, she always views life as "the glass that is half full." She has a genuine optimism that is so very appealing.

Next is the "Premios Dardo Award", given to me by wonderful Diane. As she writes, "...this award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day".

I'm passing this one on to following bloggers:

*Keera, my fellow Scandinavian. Although actually American, she lives in Norway. Imagine, that she has been blogging since 2002; I do not think I even knew what a blog was at that time.;)

*Tom, who I found through Keera. A talented astronomer and a great photographer, he writes about his interesting life in Hawaii.

*Mahmud, who writes the most exotic blog I know! Reading his posts is like traveling to foreign places and I learn new things constantly. His blog describing the lovely Bintulu in Malaysia is by far the most fascinating to me and always will be.

*Valentine, who is so cool, fresh, sweet and so fashionable! Her style is so very unique, she an artist in more way than one. Her writing is spirited, but very mature and her photographs are very original. She is so very talented and I am so glad I found her; or rather, that she found me;)

*And finally, the lovely BPG. I have followed her blog for almost a year now, much longer than I have had mine. I remember clearly how impressed I was with her style, when I discovered her place. An artist in her own right, she takes the most incredible pictures of food and posts the most amazing recipes known to man.;))

Valentine recently awarded me the "Your Blog Is Fabulous" award.

This newest award I would like to pass on to these blog friends:

*Michelle - as she has all the other awards. But eventually, I think this award is very appropriate for her. The description of her blog as "Fabulous" is so right on.

*Hillary, whose beautiful photographs are simply "Fabulous"! She too has already all the other awards and I am not surprised, her talent as an visual artist is appreciate by many, as is her genuine kindness and sincerity.

*My friend Hazel, who has wonderful talent in making gorgeous jewelry. I think in my next life I want to be a jewelry maker, no doubt. And I hope to be as talented as she is; absolutely Fabulous!

*Tina at Gal Friday.;) She is my newest friend, but I am already hooked on her blog, and Fabulous it is! I find myself always looking forward to my visits there, as her posts are light, yet the subject always significant.

*And last, but not least, Noelle, at Noelle Chantal. Just the name has a Fabulous cling to it. Living in exotic Manila, the pictures on her blog are dreamy and allow me to escape my very cold winter reality.;)

Thank you again, all of you, the kind award givers.
I hope the awards that I pass on will be accepted and passed on to other talented writers.


Diane said...

Congratulations and thank you so much!!! You deserve them all and I'm happy and proud to display the one you gave me!! XO

Michelle H. said...

Thank you so much! And congratulations on all your received awards. You deserve every one!

Julie Hibbard said...

Wow wow wow!! Thank you sooo much! What an honor!
Funny, my family was talking about YOU last night! They wanted to know who you were since they see your comments on my blog. They had no idea that you were on the other side of the world!
And it lead to a question...how did you end up on my blog?
I did not know the answer. I am just so glad you did!
Thank you OH so much dear cyber friend!
Can't wait to meet you some day!

Betsy said...

Congratulations on all these fun awards! You deserve all of them! And thanks for passing this one on to me, too! I'm really honored! :)

noelle chantal said...

Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU Protege for that lovely award and kind words. That is so special. :)

Valentine gave me one too. "YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS!" award is my first award here. Thank you again Protege (and Valetine)!

And congratulations to you too! :)

-I mean Valentine tagged me (not awarded me) haha i got excited to both! Thanks girls! :D

Mahmud Yussop said...

You deserve all the awards. On my part, I feel very honoured to receive the Premios Dardo Award award from you and proud to display it on my blog.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thank you so much, Protege! I'm touched - and flattered.

Mel said...

Thank you Z! I will continue to try to keep it real (and humorous)!!

Valentine said...

Congratulations on the awards Ms. Protege! You totally deserve it! Also, thans for the one you gave me. I appreciate it a lot. :-)


Gal Friday said...

How surprised I was to find out I have been thought of as an award recipient from you! Thanks so much.

And as another person commented already here--you certainly deserve every one of the awards you have been given.
I will have to find some time soon to visit some of the other bloggers who you singled out(some names are already familiar to me).

Hilary said...

Z, you're one of the sweetest bloggers out there and you deserve every award bestowed upon you.

Thank you so much for thinking I'm worthy of this fine award in return. I shall wear it on my sidebar with pride. :)

Blog Princess G said...

Ooooh! Thank you Protege... what a lovely surprise, and I blush at your kind words. Hugs! xoxo

Tom said...

I'm flattered, Protege, thank you!

Protege said...

Diane, you are as “real “ as they come; and you are very welcome dear friend, you deserve it too:;)

Michelle, thank you; your superb talent deserves to be appreciated, and hopefully by real wards one day in the future.;))

Julie, you are so very welcome!;) How interesting I am the talk of your family.;)) I found you a very looooong time ago by a common interest in Macs.;) They just rule, don’t they? Give my very best to your family.;)

Betsy, I am the one who is honored that you accept it.;) Thank you. ;))

Noelle, you are so sweet; I am so happy to give this award to you as you show such a genuine happiness.;)) But most of all, you deserve it. Thank you for keeping me young.;))

Mahmud, I am happy you accept! It is awarded to show my appreciations of you and your wonderful blog site.;)))

Keera, you are very welcome, I am happy you accept.;))

Mel, I know you will! I love your blog, happy you accept.;)))

Valentine, thank you so much! And you are very welcome.;) I am happy to be able to show how much I enjoy your place.;) And all the tags! Keep them coming please.;) I am posting the last on Thursday.;)

Tina, you are so dear, thank you so much. I really appreciate your words. Yes, please visit all these blogs, they are all different, interesting and captivating in their own right. I am so amazed to have realized how many people are genuinely kind and talented out there, you included.;))

Hilary, right back at you!!;)) And you know you are MORE than worthy; I am not the only one that thinks that. Your side bar is lined with awards from all over the world; everyone who visits your blog once, is forever hooked;)))

BPG, you know you will ALWAYS be special to me – very happy that you accept.;))

Tom, you are very welcome, you deserve it!;)) I liked your blog from the start.;))

Hazel Designs said...

I love my award! Thanks, especially for your kind words :) Congrats on all of your awards!

Protege said...

Hazel, you deserve both.;) Glad you accept it.;)) And thank you.;)