February 12, 2009

6th Of The 6th.

The lovely Betsy recently tagged me to post my 6th of the 6th - it is a picture tag. I am suppose to find my 6th picture folder and find the 6th picture and post it; with a short description.
As you all know I love tags and I always accept the challenge.;)) Therefore, keep them coming.;)
And as always, anyone can feel free to be tagged by me.;)

So, in my 6th folder, the 6th picture was this one:

The picture was taken in March 2006, while driving to the French Riviera. It depicts the main road crossing the Alps, close to the Swiss-Italian Border, in proximity of the San Bernardino Pass. Although eventually we opted for the San Bernardino Tunnel, rather than the pass, which might have been still full with snow and impossible to cross.

Nevertheless, even though crossing by tunnel, the road took us up to an elevation of about 1700m, through some of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Although the Riviera can be reached by many other, much shorter routes, the one leading through the Alps down to Genoa in Italy, following the coast of the Mediterranean while passing Monte Carlo in Monaco, is by far the most breathtaking route one can imagine. The fact that we got to pass close to three different seasons on the way down, adds even more magic to the whole experience; an early spring in Germany, late winter crossing the Alps and what would be a very lovely early summer (in Scandinavian terms)
once reaching Liguria, the coastal part of Northern Italy.


Betsy said...

Thanks for playing along! This was fun! Your picture is just gorgeous! It looks like a postcard. I wish I lived near mountains....it's just cornfields and flat farmland around me! :)

Mahmud Yussop said...

The snow-capped mountains look very majestic. Wish I was here.What an interesting journey down south. Thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

Your life is so boring and you never go anywhere nice or photo-worthy. I feel sorry for you.

I, on the other hand, live a life of glamour, excitement, and photo ops... you know... living here in Pigsknuckle and all. It's grand!

For the record, the 6th of 6th photo on my computer is of the feed mill. Sigh.

Bill Stankus said...

Come for a visit and I'll give you a letter!

btw, San Bernardino in California-speak is "San Berdoo".

Protege said...

=Betsy, happy you liked my 6th of the 6th; tag me at any time.;))
I too wish I would live closer to the mountains at times; but then again, I think I rather prefer the sea.;))

=Mahmud, i can understand that you might like snow and mountains considering you rarely get to see that combination.;))

=Diane, thank you for always making me laugh in the early hours of the morning, when I am cranky and want nothing more but go back to bed and get up first in May.;))

=Bill, I will be for sure over for my letter; never got tagged by a letter before.;))
I will propose to the Italians your suggestion of the name for their pass and tunnel.;))