February 25, 2009

An Apple A Day...

It is around this time that I usually replace the type of fruit in my fruit basket at home. The tangerines, clementines and oranges are becoming scarcer in the stores and are replaced by apples and pears. I like both fruits equally well, however somehow the varying colours and the round form of the apple appeals to me.

In my younger days I used apples as objects in the still life I was forced to paint in my art classes. It was not my preferred subject, as I love to depict movement and speed in my art. However, it taught me to observe forms and the play with light and shadow, as well as the ability to mix and use the colours appropriately.
For a while I would see all this in an apple, every time I was about to bite into it. Sometimes I miss those days, when my sensitivity to everything around me was ever so present; today the only thing I remember about an apple is the notion it might keep the doctor away, at least for now.


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Z, I love the blue background of your brown glazed pot and apples - You have captured the zesty lime colour beautifully too - You are very talented, even if you say you preferred movement in images to still life!

Diane said...

Fhina stole my comment about the blue! I do enjoy my apples, though there are lots of fruits I enjoy more (clementines? YUM!). I haven't bought any in a while... think I shall :)

Gal Friday said...

Such luscious, juicy apples you have painted! I am sure if I were to be able to see them "in real life", they must look even more tempting.
The only time I ever painted apples was w-a-y back in high school and I can remember my art teacher then telling us to REALLY look at the colors in the fruit and I was surprised that I saw blues and purples (besides just green and red). So I think I know what you mean about your fruit still lifes teaching you how to mix paints for the right colors.

Betsy Brock said...

Your paintings are quite good! I love still-life. Enjoy those crunchy apples! Funny...they are about to go out of season here! It's the strawberries and clementines that are filling the stores now.

Lulda Casadaga said...

Still Life is a bit constraining, but, yes it does teach us to concentrate and notice the subtle beauty, color & form. I find still life boring! :D I'm a collage & abstract kind of artist. Messy and sloppy is what I do...LOL

You did a great job on your earlier works.

The photo of the bowl of apples is so appealing...it makes me hungry! :P
But, what I like the best of all is the smell of apples...apple pie baking in the oven..that smell when you bite into a fresh, crisp one. Or just holding a fresh picked apple up to your nose and sniffing....THE BEST!

j. said...

I remember my highschool art classes too and disliking them for the same reason as yours + the fact that I can never really sit still and work on something for long periods of time. hehe.

You just made me want some apple pie, some apple juice and those candy apple's dipped in caramelized sugar.

oh noes.



Mahmud Yussop said...

My first ever painting that won a prize in a school wide competition was that of a still life drawing of a flowering iris plant done in crayons( waaay back in the 60's). Still life and crayons evoke a sense of youthful passion and recognition in me. I still keep the certificate though stenciled on cheap manila card as one of the priceless items in my treasure trove.( Hah, sentimental me!)I like your painting of the apples.

Holly said...

They are both equally beautiful paintings in such different ways. I love the contrast of the blue against the fruit and pot in the first. Yet I am really intrigued by the warmpth of the other one. You are very talented!!

I love apples,...I actually crave them. :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I have similar feelings about nudes and painting but Mrs N is not convinced.

Noelle Chantal said...

I'm more of an abstract painter. And I'm not good at colors when it comes to painting. I enjoy more drawing and sketching than painting.

The blending of colors and the shadows in your paintings are quite good. They are very well done. You are artistic Protege! :)

Melanie Gillispie said...

You're a really good painter! And, I was thinking about this whole movement and apple thing. If you paint a worm in the apple, then you could paint movement. ;)

sallymandy said...

Beautiful work...the apples are striking, even seeing them reprinted on a computer.

I bet it wouldn't take you long to recapture that sense of paying close attention, if you even did it for a short time.

Thanks for the "T" list the other day....I finally posted it. It was fun. (and the word verification is turned off now)

Zuzana said...

=Fhina (Diane wrote that below, so I assume that is your name - so glad as it so much better than your nick;) thank you so much for your kind words and lovely compliment.;) Happy to hear you like my colour composition in the old paintings.;)

=Diane, thank you, always love when you stop by - hope you were able to get some clementines.;))

=Tina, that is exactly it! You being a painter understand this well. Everything has a multitude of colors; it was very well illustrated in the movie"A girl with pearl earring", when Scarlet describes the sky as gray, yellow and white.;))

=Betsy, thank you so much; funny that the seasonal fruit is so different.;)) Enjoy the citrus fruits then.;)

=Lulda, now you have inspired me to bake an apple pie - I might, comes weekend! You are so right, the scent of apples is amazing.;) Thank you for that great comment.;)

=Valentine, you should post some of your art, I would love to see it.;) I too was inspired to bake, by Lulda's comment.;)) And I have not had a caramelized apple for years.;)

=Mahmud, having seen some of your art I am not surprised that you won prizes already early on.;)) Thank you for the nice compliment; still my paintings are nothing compared to yours.;))

=Holly, thank you so much, I remember playing a lot with the orange background. Unfortunately I do no longer own that painting, I gave it away; I only have a photograph left.;)

=J Cosmo, hehe, I am sure she is not!;)) Hehe, that was truly a fun comment.;))

=noelle, thank you so much! I am sure your abstract painting is gorgeous; you should post some of it on your site, I'd love to see it.;)) Thank you for your always sweet and kind comments.;))

=Mel, LOL! Yes, why not, now I only have to bite into many apples to find one with a worm.;)) Thank you for your kind words.;))

=sallymandy, thank you for your lovely comment.;) I am soon off to read your "T" list.;)
Yes, I have been able to leave a comment yesterday, so it is in order now.;))

G said...

Protege - do you still paint? I hope so! I love the roundness of the fruit and the vivid colours of your paintings. :)