February 14, 2009

Be My Valentine.

Today is a sunny, bright day; the first time that I truly feel that spring is somewhere out there, not so distant anymore.
What a beautiful day for the 14th of February, also known as Valentine's Day. To me this is a tradition that I was first exposed to when I moved to the US in 1992. I arrived on the 30th of January 1992 and on the 14th of February I was already asked out on a date. Of course at that time I had no idea what Valentine’s Day was and would I have known that, I would have declined the offer.;)

I the early 90s, this celebration was not very common in Scandinavia. In fact I do not believe we celebrated it at all. During my absence, I think the people of the north embraced many of the foreign festivities, which is fine by me. I always like a reason to celebrate something and I love traditions.

And today is no exception. This is day meant to be a day of love; and even if it is the romantic love, which is in focus today, any other kind of love should not be dismissed.

I wish everyone out there a wonderful Saturday, no mater if you have a Valentine in your life or not. Or if you are, just like me, miles and miles apart from one.
Although highly commercialized in some aspects, I would like to believe that this day is simply a celebration of love itself.


Donna said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Bill Stankus said...

A beautiful day is always most welcome!

I think the letter "B" will do just fine.

Hazel Designs said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Protege! I love that story of how you were already asked out as soon as you arrived in the US for V-day :)

Michelle H. said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Protege! And have a wonderful Saturday!

Blog Princess G said...

All love is to be celebrated... every day. Amen to your lovely post! xoxo

Anonymous said...

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Holly said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Dear dear Protege, I am smiling from ear to ear that you have two parcels in front of you waiting to be opened!

I am glad that Scandinavia has embraced so many foreign traditions. I wish that we had just a little more exposure to foriegn culture here in the U.S.

I am extra happy that you now celebrate Valentines Day. You without 'traditions' is a sad sad thought, but you without the most romantic one of all is down right blasphemous!!! :)

noelle chantal said...

Oh, I don't even know that Valentine's Day is not much celebrated in some countries. Here in Manila, Valentine's Day is a big deal for everyone. Aside from over flowing of flowers and chocolates, we even celebrated the longest line of kissing couples during V Day! haha :)

And I do hope you enjoyed your first Valentine's date when you moved in US. That's so cute!

Happy Heart's Day Protege! :)

Protege said...

=Donna, thank you, hope you had a wonderful evening yesterday.;))

=Bill, B sounds good to me; I will get to that sometimes next week. Thanks a lot.;))

= Hazel, thank you so much, I hope your Saturday was lovely as well.;) Yes, I too remember that date with amusement to this day;))

=Michelle, right back at you; hope your Saturday was great.;))

=BPG, your kind comments are always appreciated, hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely.;)) xoxo

=Holly, thank you, I always love when you stop by; your comments make me smile in return. Yes, you know me, the "Hopeless Romantic", I will die believing in romance the likes of Wuthering Heights.;)) Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely, my dear Holy.;))

=Noelle, I hope your Heart's Day was lovely too; I know what you mean, I think it is celebrated that way all across the western world. I think personally it is a great tradition - and a girl can never get enough of chocolates and flowers.;))

Hilary said...

I'm late to the Lovefest but hope you had a wonderful day.. through those miles and smiles. :)

Diane said...

Hope your VDay was 'loverly' ;)

Mel said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Z! Even if it's a day late.

Protege said...

=Hilary, it would have been a better one if those miles were not in the way.;) Hope yours was lovely too.;))

=Diane, right back at you, my friend.;) And hope your Sunday was excellent as well;))

=Mel, it is never late for such friendly wishes; ditto!;)))