February 27, 2009

"Mysterious Island".

The Internet never seizes to amaze me. I use it every day; whether it is in work or leisure. Every time I am unsure about something, or need to learn more about a subject I find interesting; it is all there; either in text form or as images. If I need to find information in order to solve a scientific problem, I can find it all there, if I know where to look.

Very often, if not every day, while connected online to a certain man in Ireland, when we discuss the current events and other subjects of interest, such as history or art, we often take walks back into our past. Recollecting incidents in history, literature and cinematography, we laugh with amusement or sentimentality, as we reminiscence over images, movie clips or sound bites from old TV series belonging to a by gone era.

By a sheer chance, yesterday, such a discussion brought me 36 years back into the past. For the first time, in all those years, I once again got to enjoy a very melancholic, serene, at times almost ethereal theme music from a popular French TV series called "Mysterious Island", based on the famous book with the same name by Jules Verne. I used to watch it as a child with my parents; hearing the music - after what I perceive as an eternity - suddenly made me feel like not a day has passed since.

It was a strange and surreal experience.

The power of music, which so evidently and with an elegant ease brings back precious moments in our past, clearly underscores the relativity of time. Time is fleeting and constant, but our senses seems to define it's laws at all times.


steviewren said...

My sound seems to be messed up. I'll come back and listen after I figure out why it's not working.

Songs from when I was in high school take me back to those days very quickly so I know what you mean. Hearing In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida takes me right back to sitting in my boyfriend's white Falcon listening to 8 track tapes with him.

Gal Friday said...

Do you know I put on my make-up this morning to the music from the Mysterious Island video?
The internet IS amazing for that--finding those buried memories from long-ago movies and shows, etc. It seems you can find ANYTHING, just about.

Mahmud Yussop said...

The music is very surreal and what's more the video has images of my favourite actor, Omar Sheriff.Makes my day.Thanks.

sallymandy said...

You're right...all of our pasts are just right there. This is really striking music. No wonder you have strong memories with it. And Omar Sharif!! Ahh...

My friend and I were just commenting recently about how smells do the same thing.

Zuzana said...

=steviewren, wow, 8 tracks, where did the time go, right?
Sorry that the music did not play.;))

=Tina, what a great comment; I usually put my make up on to music as well, by the way.;)
I agree, internet is amazing and the whole computer technology has changed the world. It has made so much difference in our lives and the possibilities are countless.;)

=Mahmud, I am happy you too enjoyed the music, I simply love it! And I too like Omar Sharif; I remember him from many epic movies such as "Dr. Zhivago" and "Lawrence of Arabia".

=sallymandy, you are so right on! And the scent has the same effect, especially scents we have not been exposed to for a while.;))

G said...

I love perusing youtube and coming over old tv clips like that, and even television commercials can take me right back... music, scents... all the senses hold our memories. We're very lucky that way. I think to lose one's memory must be the worse.

Gal Friday said...

I don't usually listen to music if I am gettng ready in the morning, but I was reading your blog when I realised, "Oh dear! I'm running late and look tired, so I better put some mascara on and get to work!", so I did that as I listened to the "Mysterious Island" music from the other room.
I also *think* I remember that movie, as well--it would come on as a special from time to time.

Zuzana said...

yes, I agree completely, to loose memory would be terrible! I can sometimes spend a whole day dreaming myself back to my past, just by listening to music. It is amazing how are senses rule our life.;))

I am sure you looked great!
I use a lot of make-up and I put it on to music, either radio or i-tunes.;)
Glad you enjoyed this piece, I find it extremely 70's and very ethereal.;)

Melanie Gillispie said...

Isn't that funny how music is like that? There are some songs that I can remember exactly where I was standing while listening to them, or the conversation that was going on, or it might remind me of a person who really loved it. I can never hear the song "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves without thinking of Trisha, the hair stylest I had in high school.

Zuzana said...

that song is connected to particular memory of mine as well; to my graduation party! And that is all I have to say on that one.;)) LOL!;)