February 19, 2009

Alphabet Tag.

Once again, a self inflicted tag. I am suppose to list 10 things that I love, which all start with the letter "B", as it was assigned to me by Bill.

Anyone who wants to play, just ask me for a letter.

Bubble Bath.
There is nothing more soothing, especially after a long day at work, and after a cold winter day, then taking a hot bath. Unfortunately, I have no bathtub in my house. Yes, weird indeed. Denmark, known for it's "green" and environmentally sound politics, has made tubs very PI and not fashionable. Most houses built in the 90's (my house included) were built with showers only. I guess the next project in my house will be to re-introduce the tub again. Until then, I can only dream of the luxury of a bubble bath and continue taking unreasonably long showers.

Barbecue Pictures, Images and Photos
I love to barbecue. I am not very good in operating a grill, but I own one and have used it numerous times. To barbecue is a big tradition in Scandinavian countries. As soon as it gets warmer, actually the first real summer evening, the barbecues are out EVERYWHERE. If one could scientifically measure the amount of grills being used on that evening, it would probably account for 99% of the population, that live in houses with gardens or patios.

I love to read or have someone reading to me. I simply can not imagine a life without reading. There is nothing that feeds ones imagination more than reading a book. Even in the time, when other media has taken over somewhat, such as the Internet and the television, books are more important than ever. Interestingly, last year, there was an increase in book sales in Denmark, for the first time in many years.

I am a beach lover and a sun worshiper. Although I try to hold back, the older I get, due to premature aging and of course the risk of skin cancer, I still can not keep away from the sun. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and the texture of the hot sand between my toes, smelling the scent of the ocean and hearing the sound of the waves hitting the shore, while watching the blue-green ocean meet the indigo blue horizon; nothing can be more soothing or tranquil as when all the senses are satisfied.

The most important meal of the day; I never skip breakfast. I am always hungry in the morning and I like to enjoy the first meal of the day. I never rush it; being fortunate enough to have time, even on week days to take it easy while eating. The best breakfast I know is made by my Irishman; it can often be called brunch though. I love when he brings white and black pudding with him from Ireland and prepares it for me, the way it should be eaten, together with a toast, fried eggs and coffee.

Yes, I love broccoli! This poor vegetable seems to be so hated by many, I have no idea why. To me it is one of the most exciting vegetables I know. Growing up in Eastern Europe, we never knew other vegetables than those readily available to grow in our soil. I lived in "The Panelak" ghettos of concrete, ugly buildings, and all I knew of were potatoes and tomatoes, perhaps a pepper here and there. And a cabbage as well and sometimes carrots. I saw Broccoli for the first time when I came to Sweden as a thirteen year old girl. Together with avocado, it was the most exotic vegetable I have ever seen.

bagel Pictures, Images and Photos
I miss bagels! They are not common nor readily available here in Scandinavia. In Durham, North Carolina, I would buy my bagels at Bruegger's Bagel Bakery. They had these amazing bagels and they sold the most amazing cream cheese with salmon taste and another one with walnut-raisin taste, I believe. It was fantastic, there is nothing like a bagel and a good cup of coffee.

I love beer. At any time, in any place. Born in one beer-drinking nation and now living in another one, plus having a significant other in a third one, beer is simply my preferred choice of beverage.

Need I say more? He is the most perfect companion and my most beloved friend.


Yes, I love a bartender. Not just any bartender. More specifically; he used to be one quiet a while ago. And that is all I have to say on that matter.;)


J Cosmo Newbery said...

I'm pretty much with you on all of these. Except the bartender, of course.

Gal Friday said...

I love most of the same "B" things(I think I am falling in love with Batcat), but maybe I don't exactly LOVE broccoli like you do. I also especially love the Beach and I know what you mean about basking(another good B word) in the sun by the water, feeling like a happy, drowsy lizard. Which of course, if we do that too much, out skin starts to look lke a lizard's.
Wish I could send you some fresh bagels(best ones I ever had wee in a Jewish deli outside of Boston)

So...will you give me a letter???

Betsy said...

All great B words! I love baths, too. If I didn't have a tub, I would take the long, long showers like you! Handsome bartender....he wouldn't happen to be Irish, would he???? :)

Diane said...

Look at all that hair! Damn... I've GOT to find me an Irish bartender ;)

Bill Stankus said...

Interesting about Denmark tubs. We're remodeling our bathroom and we go back and forth concerning a tub - to have or have not, that's the question!

For us, bathing is not something of leisure. We shower quickly and get on with daily tasks. Or showers are about getting clean after a hard day's labor. But a tub? Who has the time for soaking?

I haven't had a decent bagel since moving from New York. Whatever was done there isn't repeated here. What we get are pretend bagels.

I also love broccoli.

Carmi said...

Hi again. Saw your lovely comment on Hilary's blog and I just HAD to come on back.

I've added you to my Follow list. Anyone who loves bagels, beer and beaches is definitely a must-read for me!

Looking forward to catching up.

Hilary said...

These have to be some of the best B's ever! That's one great smile.. and no, I don't mean Batcat. ;)

Holly said...

Honey,...B seems to be your letter!!! I love many of those same things. I always enjoy your tags and they are such a fun way to learn just a little more about you!!

(You are in love with one Handsome bartender!!;);))

steviewren said...

Perfect picks for the letter B! Books, barbecue, beaches and bagels would be my favorites.

Hazel Designs said...

Good list! I want to play - send me a letter!

Is the picture of the bartender the same bartender that you love? Just asking :)

noelle chantal said...

Beach beach i super love beach! I can't live without the sea-sand-sky too!

Oh, he's cute with that perfect smile just like yours Protege. :)

Mel said...

I see that the beer you chose to picture is an Irish beer. Hmmmmm.....

Protege said...

=J Cosmo, happy you like all my “B”.;) I do get that with the bartender of course.;)) Hehe.;))

=Tina, Batcat is very honoured by your affection.;)) Yes, I just love being on the beach; perhaps it comes from my childhood as my family spend all the summer vacations on a beach somewhere very warm. I really felt very happy during that time.
I so miss bagels; thank you for that though, please enjoy one for me as well.
I hope the letter “S” will be a good one for you, look forward to that post.;))

=Betsy, yes, I miss the bathtub.;) Glad you liked my “B”, I so liked your “M”. And yes, how could you guess? He is Irish all right.;))

=Diane, yes, he had gorgeous hair (still has, but it is short now). And did I tell you that he is very tall and muscular as well? Ok, I will stop now.;))

=Bill, what about your wife; will she not miss a bathtub? I know what you mean about showers, they do the job and they are so much more convenient. Still a soak now and then is great.;)
I had fun playing, please tag me anytime.;)) B was a good letter.;))

=Carmi!! Welcome back, what a nice surprise.;)) I feel so honoured being on your “follow” list. I loved Hilary’s Serendipity post; it is amazing how small the world really is. “Six degrees of separation”, right?
Thank you again for stopping by and for this kind comment.;))

=Hilary, thank you so much my dear friend!;)) And the Irishman is thanking you as well.;)) Always love when you stop by.;))

=Holly, I am happy that you are not tired of all the revelations about me yet.;) Sometimes I feel like; who wants to hear and know all these things about me anyway? How interesting can that be?;)) Glad you think otherwise.
And yes, I think he is very handsome too, thank you; and he is thanking you as well.;)))

=steviewren, happy to hear you share my love for some of the “B’”. Thank you for stopping by.;))

=Hazel, glad to hear you enjoy this tag! I think letter “P” would be appropriate, hope it will work for you.
And yes, that is the same bartender, except some 20 years ago when he actually worked as a bartender (this is taken in one of the bars where he used to work).;) He is still as handsome today thought.;))

=Noelle, I so can understand that you love the beach; your pictures are often taken there.
I agree, he is cute.;)) Thank you so much sweet Noelle.;))

=Mel, Guinness rules!;)) Although I like other kinds of beer, a good stout is my favourite.;)) And that it happens to be Irish is just a pleasant coincidence.;)))

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am with you on every one of these B's, Z! Except for it having to be a veggie barbequeue, and I don't think you would wish to share your beautiful Barkeep (or Beloved Batcat!) - He is adorable - So are you, and your pics are to die for!

Blog Princess G said...

Wonderful list!! Great pics, and what a handsome bartender. I bet he pours a great Guinness. :)

Gal Friday said...

I must have stupidly missed what you were trying to say about your last favorite letter "B"!! Is that smiling-eyed long haired (former) bartender your Irishman?? ;-)

Gal Friday said...

Thanks for my letter(just glad it wasn't a "Z" or "X" you gave me), by the way. I'l have to try to come up with a list this weekend..

Protege said...

=Woman Of No Importance, glad you share the love for some of my B's.;)) And thank you so much for those kind words and compliments; you just made my day.;)

=BPG, thank you so much for those wonderful words; and you are so right; he knows exactly how to pour a Guinness, as I am sure you know it is an art in itself.;))

=Tina, LOL!! I love those comments; yes it is my Irishman, but about 20 years ago. And I did not even notice you missed that.;))
I hope the letter S will work for you; no worries I would never give out Z or X, but then again it could be fun to see what people would come up with.;)
Looking forward reading your list.;))